Guide to Men’s Gemstone Rings and Jewelry

If you are a man who embraces vibrant colors, you’ll enjoy the new gemstone trend in men’s jewelry. While gemstone rings and necklaces have a history in the world of men’s fashion, the last several decades have trended toward minimalist jewelry. This is changing, with a wide range of modern, masculine gemstone cuts and precious metal combinations now available for fashion-conscious men who like to show off their bold sense of style. 

Explore the new gemstone jewelry trend with our guide to fashionable men’s gemstone rings and jewelry. In this guide, you’ll discover different types of gemstones and ring styles, where to find high-quality jewelry, and how to wear gemstone jewelry to stand out in a crowd.

Brief History of Masculine Gemstone Jewelry

In the past, men wore gemstone jewelry to show off their power and wealth. Royals and affluent noblemen sported diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires throughout the centuries to signify their wealth and upper-class status. 

In the medieval and Renaissance periods, male clergy and scholars wore gemstone rings and necklaces because they believed the stones offered protection. They also thought that wearing certain stones helped bring out virtues in those who wore them. 

Some medieval scholars believed that gemstones corresponded to earthly elements. Rubies were associated with fire, emeralds with earth, diamonds with water, and sapphires with air. Although these associations shifted from scientific to superstitious in the modern age, gemstones still hold an extraordinary power for men who wear them. 

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Why Wear Jewelry with Gemstones?

Gemstone jewelry adds color and visual interest to your ensemble that doesn’t come from other jewelry elements. Wearing deep, vibrant-hued stones set into 18 karat gold chains for men or a white gold ring setting creates an elegant, masculine aura of wealth and luxury.

In addition to wealth, wearing gemstone jewelry is visually attractive. Diamonds are classic gemstones with translucent coloring that pair well with any outfit or occasion. Colored gemstones, like sapphires or emeralds, are a bolder accessory choice and make eye-catching statement pieces. Matching a gorgeous deep-blue sapphire ring to a similar colored button-down or sweater can offer you an exciting way to elevate your look. 

types of gemstones

Types of Gemstones

While searching for the right gemstone pieces for your collection, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with gemstones used in men’s jewelry. The most popular gemstone choices are diamonds, rubies, emeralds, aqua marine, and sapphires. 


Diamonds are one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world. Natural diamonds are created from carbon atoms pushed together under high pressure and intense heat deep in the earth’s core. Most natural diamonds are millions of years old, making them one of the oldest substances on the planet. 

It was not until the 13th or 14th century that people discovered how to cut diamonds to showcase their facets and luster, but, from that point on, diamonds have been worn in jewelry as a statement of luxury and class. For the modern man, wearing diamond-studded jewelry provides a dazzling effect that turns heads everywhere you go. 


The ruby is a symbol of passion and protection. Rubies are created when aluminum and oxygen are placed under intense pressure and heat under the Earth’s surface. These two elements make corundum, which combines with chromium to create the red-hued ruby. 

Natural rubies are rare and are second in hardness only to diamonds, measuring a 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Rubies are associated with protection, wealth, and love and add a lovely pop of cherry color to any outfit. 


Mined since 330 B.C.E., emeralds are a long-sought-after gemstone. Cleopatra was said to have a special obsession with emerald jewelry and, during the Renaissance period, Spanish conquistadors enslaved local indigenous populations to mine for legendary Colombian emeralds. 

Natural emeralds’ gorgeous green hue is created when beryllium, chromium, and vanadium bubble up through hydrothermal veins in the Earth’s crust. The highly saturated green shade inspires awe and comfort, as emeralds have been known to induce calmness and peacefulness in those who wear them. 

emerald gemstones on black surface

Due to their lush, plant-like color, emeralds are associated with nature, truth, protection, and spiritual growth, as well as new beginnings and security. Emerald pieces make an excellent addition to your jewelry collection for a splash of natural green. 


Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone boasting a soft, ocean-like blue color. Aquamarine stones range from dark blue to blue-green, but the most gorgeous hues resemble clear ocean waters. This stone was nicknamed the “water of the sea” by Roman fishermen and was connected to the boat-traveling apostle St. Thomas. 

Aquamarine is often associated with luck, water, and protection. Today, an aquamarine piece like the Aquamarine & Cz 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring from Frost NYC is an excellent choice for a man who wants to add a subtle pop of color to his wardrobe. 


Sapphires are formed when a high concentration of titanium is present in igneous (volcanic) corundum rocks. As the magma slowly cools, the elements in the corundum crystalize. The slower the cooling process, the larger the sapphire. 

Because of the specific climatic conditions required to create sapphires, these gorgeous deep-blue gems are among the rarest gemstones in existence. Sapphires are associated with divinity, wisdom, and enlightenment and have been used in religious ceremonies for centuries. 

Sapphires are also connected to truth and loyalty. Most sapphires appear as deep, violet-blue stone and look fantastic set into white gold pieces. Sapphires look great with whites, creams, grays, and blacks, making them an excellent gemstone to have in your collection because they work with all neutral colors.  

gemstone ring styles

Gemstone Ring Styles

Signet rings are the most popular type of men’s gemstone rings, but pinky rings, thumb rings, and wedding rings are also excellent options. 

Signet rings

Signet rings feature a flat face and wide band and are usually worn on your index or pinky finger. They offer a flat surface for a stone setting and, because you typically wear a signet ring on your non-dominant hand, there is less risk of damaging your gemstones due to impact. 

