8 of the Craziest Pieces of Bling Owned by Sports Superstars

When it comes to blinged-out jewelry, the hip hop stars get all the attention because they can floss on their fans, crew, and, really, just anyone who’s around them at any time. When it comes to professional athletes, they have to adhere to certain codes and uniforms, especially on the court for safety reasons. 

When your favorite rapper hits the stage, the theory tends to be the more bling the better. But, when it’s time for athlete’s to do their job, they have to keep many of their dopest gold chains tucked away, which is why some of these superstar athletes choose to rock their collection any time they’re stepping out—and occasionally on the court if they’re feeling dangerous. 

The World of Sports and Gold Chains

Gold chains and hip hop have gone hand in hand since the birth of the genre at a house party in Brooklyn in the early 1970s. But, athletes have developed a strong affinity for some of the coolest gold chains in the game. The tie between athletes, rappers, and gold chains may seem random, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Jewelry, in general, has long been a symbol of success, from ancient cultures right up through history to modern society.
Though it’s not always the case, many professional sports players and hip hop stars have worked their way up from an underprivileged background, so the desire to show off their newfound success is understandable. When you’re told that you’re not a good enough athlete or not a good enough rapper as a young person, being able to prove all of those people wrong must be a great feeling. And what better way to show off your success than with some real gold jewelry?

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Professional Sports and Rules Around Jewelry

Depending on the sport being played, there are some restrictions on what players at the professional level can and can’t wear during a game for safety reasons. The NHL has virtually no rules against jewelry, as the players are almost entirely covered by gear while on the ice, so there is little worry that gold chains or other jewelry will cause injuries. 

The MLB has probably the second-most lax laws when it comes to wearing bling, which is why you’re always seeing baseball players showing off their gold chains on the field. Baseball players can wear basically any type of jewelry that they want, as long as it’s not deemed distracting. For example, rings are prohibited because they can interfere with the ball, and big, sparkling necklaces that could potentially distract a batter are not allowed.

When it comes to the NFL, they have a few more structured rules around uniform and jewelry. In fact, this league has some of the strictest requirements when it comes to uniforms. Refs even re-watch games to double check that no uniform requirements have been broken. Players are scrutinized from the socks they’re wearing to the brand of shoes they choose to wear. 

Ironically, there are no actual rules about what type of jewelry is permitted on the field, but, generally speaking, rings are a no-go because they can interfere with the game and/or cause injuries. Necklaces are okay, as they can usually be tucked into a player’s uniform, but they should be a reasonable size.

The NBA, by far, has the most restrictions for jewelry on the court. With relatively new regulations in place, players are only permitted to wear knee and elbow braces along with headbands as accessories during a game. This means absolutely no chains, bracelets, watches, or rings. Save it for the after party.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and NBA Rules

Just because the league told him to do something, it did not mean Michael Jordan followed those rules. In fact, he had a major impact on today’s NBA uniforms and the restrictions governing them. 

Jordan is literally the reason that Nike sneakers and Jordans dominate the courts these days. He was the first player who decided that he didn’t want to listen to every uniform regulation thrown at him, so he began wearing Nikes during games even though they weren’t an approved shoe, and they earned him a $5,000 fine per game. Eventually, the league decided to alter the rules, and now Nike absolutely dominates the NBA courts. 

MJ later challenged the league again when he refused to follow the strict guidelines on the length of a player’s shorts, instead opting for a longer version. Once again, the league eventually succumbed to his style and made all uniform shorts slightly longer. 

The changes Jordan brought to the NBA’s view on uniforms was pretty radical and definitely shaped today’s outfits, but the one thing the league refused to budge on was jewelry. MJ once again tried to go up against the NBA when he played several games with gold chains on (he wasn’t the only one to try, either). However, the NBA ruled that jewelry is far too dangerous to wear on the court due to the nature of the sport and the lack of protective gear.

So now, our favorite athletes are showing off their best bling out of the office.

