Men’s jewelry plays an important role in the hip hop world, but these styles are much different than some of the more standard understated men’s accessories. Hip hop jewelry needs to be big, flashy, and attention-grabbing, but it should still suit your own personal style. Gold chains have long been a staple in the world of hip hop fashion, but men’s real gold rings are becoming increasingly popular. If you’ve never been one for sporting rings but you’re looking to add a new accessory to your everyday wardrobe, here’s a guide to finding exactly the kind of real gold ring you’re looking for.

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Find a Style that Fits Your Personality

When it comes to any aspect of your wardrobe, you want to invest in pieces that match your style and present your identity to the world. When it comes to jewelry, you can get really creative by selecting pieces that speak to you.

If you’re a devout Christian and you want to rock a different kind of Jesus piece, Frost NYC jewelers offers a collection of religious real gold rings with images of the Last Supper covered in bling or a replica of Jesus formed from authentic 10K gold. Consider your style and what type of ring is going to match best. Large gemstone rings with precious stones like emerald, aquamarine, or even ruby can elevate the classiness of your piece or add some flashiness to your look.

Consider the Gems You’re Looking For

If you’ve decided you’re going to opt for a real gold ring with a gemstone, take time to decide what type of stones you want to rock. Cubic zirconia (CZ) is a common substitute for diamonds, giving your pieces the same showy look without jacking up the price tag. Instead, spend that extra dough on a piece with a genuine and unique gemstone like aquamarine.

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Other Design Elements

Consider what other aspects of the design you want before purchasing your new ring. This may depend on which finger you’re planning to sport the piece. Pinky rings tend to feature more gemstones and simple designs while rings on larger fingers can incorporate images like a tiger head or Pharaoh image.

The finger that you choose to sport your new piece can signify a deeper symbolism as well. Traditionally, the pinky ring has been said to represent both class and wealth. Before looking for your new statement ring, have some idea of the design that you’re looking for to help narrow down your options and discover the perfect piece for you.

Our Favorite Gold Ring Styles

Ruby or Emerald and CZ 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring

For anybody who has a ring featuring a large centered gemstone in mind, this style of real gold rings is exactly what you’re looking for. The genuine gemstone of your choice, ruby or emerald, is the focal point of the entire ring, surrounded by a simple yet eye-catching frame of small CZ pieces to help the centerpiece stand out. This ring was created in a traditional shape with the gemstone cut into a faceted rectangular shape and the ring band tapering off into a thinner style toward the back of the ring.

100 Dollar Bill 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring

Let the world know that “you got money on your mind” when you rock this real gold ring featuring a hundred-dollar-bill design. No one can mess with your swagger once you slip this piece on. The 10K gold material makes this piece authentic and high-quality but  the lack of gemstones gives a more understated look for anyone trying to steer away from flashier styles.

Jesus 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring

Match your favorite Jesus piece pendant with this men’s Jesus ring. The oval shape focuses  attention on the image of Jesus and allows the piece to speak for itself. The 10K setting makes this piece both valuable and authentic—the perfect addition to your collection of swaggy hip hop jewelry.

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Last Supper CZ 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Ring

Okay, so maybe you already own a Jesus ring, but you’re looking for another religious piece to don. This Last Supper real gold ring is a truly unique find with the scene of Jesus and his guests carved out in CZ and outlined by real 10K gold. The CZ stones decorating the edge of the ring add even more flash to your ring; we promise it’ll be pretty difficult to find a unique men’s ring as attention-grabbing as this.

Treat Yourself to Some Swaggy Bling

Men’s rings can be a classy and flashy addition to your hip hop jewelry collection, but, with so many styles available, it can be tough to pick just one. Frost NYC jewelers offer an entire catalog of real gold ring options to suit any style, from Jesus piece rings to sparkling pinky rings that are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

    August 09, 2019

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