The Ruby & Cz 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring is a classic signet ring design. The piece showcases the deep red ruby gemstone with its masculine octagon cut. This 22.1-gram ring adds a touch of richness to any ensemble. 

Eternity rings

An eternity ring is a stunning alternative to a signet ring. Rather than having a single statement gemstone, the ring is set with several gemstones along the circumference of the band. Eternity bands are often given to commemorate a special anniversary.

The Mens 14K Yellow Gold Eternity Ring is set with nine rows of pavé round cut diamonds. Weighing a hefty 10 grams, this ring is a bold statement piece, best worn without any other accessories to highlight the intricate design. 

Pinky rings

Pinky rings are similar to signet rings, but they are narrower and less prominent. The Emerald & Cz 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring is an excellent example of a masculine gemstone pinky ring. At 8.1 grams, this ring features a gorgeous green emerald set in 10K Yellow Gold crusted with small diamonds. 

The face of this ring is small enough not to overwhelm your pinky but still showcases the lush greenness of the gemstone. 

Wedding bands

The wedding band is the most traditional men’s gemstone ring. Although many men wear bands in plain yellow or white gold, you can choose to wear a gemstone-studded wedding band instead for a touch of luxury to celebrate your big day. 

This gorgeous .6 carat diamond wedding band is a unique wedding ring that you can wear to show off your love of bling. Another option is this .17 carat diamond Men’s Engagement Ring that uses a signet ring design to give you a masculine ring that celebrates the classic diamond gemstone. 

gemstone necklaces types

Gemstone Necklaces

When it comes to gemstone necklaces for men, your best option is a simple gold chain with a dazzling gemstone pendant. You can opt for one of Frost NYC’s blushing 18K rose gold chains or a classic white gold or yellow gold chain to carry the pendant and show it off to the world. 

Ruby pendants

Ruby pendants coordinate perfectly with a classic yellow gold chain. The Medium Ruby & Cz 10K Yellow Gold Pendant showcases a gorgeous deep-burgundy ruby in a rectangular-shaped 10K yellow gold setting. Pair it with a yellow gold rope chain or Figaro chain for a high-class look. 

The 14K Yellow Gold Ruby Crown Diamond Pendant & Franco Chain pairs a Franco chain with a one-of-a-kind ruby pendant with a diamond crown for an ultra-chic appearance. 

Diamond pendants

If you are looking for a classic pendant that blings out your ensemble and goes with everything, a diamond-studded pendant with a gold chain is an excellent choice. Diamonds pair well with any color chain, including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Diamond pendants come in various styles, including crosses, angels, wings, crowns, and cards, and work with several chains like Cuban, rope, mariner, and franco. 

Gemstone chains and necklaces

If you don’t feel like wearing a pendant, you can choose a diamond-encrusted chain like this Iced Out Diamond Miami Cuban Link Chain 14K Rose Gold. This necklace enables you to celebrate your favorite gemstone without the weight of a dangling pendant. 

The Men’s Blue Diamond Gold Tennis Chain is crafted from a gorgeous blue diamond that resembles an aquamarine. This piece offers you a unique-colored diamond that gives you the quality of a diamond with the hue of a colorful gemstone. You can wear these blinged-out chains or necklaces paired with a gemstone pendant for an exciting, layered look. 

how to wear gemstones

How to Wear Gemstone Jewelry

Piecing together an outfit around your gemstone jewelry lets you show off style in a bold, vibrant way. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate gemstone jewelry into your daily attire, there are a few tips to keep in mind when building an ensemble. 

Color coordinate

One simple trick to wearing gemstone jewelry is coordinating your clothes with the gemstone color. Choose one or two similar-colored clothing items to pair with your gemstone. 

For example, if you wear a burgundy-hued ruby pendant with a yellow gold chain, you could pair it with a white t-shirt, burgundy jacket, and hat with ruby-colored details. This type of coordination brings out the color of the ruby with subtle matching elements. 

Layer your pieces

An authentic hip-hop look includes layered chains and necklaces. You can incorporate a gemstone pendant into this layered aesthetic for a visually dynamic look. Pair your favorite Miami Cuban link chain with a longer yellow gold rope chain with a diamond pendant for a bold addition to the ensemble. 

Mix and match

Gemstones look great when paired with other gems of varying colors. The different hues work off one another, creating a visual with depth. Try wearing a sapphire ring on your pinky with an emerald ring on your index finger. Add a ruby pendant and a diamond-studded chain, or thread your favorite gemstone ring onto a long Franco chain to bump up your bling factor and rock those gemstone pieces. 

Find the Perfect Gold Chain for Your Collection

iced out miami cuban chain

Where to Find High-Quality Gemstone Rings and Jewelry

Frost NYC has been in the blinged-out jewelry game for over 30 years. We have outfitted numerous high-profile clients in diamond-studded chains and gorgeous sapphire, ruby, and emerald rings. Our company carries a wide selection of gemstone pieces to ensure you find the exact gold and gemstone combination you are looking for. Our jewelry is made of 100% gold, and we provide you with a lifetime warranty on your purchase. 

Diversify Your Jewelry Collection with Gemstone Pieces

Buying vibrant, colorful gemstone jewelry is a great way to diversify your jewelry collection. Gemstone studded rings and chains combined with other adventurous style choices are empowering and exciting to look at.   

Find a wide selection of men’s gemstone rings and jewelry at Frost NYC. We lead the way in stylish men’s jewelry by offering high-quality pieces to men who enjoy elevating their look with bling. 


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