Craziest Pieces of Jewelry Owned by Pro Athletes

Floyd Mayweather

1. Floyd Mayweather

As one of the most famous modern-day boxers in the world, Floyd Mayweather is bound to have an impressive collection of real gold jewelry—especially with a nickname like “money.” In 2019, he was spotted attending an NBA game (and believe us, it was pretty hard not to spot him) wearing nearly 25 pounds worth of gold chains around his neck. How he managed to carry that weight, we’re unsure. But he looked pretty cool. 

Mayweather is also known for owning a 50 carat diamond pinky diamond. Between that purchase and an additional buy of two diamond-covered white gold necklaces, the boxer reportedly paid a whopping $10 to 15 million for his new bling. Ay, Floyd—pass some this way!

2. Carmelo Anthony

Current small forward for the Trailblazers and former star of the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony absolutely kills the jewelry game with a collection that totals over $1 million dollars. Might not sound as impressive as Mayweather’s little shopping trip, but Anthony’s collection is something to be envied. 

With numerous customized pieces, many speculate that his favorite gold chain is an iced-out piece that has been customized to say “Stay Melo,” representing all of his hard work and achievements. This piece cost him about $60,000. He has several other custom necklaces sporting unique symbols, and he even bought his wife a new 20-carat engagement ring a few years back. Although his jewelry collection is extensive, his watch collection is even more so, with many speculating that he just may have the largest watch collection in the league.

3. Derek Jeter

As one of the most famous baseball players of our time, it’s no surprise that Derek Jeter has the means to rack up some pricey diamonds and gold chains, but he always tended to sport relatively subtle-looking pieces—at least while he was on the field. Perhaps his signature piece is the black diamond gold chain he would wear to nearly every game. Although not much is known about this iconic piece of jewelry, it became so popular, you can find hundreds of replicas available on the internet. 

Serena Williams

4. Serena Williams

As a superstar athlete with her own jewelry line, Serena Williams is the most famous female tennis player in the world, and she showed off that title in 2005 when she decided to rock a gorgeous pair of 13-carat diamond earrings set in super-expensive platinum. The sparkling chandelier-style earrings cost her $40,000, but we’re assuming the glam was worth the price tag. 

Williams has also been seen trying to bring back the diamond tennis bracelet—and who better to do it? Her own collection of diamond bracelets is incomparable, but her jewelry line also offers more affordable looks that mirror her own. 

5. Odell Beckham

Former New York Giants wide receiver and current player for the Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham caught a lot of heat in 2019 after wearing an absolutely baller watch by Richard Mille that totaled nearly $200,000 (the actual price is $190,000—close enough). 

Although the NFL does not have any specific restrictions on jewelry, there is a clause that prohibits “hard objects,” which is a subjective term that refers to any type of object or accessory that could potentially get in the way and cause an injury. But, this isn’t the first time he’s been seen flexing on the field. Apparently, he was photographed wearing a $2.2 million watch during his team’s warm-up before a game against the New York Jets. Bet you can’t flex it like Beckham.

Alvin Kamara

6. Alvin Kamara

Speaking of football players who wear jewelry on the field, enter Alvin Kamara. In the first game of the 2019 season, this running back for the New Orleans Saints showed up and showed off with one of the iciest iced-out grillz we’ve ever seen. This custom piece was made especially for Kamara by none other than the famous Johnny Dang, putting Kamara in the same league as some of the most famous hip hop stars who have also commissioned Dang for their favorite pieces. 

7. Marquis Daniels 

Hardcore NBA fans will forever remember the moment that Marquis Daniels, a player who spent time on the Bucks, Celtics, Pacers, and Mavericks, went for a layup and ended up laying himself out by smacking himself with the gold chain he was wearing. The piece itself was dope, but this moment really gave us an up-close view on why jewelry isn’t permitted in the league. 

Daniels is also known for owning a custom iced-out pendant of himself. Unfortunately, to some people, it’s not a very flattering imitation of the former basketball star, but it’s still pretty dope, in our opinion. 

8. Chris Johnson

Nothing pays testament to how far you’ve come like getting a completely customized gold chain emblazoned with the address where you grew up. Especially when the address is located in a tough area of Orlando. For Johnson, this piece that reads “1400 Block” and depicts the green, yellow, and red of a stoplight in different-colored diamonds is a symbol of his success and a reminder of where he came from. 

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