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Rockin’ a gold chain is the perfect way to flex on everybody you meet. It shows your swaggy style and lets everybody know that you’re a boss. Gold chains have long represented money, power, and status even before the our favorite hip hop stars starting throwing on a Jesus piece or a Cuban link chain. Wearing the right chain can show people your individual style and your level of success.

Although each style is unique in its own way, right now we’re stuck on the rope chain because it’s so versatile and can be paired with dozens of other necklace styles. If you don’t already own a rope gold chain, learn why you’re missing out on one of the hottest hip hop jewelry trends. 

Can Be Worn Solo or With a Pendant

Some styles of gold chains are intended only to be worn solo or paired with a pendant. For example, you would be looking like a fool if you were walking around with a dog tag chain without the dog tag pendant. The chain itself is too small to be a noticeable statement piece on its own.

Other styles like the Miami Cuban Link look can be paired with a pendant but usually look better on their own. When it comes to the rope chain style, you can go either way, making it a really versatile piece to add to your collection. If you own a thicker rope style, you can add a really dope, larger pendant when you’re trying to floss on your homies.

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Perfect to Mix and Match with Other Gold Chains

Most hip hop jewelry fans own way more than just one gold chain and want to wear several at a time for an extra flossed-out look. However, you can’t just throw a few gold chains together and expect it to look stylish. You have to consider the styles, the types of metal, and the pendants.

If you’re going to start mixing and matching chains, the most important rule is never to mix different metals—if you’re wearing yellow gold, all of your chains should be yellow gold. And, if you’re pairing your chains with bracelets or rings, these should also be yellow gold for a consistent look.

The rope chain is perfect for when you’re looking to wear several chains at once, as it can be flashy without taking away too much attention from your other pieces. If you’re going to rock a pendant, you should only wear one chain with a large pendant, and the rope style works well with larger pendants. The rest of your chains should be solo to avoid distracting from the main statement pendant. However, because the rope chain comes in different lengths and thicknesses, you could rock a thinner solo rope chain with a thicker, longer one that features a pendant.

Tips for Styling with Your Gold Rope Chain

Find a Pendant that Fits the Chain

If you’re going to invest in a dope rope chain, you may also want to find a few pendants that you can swap out when you want. When trying to find the right pendant for your chain, there are a few factors to consider. First, how big and heavy is the pendant? If the pendant is on the heavier side but your chain is fairly thin, there’s a good chance that the pendant will weight down and potentially break the chain.

Also, wearing a large pendant on a small chain just doesn’t look quite right most of the time. Opt for a thicker rope chain style if you plan on wearing large pendants. If you prefer a smaller pendant, you should consider purchasing a thinner and potentially shorter rope to keep the pendant closer to your neck. When selecting chains and pendants, it’s all about making sure each one is proportional to the other.

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Wear the Right Outfit

The clothes that you decide to wear will greatly impact how your jewelry looks. The rope chain can be worn on those days when you’re getting all suited up or just throwing on a tee shirt and kicks. But, you should also consider the colors and patterns of your clothing. If you’re wearing a real flashy piece with a big pendant, you’ll probably want to downplay the rest of your outfit, meaning neutral colors and avoiding loud patterns. This will help your chain stand out. If you’re wearing a bright outfit with a flashy pattern, it may be best to wear a more subtle chain.

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    November 21, 2019

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