When it comes to shopping for a gold bracelet, every baller knows that the price depends on how high the karat is. After all, you want to make sure that you invest in bling that will last. Luckily for you, Frost NYC understands that you need a hot bracelet to complement your street style. This is why we’re hooking you up with some knowledge on how to find the best gold bracelets to match any vibethat you’re feeling at the moment. Though swagtastic style is most definitely an important factor in picking the best men’s bracelet for you, you also want to make sure that you choose one with top-notch quality that will last you for years to come.

 We at Frost NYC wanted to make sure that every dude would be able to see what kind of gold he’s looking for in his bling. If it’s one of our gold ID bracelets, he’ll be getting a strong and hard piece that will shine with that intense color and reflectivity that will stand out when he’s dressing casually. White tee and jeans wearing players out there, know that you can still flaunt your chain bracelet like a baller without compromising that low-key flavor that you want to pull off.

The second thing you want to look for when shopping for a gold bracelet from Frost NYC’s collection is the amount of karats that are in your bling. Since our site is the number-one source for high-quality hip-hop jewelry on the Web, you’ll never have to worry about getting less than the karat gold that you expect in your gold bracelet--especially since you’re dropping a lot of dollars on that bling. Since pure gold is a metal that is too soft to craft our men’s gold bracelets with, our team of jewelry designers mix the gold in each bracelet with other metals to give it its hardness so that you won’t ever have to worry about it scratching as easily.

 You should also look into the color of the gold in your bracelet to see it it matches the blinged-out style statement that you want to make. If you’re a classic man who prides himself on being mean when he looks this clean, a yellow diamond bracelet is the best choice of bling for you. However, if you’re all about flossing that new-school flavor, a white gold bracelet from our collection is the way to go so that you can make that top-notch impression wherever you go. You can also try on a different type of golden swagger on for size with a rose gold bracelet that is versatile enough to wear from day to night.

 Before you decide to drop a lot of cheddar on one of Frost NYC’s men’s diamond bracelets, decide if you’re down with it being mixed with pricy or inexpensive metals. Cheaper metals like copper and silver may sound wack to you, but it also allows you to get a higher karat gold bracelet for a lower price. If the sky’s the limit for the amount that you want to spend on your men’s bracelet, you can always shop for gold bracelets that are laced with expensive platinum that everyone can spot from a mile away.

 Finally, make sure that you get a gold bracelet that won’t irritate your skin. Since our jewelry design team never includes irritating metals like nickel in our bling, you’ll be confident in knowing that you have all the 411 on our bracelet collection. Shop our icey bracelets with complete confidence that you’re getting your money’s worth at Frost NYC.

May 19, 2016

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