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When you’re stepping out for the night, you want to look fresh to death every single time—right? Which is why you’ve built up a collection of dope chains and hot streetwear apparel. But, an iced out chain can elevate your style to the next level. No doubt you’re already flossin’ on ‘em with your gold chains, but the extra bling that iced-out pieces can add that eye-catching sparkle that will have every lady in the place making eyes in your direction. Whether you’re looking to add a new iced out chain to your already extensive collection or you want to invest in your first piece, Frost NYC has got you covered. 

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What Is an Iced-Out Chain?

An iced-out chain refers to a traditional gold chain that has been encrusted with diamonds. The appeal of an iced-out chain is that this precious gemstone makes this piece even more flashy and more expensive. Gold chains have long represented a person’s status in society, and the more pricey your jewels, the more important you must be. Even before gold was discovered and used in the jewelry-making process, ancient societies decorated themselves in items like feathers, bones, and stones to convey both individuality and social standing. 

When you break out the iced chain for a big night or a day of chillin’, it’s guaranteed that you’ll turn heads. Nothing catches the eye like the glistening sparkle of hundreds of diamonds delicately encrusted on a sick gold chain. 

Each iced-out chain is typically made of either yellow or white 14K gold before the diamonds are added. You’ll find each piece is slightly different in the way that the diamonds are incorporated into the design and due to the weight and size of the diamonds themselves. Pick a piece that matches your style and pair it with an iced-out bracelet to floss on everybody around you.

The Iced-Out Style

The phrase “iced out” simply refers to any type of jewelry that has been fully covered in diamonds. This can refer to gold chains, bracelets, watches, pendants, and even large rings. This style is all about flashiness and can be used with pieces made from either yellow or white gold. 

Although there are companies out there that will try to pass off cheap replicas as real diamonds, when you purchase from Frost NYC, you know you’re getting the real deal. Each one of our pieces have been carefully crafted by jewelers to ensure that you’re looking swagalicious every time you step out the door. 

There are so many ways to rock the iced-out style. You can throw on an iced-out chain and matching bracelet or dress up your chain with an iced-out pendant. To draw attention to your favorite pendant, you can add an iced-out pendant to a traditional gold chain and have all eyes on your dope piece. A subtle yet flossy way to rock an iced-out piece is by wearing a diamond-encrusted watch. Everybody you meet will notice how fresh your timepiece is.

variety of diamond sizes

Your Guide to Diamond Sizes

When purchasing an iced-out piece, it’s important to understand diamond sizes and weights. Although diamonds and gold both use a system with the word “karats,” these two measurements are vastly different. Karats with a “K” are used to describe the purity of the gold chain. Pure gold is denoted as 24K, but jewelry of this caliber rarely exists because the metal is too malleable in its purest form, so it requires added elements to make it more durable. When you purchase a 14K gold necklace, that means your piece has 14 parts real gold and 10 parts other metals to help the jewelry keep its shape and to prevent it getting scratched.

When it comes to diamonds, this carat measurement is spelt with a “C” and refers to the weight of the diamond rather than the purity. Each carat represents 0.2 grams of weight, so if you were purchasing an iced-out chain with five 1-carat diamonds, the total weight per diamond would be one gram. 

Iced-out chains that use smaller diamonds may appear to have more bling because each individual gem is catching and reflecting the light. Chains with larger diamonds stand out, as well, because you can see the gems more clearly, and larger diamonds maybe connote a more expensive piece, but it really all depends on your style and preference.

How to Style Your Iced-Out Chain

  • Wear with a Solid Color 

So, you’ve purchased your new iced-out chain and you’re wondering how to wear it for the first time and really floss on everybody around. When it comes to rocking iced-out pieces, it’s all about making this necklace or bracelet the center focus of the entire outfit. Wearing shirts with loud patterns or too many different colors can distract from the chain itself. 

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The easiest way to help your iced-out chain stand out is by pairing it with a solid color shirt—black and white shirts, in particular. If you’re headed to a big event and you want to dress up your outfit with more than just a plain tee, try to wear a white or black shirt with a solid-color blazer. If you’re the type of dude who likes to add a little flash to his wardrobe, sport a red velvet blazer paired with a white gold iced-out chain to really look fresh to death. 

  • Add Other Iced-Out Accessories

What better way to floss on all your homies than by icing out your entire outfit with multiple diamond-encrusted accessories? The iced-out gold chain is a top priority for true ballers and, if you really want to catch everyone’s attention, you can purchase an iced-out pendant that you can add or remove from the chain at any time. 

