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If you’re in the market for gold jewelry like chains, you may have seen hollow gold and solid gold chains for sale. These terms describe how the jewelry was produced and how much gold they contain. The type of gold used affects the price, appearance, and feel of your jewelry. 

Hollow gold chains resemble a drinking straw, with air in the middle. Solid gold chains are filled with gold. If you want to expand your gold jewelry collection, you can find hollow and solid gold chains, bracelets, and more at Frost NYC. 

How Hollow and Solid Gold Compare

Hollow gold jewelry means there’s empty space inside it, while solid gold jewelry is completely solid throughout. They’re both made of 100% real gold, but hollow gold jewelry requires less gold to produce the same piece of jewelry made of solid gold.

Hollow gold jewelry like chains and bracelets are made using a process called electroforming. Jewelry makers use electrolysis to build up layers of gold on a mold in the shape of the final product. Once the correct thickness is reached, the jeweler removes the piece from the mold and shapes it into a hollow piece of jewelry.

Solid gold jewelry is made by melting the metal and forming the piece of jewelry. It is filled with gold throughout the piece, with no empty spaces inside.

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Do They Look the Same?

Both hollow and solid gold jewelry are made from the same material, so you can’t tell if a piece of jewelry is solid or hollow gold just by looking at it. If you’re looking at two gold chains or a set of bracelets of the same metal quality, you won’t be able to tell which is solid gold and which is hollow. 

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Difference in Feel

One way you can tell hollow and solid gold jewelry apart is by feel. Since hollow gold jewelry has space inside, it weighs less than solid gold jewelry. You’ll notice the difference when you go to pick up a piece of jewelry. Solid gold jewelry has a heft to it, and it feels denser. A 14k gold chain made of solid gold feels heavier in your hand than one made from hollow gold. 

You’ll also notice the difference in weight when you wear it. You may prefer the lightweight feel of wearing a hollow gold chain, or you may think hollow chains don’t feel authentic and prefer solid gold chains. 

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Differences in Durability

Both hollow and solid gold jewelry are durable enough to wear daily, and they’re both safe to swim and work out in. However, there are differences in the strength and long-term durability between solid and hollow gold jewelry.

Solid gold jewelry is stronger than hollow gold. Having gold throughout instead of being empty inside gives the jewelry added support, making it less likely to dent. Hollow gold may dent easier than solid gold, which can make it extremely challenging to repair.

Strength of hollow gold jewelry depends on the type and size of jewelry. Thinner pieces like delicate chains are the least durable because they have thinner layers of gold. Hollow gold jewelry becomes stronger and more durable the more layers of gold it has, so a chunky or thick gold chain or bracelet offers greater strength.

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Hollow gold jewelry is more affordable because it uses less gold in its manufacturing, so it costs less than the same piece of jewelry made from solid gold. 

The price of gold is determined by how much it weighs, as gold is sold by the ounce. The price of gold can go up or down over time, due to changes in the economy and stock market. 


Solid gold and hollow gold both hold their value over time. A solid gold chain will have a higher value because it contains more gold. A solid gold piece may have a higher resale value because they are more durable than hollow gold chains, so they’re not as prone to scratches or dents, which can cause faster depreciation.

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October 26, 2021

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