Rolex Watch Pricing Guide

When searching for a Rolex watch, one of the most important elements to consider is the timepiece’s price point. The cost of a Rolex is based upon several factors, such as the reference number, whether it is new or pre-owned, the material it’s made of, and the watch’s complications. 

Just how much is a Rolex watch? To better understand how Rolex watches are priced so you can choose the luxury timepiece that is right for you, browse FrostNYC’s Rolex watch pricing guide. Find the answers to common pricing questions about Rolexes and compare the values of available models. 

What Is the Average Price of a Rolex Watch?

The average price of a Rolex watch is between $5,000 to $12,000. Most entry-level Rolex models fall under the lower end of that range, while the average cost of popular Rolex models falls on the higher end, about $8,000 to $12,000. Rolex’s higher-end timepieces can cost upward of $75,000 or more based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and seller.

Rolex watches at the lower price point typically feature standard Rolex designs and materials, such as 904L steel, a cyclops lens, the Oyster case, and perpetual movement. More expensive models boast features such as diamond-studded bezels or, in the case of the Yacht Master, a synchronized countdown complication that increases their price. 

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How Are Rolex Watches Priced?

The pricing of a Rolex watch is based on several factors, such as the MSRP set by Rolex, the seller you buy from, and the watch’s market value. 

how are rolex watches priced

Rolex sets a price for each watch based on the type of materials used to create the timepiece, the craftsmanship and research that went into design and creation, and the basic cost of manufacturing the piece. This is known as the MSRP and is the amount suggested to retailers who sell the watch to consumers.

Rolex retailers also affect the price you pay for the watch. Expect to pay slightly more than MSRP for a Rolex through a retailer. If you buy your Rolex from a private seller, the amount is completely up to the two of you to agree upon, so it is a good idea to know the value of that particular model before engaging with a private seller. 

Finally, the timepiece’s market value affects its price. Vintage and rare models are typically priced much higher than MSRP, as are reference numbers singled out by collectors. Typically though, pre-owned Rolex watches are priced lower than new watches, making them a great purchase for those looking to own a Rolex for the first time. 

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Why Are Rolex Watches So Expensive?

A Rolex watch is a luxury timepiece that takes immense time and craftsmanship to design and create. Each watch is put through multiple tests to ensure quality and performance and gets hands-on attention throughout the manufacturing process. 

Additionally, Rolex uses durable precious metals, such as 904L Oystersteel or gold, and the highest quality diamonds to create their watches. All these factors go into determining the price of a Rolex watch. 

What Is the Most Expensive Rolex Watch?

The most expensive Rolex watch was sold at a private auction in 2017. The Rolex Daytona sold for $17.8 million to an anonymous bidder, setting a record for the most expensive Rolex ever purchased. 

The most expensive Rolex that FrostNYC carries is the Diamond Rolex Sky Dweller 18K White Gold, which sells for $107,770. 

What Is the Least Expensive Rolex Watch?

The least expensive Rolex watch is hard to pinpoint due to the various prices set by retailers and private sellers. FrostNYC’s least expensive Rolex is the Diamond Rolex Datejust, which comes in at $6,530. 

What Is a Rolex Worth?

The worth of a Rolex is both objective and subjective and varies based on many factors. These include:

  • The MSRP set by Rolex
  • The resale value
  • The reference number/model
  • The market value
  • Desirability among collectors
  • Popularity with consumers
  • Personal assessment (keepsake/family heirloom)

Although most Rolex watches increase in value over time, the worth of a Rolex can be negatively impacted by excessive wear and tear or irreparable mechanical damage. 

2021 Rolex Watch Pricing Guide

The most consistently popular Rolex watch models are the Daytona, Sky Dweller, Datejust, Submariner, Presidential, and Yacht Master. The following pricing guide contains the price points for specific reference numbers and information about the watches’ specifications. 

6 most popular rolex watch models

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is an impeccable timepiece made to withstand the pressures of underwater diving. Submariner models are typically equipped with 3230 and 3235 calibers and unidirectional rotatable bezels, and they are water-resistant up to 1,000 feet. 

The designs vary from a stark black dial paired with a diamond-encrusted bezel to a gorgeous blue bezel with gold numbers and a gray dial. FrostNYC offers several different Rolex Submariner models at the following prices: 

These watches look particularly good with gold chains, especially the yellow gold and two-tone options. Purchase a 10K gold rope chain to pair with your Rolex Submariner watch for a look that turns heads. 

rolex submariner watch face

Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust boasts a long history of simplicity and function within the Rolex family of timepieces. First created in 1945, the original Datejust combined the traditional oyster case with the brand’s perpetual movement feature, then added a self-adjusting date element. 