The best part of the iced-out chain is the option to add more ice. If you want a subtle look, go for a thinner chain like the Franco or the Tennis style. You’ll still look like a boss with all your ice, but not as flashy as a thick Miami Cuban-style chain. If you want to make these thinner chains stand out, you can add your favorite iced-out Jesus piece. We even offer diamond dog tag pendants to take your dog tag chain game to the next level.

  • Get Your Shorty Matching Ice

You don’t have to rock all the ice alone. Get your girl a matching iced-out chain to show everybody who’s the hottest couple in the game. She can rock a men’s gold chain necklace in a shorter length or find her own women’s iced-out chain to fit her style. Matching iced-out pendants or bracelets is a great way to floss on all your friends and tell everybody not only are you a boss, but your girl is too. To top off her iced-out look, invest in a women’s diamond watch so your dimepiece is looking just as fly as her timepiece. 

Our Favorite Iced-Out Chains

  • Iced-Out Cuban Link Chain 

The Cuban link chain can give you that old school 80s hip hop look or can be dressed up for a more modern kind of swag. This variety of gold chains creates a pattern of circular shaped links that are interconnected closely, giving a seamless appearance. Some of your favorite hip hop artists started rocking this look a few decades ago—like Big Daddy Kane—but the style remains popular today seen around the neck of big-name stars like Jay-Z and DJ Khaled. 

cuban link chain graphic

If you’re looking for a versatile iced-out chain that you wear day or night with your best suit or your everyday tee and jeans look, the Cuban link chain style is the way to go. Add an iced-out pendant, if you’d like, or pair it with an iced-out Cuban link bracelet for the flossiest look.

  • Iced-Out Tennis Chain

The tennis chain is one of our personal favorite iced-out looks. With a thinner appearance, the tennis chain is a great way to add subtle diamonds to your everyday apparel. You can easily rock this look with a white tee or a suit. While the iced-out tennis chain can be a stand-alone piece, it’s also the perfect style to add a large iced-out pendant. 

If you’ve got a dope pendant you’ve been looking to add to a chain, the tennis chain is the way to go. Every link features a 5-ct diamond, to create a flawless finish as each diamond segues into the next.

  • Iced-Out Franco Chain

The Franco chain is one of the most traditional gold chain styles and is often worn by hip hop stars and professional athletes alike. Many people associate this style with baseball players, as it’s a common gold chain worn by these men. While a plain version of this style is a great addition to your hip hop jewelry collection, the iced-out look can elevate your everyday outfit to give you a greater sense of swag. 

The Franco chain is available in a variety of sizes and lengths, with some versions featuring thicker links. The tightly woven circular links create a unique appearance that’s perfect for showing off your ice, as each link is encrusted with individual diamonds.

iced out rope chain

  • Iced-Out Rope Chain

If you’re looking for a different kind of gold chain for men, the rope chain style stands out from the rest. The overall look is created by several strands of links that are woven around each other, to create a thicker rope-like look. When you get the iced-out version of this chain, you’re sure to catch the eye of everybody on the block. 

The rope is another great option for swapping out iced-out pendants or just rocking it solo. This look tends to be a more modern gold chain trend, so if you’re the kind of dude to likes to have all the latest urban streetwear fashions, this is the way to go.

  • Iced-Out Puff Chain

A less traditional style of gold chains for men, the puff chain is made up of a series of solid, flat, oval-shaped links connected by smaller hollow links. This look is unique, as it differs a lot from other gold chain designs, and it’s available in diamonds of varying colors like yellow and blue. This is another great option for an everyday iced-out chain, as it can be a little understated, but you can also dress it up by adding a large iced-out pendant. 

Other Diamond Accessories

Once you’ve invested in an iced-out chain, your neck isn’t the only place you’re going to want to rock your diamonds. The best way to elevate your swag is to add a few other iced-out accessories to your wardrobe. 

iced out bracelet chain graphic

Finding an iced-out bracelet made in the same chain style as your necklace is a great way to add more bling to your attire. You can even pair your diamond bracelet with an iced-out watch and really floss on everybody. No iced-out chain is complete without a pendant to match. You start collecting several different pendants, and then switch them out or rock your chain solo, depending on the day.

Fulfill All Your Iced-Out Chain Needs with Frost NYC

Anyone who loves hip hop jewelry knows that Frost NYC always keeps it real with our collection of gold chains. We’ve got everything you need, from iced-out pendants to gold chain bracelets. You can shop our selection of genuine Rolex watches to add even more swag to your look. 

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When you buy from Frost NYC, you know you’re getting only the best jewelry with a high-quality finish to help each and every one of your pieces maintain that luster for years to come. If you’re thinking about adding a new iced-out chain to your own collection, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself and shop our selection!

October 28, 2019

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