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Rockin’ hip hop jewelry like a boss is an art. You have to know which styles are going to fit with your wardrobe and how to layer on more than one accessory. Plus, you need access to some of the dopest gold chains for men. You don’t have to drop tons of dough on your hip hop jewelry like the biggest rappers in the game, but you do want to shop with a reputable company selling high-quality products, so your chains will last.

Frost NYC has one of the most extensive collections of gold chains, bracelets, rings, watches, and pendants in styles for every type of dude. If you’re just starting your hip hop jewelry collection, read up on our tips, so you can be looking fresh to death every time you step out on the block.

How to Rock Hip Hop Jewelry

  • Layer Your Chains Correctly

Showing off your bling is also about showing off how successful you are, which is why so many rappers pile on the chains. The more chains you have, the richer you must be—right? But there is a limit to the layering. You want it to look purposeful and be able to see each chain. Just putting on as many chains as your neck can carry isn’t gangsta. You want to walk the line between looking fly and looking like a fool.

The key to properly layering your chains is to keep them between three to six chains, depending on length, size, and thickness. Each of your chains should be a different length. If you wear a handful of gold chains for men that are the same length, you won’t be able to distinguish one from the other, diminishing their appeal and potentially causing them to become tangled.

Try to vary the thickness as well, with one or two chains thicker and featuring pendants and the others thinner and pendant-less. You want people to be able to see your dope pendants, especially if they’re iced out, so highlight them by only wearing one or maybe two.

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  • Switch Up Your Pendants

Pendants are some of the best hip hop jewelry accessories for showing off your personality. While jewelry may represent status and wealth, historically, it also represents a sense of self or connection. Find pendants that speak to you—whether they’re funny like an iced-out emoji pendant, spiritual like a cross or a Jesus piece, or covered in decorative gemstones.

The key to building up your hip hop jewelry collection is investing in a few good chains, and then spending money on new pendants. You can always switch out your pendants, giving your chain a completely different look. Try to match your pendant with the overall theme or look of your outfit.

  • Match Your Accessories

Adding other accessories with your gold chains like gold watches for men or bracelets and rings will take your swagginess to the next level. However, if you’re going to mix and match accessories, you need to make sure that everything is the same metal color. Wearing a silver bracelet with a gold chain is usually considered tacky and doesn’t look very put together.

Always maintain consistency when it comes to wearing more than one accessory. The only exception to this rule is when layering chains. You can experiment with mixing metal colors, but it should look purposeful and patterned.

Our Favorite Hip Hop Jewelry Styles

  • Cuban Link Chain: An absolute classic style, the Cuban link chain is sometimes credited with being popularized by 80s hip hop artists, but it’s remained a staple in the world of modern hip hop jewelry. Even Jay-Z flaunts a $200,000 Cuban link chain from time to time.
  • Iced-Out Chains: If you want to stand out in any crowd, all you need to do is get yourself an iced-out chain. In fact, go for the iced-out chain, pendant, and watch to tie the accessories together.
  • Rolex Watches: No true baller’s hip hop jewelry collection would be complete without the ever-desirable Rolex. This watch uses class, elegance, and masculinity. Invest in a versatile style so you can wear it with many outfits and accessories.

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Flex on ‘Em with Frost NYC Hip Hop Jewelry

Now that you know how to properly rock the dopest hip hop jewelry on the scene, you need to invest in some chains of your own. Check out the Frost NYC collection to find the perfect gold chain for men. Each of our pieces has been carefully crafted by our talented jewelers and covered with a top-notch finishing coat to help your chain maintain its luster.

December 18, 2020

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