The aesthetic of the Datejust varies. Some models feature diamond roman numerals and a colorful dial, while others keep the vibrant dial but substitute gold or diamond studs for the numbers. FrostNYC’s collection of Rolex Datejusts showcases the Rolex craftsmanship and attention to detail and ranges in price from $7,760 to $8,750. Available models include: 

Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is one of the most popular Rolex series. Named for the city of Daytona, Florida, where car racing took off as a sport in the 20th century, the Daytona chronograph was Rolex’s first watch to measure average speed and elapsed time. Most current Daytona models feature a tachymetric scale and displays that show elapsed minutes and hours.

Along with these technical features, the Daytonas carried by Frost NYC show various design elements, such as 18K yellow gold bracelets, sapphire and diamond studded-bezels, and different hued dials. A few of FrostNYC’s Daytona options and their accompanying prices include:

The 18K Rose Gold Daytona pairs perfectly with unique rose gold chains or layered with understated rose gold bracelets. The Daytona model with the colored sapphire bezel would also beautifully complement rose gold jewelry, bringing a soft, gentle aesthetic to your look. 

pair rolex day date watches

Rolex Presidential

The Rolex Presidential series comes from a long line of adjustments made to the 1956 Daydate model and has been associated with politicians, presidents, and wealth ever since. The line of Day Dates features a presidential bracelet worn by Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and Warren Buffet. 

These watches feature the day and date and come in a wide array of visual styles. You can find a mother of pearl dial in both light and dark versions, as well as the all-gold presidential watch that commands respect. There are also blue and red dial versions that bring a sense of patriotism to your ensemble. Available models and pricing at FrostNYC are the:

Rolex Sky Dweller

The Rolex Sky Dweller is one of Rolex’s newest iterations, only having been released in 2012. This watch features a unique complication: an annual calendar, which keeps track of the months with a minor manual adjustment per year. This series also features two time zones, a day-date function, and a month marker. 

The Sky Dweller is larger than other Rolex series, measuring 42mm in circumference. This series offers stunning visuals, such as the yellow gold version with 22 carats of diamonds on its face or the white gold option with large diamonds inlaid on the bezel. FrostNYC offers the following models of the Rolex Sky Dweller:

Rolex Yacht Master

The Rolex Yacht Master was developed for regatta racing and features a special chronograph with a timing function. The programmable countdown function and mechanical memory showcase the impressive technical innovation of Rolex watches and highlight why Rolex chronographs are more than just watches; they are highly technical machines created with exceptional artistry. 

The Yacht Master series offers different visual elements, such as a customized sapphire bezel with a black rubber band, a completely blinged-out stainless steel version, or a gorgeous gold bezel and band with a mother of pearl dial. The Yacht Master options from FrostNYC include:

All of the gold Yacht Master Rolex watches look fabulous when paired with a classic 14k gold chain. Double down on the gold look by wearing your Rolex with a plain gold Miami Cuban link chain or an iced-out version to amp up the it factor when you hit the town. 

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Additional Rolex Pricing Questions

You may have a few additional questions related to your Rolex watch once you make a purchase. Common questions include: 

Will My Rolex Watch Retain Its Value?

In most cases, yes, your Rolex watch will retain or even increase in value. Rolex only releases specific numbers and types of pieces each year. Therefore, Rolex watches are consistently sought after by collectors and horological fans. As long as you care for your Rolex and keep its original paperwork, you can expect your Rolex to retain its value long term. 

will my rolex watch retain its value

What Is My Rolex Watch Worth?

If you are curious about how much a Rolex is worth, there are a few ways to obtain a reasonable estimate. Look up your watch’s reference number. This can be found either on the certificate that comes with your watch or on the watch case. Remove the bracelet to find the number engraved on the 12 o’clock side between the lungs. 

Once you find the reference number, look it up on various retailers online and contact private dealers selling the same number to see how much it sells for. Another option is to take it to a jeweler or horologist for a professional appraisal. 

Find Your Perfectly Priced Rolex

If you are looking for a Rolex watch, FrostNYC boasts a wide selection of pre-owned models. Our luxury timepieces range in price from just under $7,000 to over $100,000 to suit all price ranges, and we offer several easy payment options when you check out. 

To find your perfectly priced Rolex timepiece, browse our selection online or contact us at 1-888-485-1061 with any questions you have about our Rolex watches. 


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