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You don’t have to have a huge collection of iced-out Jesus pieces to know that the diamond and gold pendant is one of the coolest and most iconic symbols in men’s jewelry. Rocked by legends from every era, from the guys in Run-DMC to the Notorious B.I.G., to Rick Ross (who, by the way, owns a few Frost NYC pieces himself), the pendant has a very special place in the canon of men’s jewelry. Since it’s probably one of the (literal) crown jewels of your collection, it’s important that you keep it in good shape so you can show it off for ages.

What’s so special about gold and diamond pendants? These eye-catching accessories are generally paired with matching chains, allowing them to be a signature piece of jewelry you showcase alone or with other pieces. Ours are made with 100 percent real gold and diamonds or cubic zirconia (CZ) to give them their stunning sparkle and exceptional quality. These materials require some special care and attention to keep them in good shape, but they are highly durable and resistant to outside damage.

At Frost NYC, every piece you buy from us includes a lifetime warranty and lifetime maintenance, which is something we recommend every jewelry owner takes advantage of throughout the life of the item. After all, your pendant was an investment and well-cared-for gold jewelry is always a sound one. A bit of care and maintenance ensures that you get to flex your frost for years to come while also giving you the promise of reselling it or trading it up, potentially for profit, if you don’t like it at any point down the road.

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Our expert jewelers will happily tighten any loose pieces and make replacements to lost stones on your pendants from Frost NYC. This is one of the main reasons it’s so important to only purchase jewelry from highly rated and reputable jewelers. In between professional visits, be sure to follow this guide to keep your cherished pieces in fantastic condition.

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Pendant Perfect

In a hurry? You don’t need to read this entire guide to learn how to maintain your diamond and gold jewelry now or in the future. The following quick tips are the most important things you need to know concerning pendant care and maintenance:

  • Be selective about when you wear it. Your stunning, jewel-encrusted gold pendant piece is meant to be a family heirloom someday, so it’s only for special occasions and those times you really want to feel your best.
  • Your pendant chain matters. Make sure you’re rocking one that’s strong enough for your pendant and that won’t break under its weight, with links that are large enough to accommodate the pendant’s bail. Strong rope, Cuban link, and Figaro chains are popular for pairing with heavier pendants.
  • Do not clean, store, or repair your pendant blindly. Always make sure you know the proper way to handle it based on the materials used (more detailed information on how to clean, store, and repair below).
  • It’s called frost because it’s the final layer of your look. Make it the very last thing you put on, after any lotion, hair products, or cologne. Exposure to these products can cause a film to form, which can lead to permanent damage.
  • Don’t play sports, go to the gym, or go swimming when wearing any gold or diamond jewelry. Not only is it a hazard to your safety, it’s a hazard to the quality and beauty of the piece. When in doubt, leave it at home.
  • Don’t make any repairs yourself. It’s normal for components to occasionally loosen, wear, or break on a complex piece of jewelry, and a good jeweler will always make sure this kind of upkeep is covered.
  • It goes without saying, but make sure any piece that’s precious to you is insured either under your homeowner’s insurance policy or a separate plan that covers jewelry. It won’t prolong the life of the piece, but it will provide some consolation should something happen to it.


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The Best Ways to Clean a Diamond and Gold Pendant 

Like any piece of jewelry, your pendant should be periodically cleaned to remove any dirt, dust, or grime. Any debris that’s allowed to sit on the surface of your jewelry could cause permanent damage and leave scratches, so it’s important that you create and stick to a regular cleaning schedule based on how often you wear it. For example, if you wear it every day, you’ll need to clean it once a month at a minimum. Note that cubic zirconia tends to get dirty faster than diamonds, so you may need to clean it more often.

