Rose Gold vs Yellow Gold What’s the Difference and What’s Right for Me

We all know the golden rule: Whoever has the gold makes the rules. We love our gold, and we love to look good. But to truly understand the golden rule, it's best to understand gold. In this post, we'll take a deep dive into the differences between rose gold and yellow gold to help you make a better decision about which one is right for you.

What Is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a beautiful mix of yellow gold and copper. The addition of copper gives the metal a pinkish hue that is simply gorgeous. It's a relatively new metal in the jewelry industry, but it has quickly become a favorite among fashionistas around the world. From beautiful rose gold chains to scintillating rose gold diamond bracelets, Frost NYC provides the best in all things rose gold.

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What Is Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold is the original precious metal. It's been used in jewelry for centuries, and it has stood the test of time. It's made by mixing pure gold with silver and copper. The addition of these metals gives the gold a beautiful yellow color that we all know and love.

yellow gold pros and cons

The History of Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

Gold has been around for eons, and it has been admired by mankind for just as long. There are many instances of it being used as currency. Some examples of eye-catching metal in jewelry form date back to as early as 2,000 BCE. In ancient times, gold was often mixed with other metals to create different colors. For example, by adding copper to gold, artisans could create a red hue, which was popular in Egyptian jewelry.

The first modern use of rose gold can be traced back to Russia in the 19th century. At the time, the metal was known as “Russian gold,” and it was used extensively in imperial jewelry and coins. The popularity of rose gold waned in the early 20th century, but it made a roaring comeback in the 21st century, evolving with the times as with gold grills and dog tag chains, and it continues to be highly sought after.

The Durability of Yellow Gold vs Rose Gold

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a piece of jewelry is durability. After all, you want your investment to last for years. When it comes to durability, both rose gold and yellow gold are excellent choices. However, it is important to note that gold is a soft metal, so it can be bent out of shape if it is not treated with care.

How Does Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Compare in Cost?

Yellow gold is typically more expensive than rose gold. This is mainly because rose gold uses more of the cheaper copper than yellow gold.

High-end rose gold and yellow gold pieces can fetch anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000 (or even more in some cases). When it comes down to it, gold is gold. Choosing one piece over another is really up to you. If it's about making a statement, go big. If it's about style or comfort, you may consider a lesser expensive piece. If you are on a budget but still want to rock gold, try a gold-plated piece! Because a gold-plated piece is not solid gold, it won’t be as easy to bend out of shape. 

How to Know Which Gold Is Right for Me

Now that we’ve covered some of the key differences between rose gold and yellow gold, you may be wondering which metal is right for you. The answer to this question really depends on your personal preferences. If you prefer a warm, yellow tone, then yellow gold is probably the way to go. If you prefer a cool, pink tone, then rose gold is the metal for you.

rose gold pros and cons

It’s important to consider the jewelry you already have. If most of your pieces are yellow gold, then it makes sense to stick with that metal so that you can create a cohesive look. On the other hand, if you have a mix of metals in your collection, maybe change things up with a rose gold piece. 

Is Karat Size Important?

The karat size is important when it comes to gold because it tells you how pure the metal is. The higher the karat, the purer the gold. For example, 24-karat gold is 100% pure gold, while 14-karat gold is 58.3% pure gold. The karat size also affects the price of gold. The higher the karat, the more expensive the gold.

When it comes to choosing between rose gold and yellow gold, the karat size is dependent on what you want. However, if you want a metal that is 100% pure, you are limited to yellow gold.

How to Care for Your Gold Jewelry

Once you’ve chosen the perfect piece of rose gold or yellow gold jewelry, it’s important to know how to care for it properly. Both metals are strong and durable, but they do require some special care. Here are a few tips to keep your gold jewelry looking its best.

gold jewelry care tips

Store Your Gold Jewelry in a Safe Place

When you’re not wearing your gold jewelry, it’s important to store it in a safe place. A good option is a jewelry box with a soft lining. You can even purchase special jewelry bags that are designed to protect your pieces. Whatever storage option you choose, just be sure that your gold jewelry is not in direct contact with other pieces of jewelry. This could cause scratching.

Also, depending on the piece you choose, consider getting something to lock up your gold jewelry. A simple safe in a cool, dark place will keep everything nice and secure.

Clean Your Gold Jewelry Regularly

It’s important to clean your gold jewelry regularly. The best way to clean gold is with mild soap and warm water. You can purchase special jewelry cleaning solutions that are designed specifically for gold. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Avoid Chlorinated Water

When you’re wearing your gold jewelry, it’s important to avoid chlorinated water. This includes pools and hot tubs. The chlorine can cause discoloration and will damage your jewelry. If you do end up going in the water, be sure to remove your gold jewelry first.

Remove Your Gold Jewelry Before Exercise

It’s a good idea to remove your gold jewelry before you exercise. The sweat and friction can cause damage to your jewelry. If you must wear your gold jewelry while working out, be sure to wipe it down afterward with a clean cloth.

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Be Careful With Household Chemicals

When you’re doing chores around the house, it’s important to be careful with household chemicals. This includes things like bleach, ammonia and other harsh cleaning products. These products can cause damage to your gold jewelry. 

Avoid Contact With Perfume, Lotions, and Hair Products

It’s important to avoid contact with perfume, lotions, and hair products. These products can cause a film to build up on your gold jewelry, which can eventually lead to discoloration. Be sure to put your gold jewelry on after you’re finished using any of these perfumes, lotions or hair products.


Tarnishing is a process that happens when metal is exposed to oxygen and moisture. This causes a chemical reaction that creates a black or greenish film on the surface of the metal. While tarnishing is not harmful to your gold jewelry, it can be unsightly.

One of the most common questions people have about gold is, “Does gold tarnish?” The answer is yes, gold does tarnish. However, it’s important to note that gold is one of the least reactive metals. This means that it takes a long time for gold to tarnish. If you notice that your gold jewelry is starting to tarnish, there are a few things you can do to clean it. One of the simplest ways to clean tarnished gold is with mild soap and warm water. 

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Pros and Cons: Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

As with all precious metals, there are advantages and disadvantages for rose gold and yellow gold. Before you make any decision, it's always a good idea to weigh the pros and cons.

Rose Gold


  • A beautiful metal that has a unique pink hue
  • Strong and durable
  • Relatively low maintenance


  • May not work with all skin tones
  • More allergenic due to higher copper content

gold watch on table top

Yellow Gold


  • Most hypoallergenic metal
  • A classic metal that has been popular for centuries
  • Likely to retain value


  • More expensive than other metals
  • Prone to scratches and dents

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