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Any jewelry lover knows that the right choice of pendant can take a gold chain from attractive to stunning, but they are also a great way to show your personality. Wearing a pendant that reflects your passion or shows your sense of humor makes your jewelry personal and much more fun to wear. At Frost NYC, we have a treasure trove of pendants, and we love to help our customers find the perfect piece. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of our six favorite gold pendants.

1. Gold and Diamond Chevron Cross

The most classic style of gold pendant is the cross, and jewelry enthusiasts are always looking for new, innovative twists to this traditional design. This 14k yellow gold cross with approximately 2.51 carats of diamonds fits the bill perfectly. The cross is made of bold chevrons set with the diamonds to emphasize the unusual angular shapes.

The center of the cross is topped with a square rosette that gives the pendant a dramatic effect. One of the best things about this 34.83 grams piece is that it looks incredible from all angles. The chevron shapes form zig-zags on the sides of the cross, giving the pendant a modern yet ornate feel.

Large Last Supper Pendant

2. Large Last Supper Pendant

Religious iconography is incredibly popular in pendant designs, but if you’re looking for something a little more dramatic than a cross to add to your gold chain for men, try a depiction of the last supper. Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper is instantly recognizable and is a fantastic image for a wide pendant.

Although several last supper pendants are available at Frost NYC, this one stands out because of its bold shape and artistic use of diamonds. The three arches with delicate gold detailing give the effect of stained glass windows and are reminiscent of the windows found in da Vinci’s painting. The sleek bail set with a single diamond won’t overwhelm the design but is sturdy enough to support this 53.9 gram 10k yellow gold pendant.

3. Regal Ruby and Diamond Pendant

Add a splash of color to your jewelry collection with this wonderful medium ruby 10k yellow gold pendant. At 38mm long and 23mm wide, the emerald cut will stand out, even when layered with various other chains and pendants. Surrounded by two rows of diamonds and finished with a diamond set bail, the pendant has a regal aesthetic that will make you feel like a king every time you wear it.

The World Is Yours Pendant

4. The World Is Yours Pendant

This 10k yellow gold pendant is less about the bling and more about the statement: The world is yours. Wearing this globe design will make you feel confident like the world is yours for the taking.

The pendant’s spherical shape makes it very satisfying to wear, though, at 24.1 grams, it’s not one of the heavier pieces on this list. The clean lines and bold font mean this pendant would pair well with many types of gold chains, though, for a real baller look, you should opt for a Cuban link chain or a Franco chain.

5. Gold Basketball Hoop Pendant

This 10k yellow gold pendant is a total slam dunk for sports lovers. The diamond-encrusted basketball hovers just within the net, giving the piece a sense of movement. The fine crisscrossed gold creates a simple net design that keeps the sparkling ball the star of the show. This is a fun piece and a great way to show your personality through your jewelry.

6. Gold Dollar Bill Pendant

There’s no need to flash your cash when you’re sporting this hundred-dollar bill 10k yellow gold pendant. The pendant’s detail is astonishing, with a depiction of Benjamin Franklin’s profile, serial number, watermark, and textured finish.

The elaborate design carries onto the back, making this pendant reversible depending on your mood. The simplicity of the gold gives the impression of an old-school ingot; in short, this pendant says “rich.”

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Design Your Own Custom Pendant

At Frost NYC, we have a wide range of pendants, from classic crosses to cheeky marijuana leaves, but if you’re after something truly unique, why not take advantage of our personalized service to create your own custom pendant? We design and manufacture pieces in-house in the NYC diamond district and can make a pendant to your exact specifications.

If you like the look of one of the pendants on this list but would like it tweaked to suit your style, our team can hook you up. Why not add an iced-out crown bail to your ruby pendant or extra bling to the globe piece? The experts at Frost NYC are happy to help you create a piece you will love.

February 19, 2021

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