If you haven’t noticed, fashion, as a whole, has been inching more and more toward the casual end of the spectrum. Gone are the days of three-piece suits and gator boots. These days, it’s all about the painstakingly reproduced throwback jerseys and the limited streetwear releases made by legacy sports brands. Surprisingly, at the same time, high-end jewelry, precious gems, and luxury materials are on the rise. In other words, today it’s all about relaxed luxury, or pairing high-end, luxe pieces with streetwear fashion.

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One of the very best ways you can achieve this contrasting style is by dressing up your casual wear with a gold bracelet. This staple accessory (dubbed “the one piece of jewelry every man should own” by GQ) adds an intentional, luxury feel to your otherwise chilled-out styles. The result is a wardrobe of looks you can take from work to play to dressy occasions, all without busting out the sports coat. Here are some cool ideas for how to pair your gold bracelet with more relaxed clothing:

  • Stacked with Your Smartwatch – We’re taking cues from multi-platinum artist slash style icon Pharrell Williams for this one. The hip-hop tastemaker recently stacked some stylish, mixed-material bracelets with his $10,000 gold Apple Watch. The combo creates a look that embodies Pharrell’s signature “cool without trying” vibe. Layering is pretty much the name of the game when it comes to men’s bracelets these days, so go ahead and experiment with the stacking, whether you’re rocking a Rolex or a Samsung.
  • Added to Your Streetwear – What makes today’s streetwear so iconic compared with other genres of athletic style is that it’s made to pair with glamorous accessories like a diamond-studded gold chain bracelet. Rock an icy gold bracelet with your label tees, joggers, and denim to capture that elevated streetwear vibe made famous by the urban glitterati. There may be no better way to make a statement.
  • Rocked with a Jersey – Athleisure is right up there with streetwear in terms of casual trends that are most likely to endure well into the future, and it’s not off-limits when it comes to styling your gilded jewelry, either. Back in the day, you were only supposed to wear basketball shorts and high-tops with jerseys, but, these days, you can glam them up with layers of gold and diamonds. Just make sure to take them off if you’re actually planning on hitting the court or field.

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  • Sported with a Denim Jacket –Like a simple gold bracelet, the denim jacket is one of those foundational wardrobe items that you can work into virtually any look for any event. If you want to give your jean jacket style some personality while also adding a bit of sparkle, cuff the sleeves and layer it up with few stacked gold chain bracelets. You might also consider rocking your gold with a denim vest for a bit of a punk-inspired aesthetic.
  • Styled with a Simple Tee – Take it from gold-chain-lover Jay Z: Nothing dresses up a basic t-shirt quite like some gold jewelry. When paired with a gold necklace, preferably one with a glitzy statement pendant, this style can give you a luxe look, but you’ll still feel comfortable in super casual settings. When worn with a nice pair of jeans and more gold accents, this is a look that’ll become a total favorite.
  • Rocked with a Sweatshirt –In the same vein, you can give your completely casual, comfy looks some swag when you pair hoodies and sweatshirts with stacked gold bracelets. There’s something about the combination of a totally simple or utilitarian look layered with jewelry that really brings out your personality. Go simple and economical with plain white crewnecks or ice out your branded streetwear hoodies with some extra sparkle at the wrist.

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One of the Most Versatile Pieces of Jewelry You’ll Own

Casual dressers may have steered clear of flashy yellow gold in eras past, but this accessory essential has gone from special occasions only to everyday wear. It’s the perfect way to enhance your low-key looks with a bit of high-end, intentional glamor, giving you that effortlessly cool sense of style forged by so many of today’s men’s style icons. Frost NYC has the best selection of versatile gold bracelets to add to your stash for that elevated aesthetic.

May 22, 2019

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