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Gold chains have long been a part of hip hop culture, but jewelry has played an important role in societies for thousands of years. Even ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Mayans viewed jewelry as a mark of status, wealth, and success. In the modern world, not much has changed in terms of what jewelry symbolizes. Of course, wearing a dope iced-out chain is a way to display a certain personality and sense of style, but some pieces can mean much more than that, from status symbols to family heirlooms.

Why Your Gold Chain Is More Than Just Jewelry

1. Shows Off Your Personality

Jewelry is intended to amplify our wardrobe, and our sense of fashion is an external representation of ourselves. Looks aren’t who we are as a person, but our ability to express ourselves via fashion is often a way to feel seen and understood—and to let everyone get a sneak peek at your personality. Some people love loud, bright colors and patterns, which likely means they’re outgoing people who don’t mind being in the spotlight, while others prefer neutral tones but with a pop of swag like a flashy gold chain.

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2. Can Make for a Special Gift

Jewelry is one of the top gifts that people give to their significant others because it’s considered a grand gesture. Although money doesn’t equate to love, dishing out a lot of dough on something special can hold a certain emotional value because it demonstrates how much that person means to you if you’re willing to spend your own hard-earned dough on a piece you know that person will love. If you ever receive a gold chain as a present, it usually tells a story about much more than a piece of gold and gemstones—it can be a physical reminder of love and affection.

3. Symbolizes Success

Since humans began settling into communities and building up societal roles and structures, clothing and jewelry have been a part of many different cultures throughout the world. It’s believed that the first example of jewelry was created more than 25,000 years ago and was designed with a fishbone. Historically, jewelry has come to mean many things—displaying a person’s status in society, bearing a family mark, or carried as a talisman to ward off negative energy and evil spirits.

Although our relationship with jewelry has changed in modern society, the items we choose to wear still hold symbolic meaning. When you step out with your flashiest rope chain and iced-out Jesus piece, you’re subtly announcing that you are successful enough to afford nice jewelry, and you’re also communicating something about your personality.

Maybe you’re a religious kind of dude or a fan of the Notorious B.I.G. and admire his sense of accessory style. Whatever the reasons for your choice of bling, jewelry sends a message and usually symbolizes something a bit deeper than just a crafted accessory.

4. Can Turn into a Family Heirloom

Many people have a special piece of jewelry in their family that has been passed down for generations, which is a unique way to stay tied to our ancestors and rock a one-of-a-kind piece. If you’re looking to invest in a dope piece of jewelry, consider something that you can pass down to your own children or grandchildren like a gold ring with an impressive gemstone.

When it comes to family heirloom jewelry, you want to pick out something that will be timeless and not just another trendy style that will come and go. Look for a few nice pieces that you want to invest in for future generations of your family to give your favorite jewelry a deeper meaning.

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More than Just a Look

Although the kind of accessories that we choose to rock definitely play an important role in creating our sense of style and fashion, jewelry holds more meaning than that. Society has long looked to jewelry and other wearable accessories as a means for communicating a person’s status within their community, as well as a kind of talisman to ward off bad spirits. You may think that your iced-out chains are just a way to floss on your friends, but they can symbolize something about your style and give people an insight into your personality.

If you want to truly give your jewelry meaning, check out some of our gold chains for men that can be passed down to other members of your family as a unique gift.

July 13, 2020

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