  1. Warm Water and Dish Soap – Our recommended at-home jewelry cleaning solution is two or three small drops of mild, detergent-free dish soap dissolved in warm (not hot) water. You can OCCASIONALLY (once every few years), add a drop of ammonia to help make the gold and diamonds shine like new again. Let the pendant soak in this solution for no more than 15 minutes, and then use a soft toothbrush or cleaning cloth to remove surface grime. Once it has completely dried, use a jewelry cleaning cloth to give the piece a quick polish. For more in-depth instructions, refer to this guide
  2. A Gentle Jewelry Solution – If you aren’t confident cleaning your pendant with soap and water, it’s perfectly fine to use a special, store-bought cleaning solution, so long as you’re careful. Make sure the bottle specifically says it’s safe for gold and diamonds and be sure to meticulously follow the directions on the bottle. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong, it’s not always possible to fix it, so it’s of utmost importance that you take your time and follow the instructions.
  3. A Professional Deep Clean – Think of your jewelry deep cleans as you would think of your teeth cleanings: Make them a priority! An occasional trip to the jewelers can definitely prolong the life of your pieces and keep them from getting grimy beyond repair. If you purchase your piece from a reputable jeweler such as Frost NYC, you should be able to get free periodic cleanings to spiff up all your pieces. The professionals have special tools and unique experience that you won’t have at home, so they can do a really good job with your special pieces.


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Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Pendant

Your gold or diamond pendant is a bit more fragile than other pieces of jewelry. Handling it too roughly or with the wrong products can cause irreparable damage or even lead to breakage. Make sure to avoid all of the following items as you’re cleaning so that you don’t risk worsening the condition of the piece as you’re attempting to better it.

  • Harsh Chemicals – Make sure you never expose your pendant to any harsh chemicals that could eat through or stain the finish. Gold is an extremely strong material, but it can be compromised by harsh chemicals such as acetone, bleach, or chlorine. If you’re around any of these chemicals each day, do not wear your jewelry, and make sure that cleaners are always labeled gentle.
  • Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners – We generally don’t recommend that you clean any stone-studded piece of jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaning device at home. Unfortunately, while they do a good job of cleaning, these devices can be rough and cause the stones to loosen or fall out. They may be okay for other pieces, but it’s a big no-no for diamonds and other precious gems. According to the Gemological Institute of America, ultrasonic cleaners can damage the diamonds, as well as any filling that may have been used in gemstone repairs.
  • Handling It with Bare Hands – It’s a good idea to invest in a pair of soft jewelers’ gloves to handle all of your most precious pieces. As tempting as it may be, resist the urge to handle any gold or diamond jewelry with your bare hands, as this can cause unnecessary wear and tear as well as surface damage. It’s tough, but try not to mess with it while you’re wearing it.

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The Best Way to Store a Pendant

Keeping all of your most precious pieces of jewelry in their best shape comes down to proper storage and routine maintenance. When you store jewelry the right way, you’re risking exposing it to the damaging elements that cause it to become unwearable or worse, damaged beyond the point that it could even be melted down and transformed into something new. Here’s how to store your frosty pendants so they stay fresh:

  • Store your best jewelry in a felt-lined jewelry box. Choose a locking box that’s completely airtight and tamper-proof so that no one can access it unauthorized. If you’ve got a serious pendant collection, we recommend investing in a high-end-jewelry safe to safeguard your favorite pieces.
  • Always store pendants individually, separated from the chain and other pendants, in a felt jewelry bag. This prevents them from rubbing against other pieces of jewelry, which can cause them to become scratched or tarnished over time.
  • Your pendant is like a fine Cuban cigar. It thrives in the right environment. Never allow your pendants to spend a significant period of time in areas that fluctuate between temperature extremes. Clean, dry, fresh-smelling rooms with mild temperatures are ideal for fine jewelry storage.
  • Make sure your pendants are stored somewhere safe and secure, such as in a locked room, a closet, or a safe. Never travel with jewelry in your checked bag, always wear it or pack it in your carry-on so you know where it is at all times.  


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We Can Spiff Up Any Pendant

Pendant pieces are different from other types of jewelry in that they have complex designs, complete with various precious materials, as well as certain clasps and other pieces of hardware that can occasionally break. Whether one of the stones has loosened its way out of the setting, has fallen out completely, or has been knocked askew, we’ll happily restore it to its best shape. Clasps, bails, links, and other findings may break or bend, but we have the tools required to fix them quickly and professionally. 

Our most important tip for keeping pendants in pristine condition? Buy from a trusted dealer like us. The fact of the matter is that a good jeweler is worth his or her weight in gold when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Plus, the best shops back their products with a lifetime of care so they stay wearable for generations. At Frost NYC, we follow this philosophy because we want you to flex your favorite pendants for decades into the future, and we’re very proud of what we create. 

July 19, 2019

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