Are you looking for a diamond Jesus piece that speaks to your spiritual side? Look no further than Frost NYC, where you’ll find a diamond Jesus piece that’ll look hot with your hip-hop style. Our jewelry designers have made sure that each and every pendant has the same swag as our beloved cross necklace for men. Once you pick out one of our necklaces to complete your look, you can show the world that your appreciation for the spiritual can look undeniably hot to death.

 Made with top-notch 10-karat gold and available in a variety of stunning colors, every diamond Jesus piece in our street style collection is designed to shine brightly so that you can set your look apart from the rest of the hip-hop fashion elite. Whether you like the warmth of a yellow gold Jesus piece, the icey sophistication of a white gold pendant, or the unique tone of a rose gold Jesus pendant, you’ll find the perfect one to match your spiritual style. What’s more, it will look ballerific with our gold bracelets

 At Frost NYC, we are focused on offering our customers the mens gold pendants that will make a fantastic addition to their spiritual jewelry collection. Keep your street style swagtastic with our diamond Jesus piece right now. After all, you’ll own a pendant that will fit right in with the rest of your street jewelry collection.

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