Despite the tech-obsessed era of the smartwatch, fashionable men are still investing in luxury watches brands.

 From the time that a man is old enough to understand how style enhances his presence, he has always seen the value of a watch as an accessory. Whether he is a sporty fellow or a dapper dude, he’s known that a timepiece will take his wardrobe to another level. Thus, it’s no surprise that he’d want a watch that would reflect his professional and professional accomplishments in life. The luxury watches men invest have always been about stepping their game up, so naturally, watchmakers include opulent touches such as genuine diamonds and platinum finishes to assure them that their investment is worth every single penny. Stan Kennedy understood this perfectly when he spent $1,242 for a Aquamaster 1.5 carat total weight genuine diamond watch recently. “From the moment that I laid eyes on this watch, I knew that it was a better representation of the lifestyle that I lead,” he said, referencing his recent promotion to Senior Director of the public relations department of a global apparel company. “Sure enough, I’ve been getting a lot of compliments by other movers and shakers that have the same appreciation for this classic style.”

 Over the last few years, however, traditional luxury watches brands have become very aware of the rise of the smartwatch. Some successful millennial and Generation X men have decided to trade in their mechanical watch for a smartwatch, their reason being that the mini computer on a wrist is the new arbiter of style and taste. However, other men like 30-year-old Kennedy see a status watch as more than a simple need; rather it is purely based on the desire to show off their excellent taste with the intricate design and detailing that Swiss luxury watches can provide. “Deciding on a luxury watch over a smartwatch was more than celebrating my promotion,” he said, “It was my way of showing the world that I now called the shots when it came to how I presented myself, whether I was in a fancy suit and tie in a boardroom or having after-dinner drinks with a client.” As a result of that fanfare, he is eyeing a men’s white gold tone genuine diamond watch to add to his growing status watch collection.


 Another reason why stylish men are choosing Rolex luxury watches as status symbols over smart watches for men is simply because they want to set their style apart from other high-rollers. Peter Carter’s admiration for men’s watches began when his father gifted him with a men’s rose gold watch with 0.24 carat total weight of genuine diamonds along the bezel as a college graduation gift. “From the moment that I saw that that timepiece had the power to upgrade my wardrobe, I knew that I had to add more like it to my collection,” he said as he glanced at his newest addition, a yellow gold tone watch with a Roman numeral dial that he’d purchased for $1,380. “So far, I own 15 watches and make sure to check out the Watchtime website for the latest on what the top 10 luxury watch brands are.” Needless to say, Carter is too busy checking out other luxury watches on the wrists of other big wigs in the tech industry where he thrives as a broadcast director to pay attention to the smartwatches on the scene. “To be honest, those techie timepieces don’t have that stylish swagger that I can find in a traditional watch,” he said, adding, “I like a watch to be built as if it is a work of art that can be found at an exhibit at The Museum at FIT and so far, my eye for luxury watches brands has always served me very well.” It’s an attitude that will ensure that the traditional luxury watch will never lose its place as the go-to status symbol of sophisticated men, in spite of the increasing popularity of Android and iPhone smartwatches.

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December 19, 2016

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