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Every true hip hop jewelry fan knows that the right gold chain can make or break your entire outfit. Real ballers like to floss on everyone with the hottest chains in their collection, but if you don’t know how to properly coordinate your bling, you’ll end up looking less like a boss and more like a fool. Whether you’re rocking your gold chains when you get suited up and head to the office or when you’re chilling with the homies, we’ve got all the style tips you need to make sure you’re always looking fresh to death.

How to Style Your Gold Chains with Other Jewelry

  • Always Wear the Same Color Gold

This is probably the most important rule when wearing any type of jewelry. Never mix different-colored precious metals. If you’ve got a thick rope gold chain around your neck, don’t even think about adding a white gold chain bracelet. Even if you’re wearing a watch with leather or rubber band, be sure that the color of the bezel matches the rest of your gems. Each and every piece that you put on should match.

If you’ve got a limited edition rose gold watch, you can only rock rose gold chains, bracelets, rings, and earrings with it. If you don’t have any, then you need to keep the accessories simple with only the pieces that match. When you start combining different colors of gold, your outfit will look haphazard—like you just threw on a bunch of chains to try to floss without thinking about how it actually looked.

  • Keep Your Outfit Simple

If you’re bling is loud, your clothes shouldn’t be. Don’t get us wrong; we love a good flashy tee, but it can often distract from your gold chains. You want your jewelry to stand out as much as possible. Purchasing a men's gold chains is a big investment, and you want people to be able to notice your pieces the moment you walk into the room.

If you’re headed to an event or the office and you need to get suited up, wear a simple white or black button-down underneath a solid-colored jacket. This will help your chain stand out and draw attention to your other pieces like bracelets or watches.

When donning your jewelry in a professional setting, we suggest downplaying your bling a little bit. You want the pieces to be more subtle and less attention-grabbing to convey a different type of flossy attitude. Your more toned-down pieces will stay say, “Yeah, I’m a boss,” without making clients or colleagues feel like you’re trying to act better than them. A simple Figaro chain without a pendant or a classic thin-link style Cuban chain will fit this situation perfectly, especially when paired with a matching Figaro bracelet.

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  • Consider How Many Iced-Out Pieces You Have

Wearing an iced-out piece is the ultimate baller move. You’re letting everybody know that you’ve got the freshest style and the money to prove it. Hip hop stars have been flossing on everybody for decades with their diamond-clad pieces.

Iced-out chains might not be right for the office, but when you’re about to hit the club or hang out with the homies, this is a get addition to any urban streetwear outfit. The entire point of the iced-out gold chains is to show your status and style, but it is possible to have too much ice on.

If you’re overloading your outfit with diamond gold chains, it can take away from the overall effect. Try to pick your best iced-out chain and pair it with a simple bracelet of the same style. Or, you can sport an iced-out chain and bracelet, but keep your watch or rings simple.

  • Keep Chain Styles Similar

Much like the rule of matching your types of gold, you need to also keep your chain styles similar. If you’re rocking more than one gold chain on your neck, it’s okay to mix and match the styles a little bit (again, as long as the type of gold matches), but try to pair bracelets and necklaces together. For example, if you’re wearing a thick Cuban link chain around your neck, you should sport a similar style on your wrist for a cohesive and stylish appearance.

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    October 14, 2019

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