Stacking chains is a great way to up your style game and get noticed. However, you need to achieve a delicate balance when you’re stacking your chains to avoid looking overdone. There are some simple ways you can stack gold chains, such as staggering the lengths, opting for different textures, and creating a central focal point with a pendant to ensure you always look swank. Quality gold neckwear can elevate your everyday look to suave and sophisticated. Check out Frost NYC’s entire selection of gold chains to start your stack.

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Stagger Chain Length

Not all chains are created equally. There are many types of gold chains, and each unique look amplifies your style. One major distinguishing characteristic is the length of your chain. And it’s not just about the style either; it’s also about practicality. If you have a wider neck, you need a longer chain to balance your profile. Conversely, if you buy too long a chain, it interferes with everyday tasks such as eating

If you plan on stacking your chains, consider a range of lengths. The longest chain should fall to your mid-chest, a medium chain just below your collarbones, and the shortest should be close to your neck but avoid constrictive styles like chokers. When you’re shopping for a gold chain for men, make sure you only consider genuine 100% gold and accept no substitutions.

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Opt for Different Chain Styles

When you have more than one necklace on, especially when they are simple as a gold chain, you can add a lot of style and interest by varying your chains’ textures. Slim, flat, or chunky, you can create a dramatic effect by changing your chains’ texture. A slim chain between 1 mm to 3.5 mm looks excellent close to the neck. Delicate Figaro or Franco chains make a subtle statement with just a touch of gold that you can still see when you wear a t-shirt or a button-down.

Avoid wearing chunky pieces like a Cuban chain as a choker, as they can feel restrictive. These chains work best worn at a medium length. You can also choose flat chains, like the Herringbone design, with interlocking scales to create a flattened visage. This is a clean and elegant look that gleams with a lot of gold but doesn’t bulk up your silhouette.

Use a Pendant as a Focal Point

Amid all the bling, it helps create a focal point by adding a gold pendant to a chain. Pendants are usually flat and can be symbols, a monogram, or pure gold and set with gems or iced out. The great thing about custom pendants is that you can make them as impersonal or as sentimental as you like. Whether it’s a beautiful coin from your latest vacation or a charm representing your favorite hobby, a pendant draws the eyes and creates an attractive centerpiece for your look. When wearing your pendant on stacked chains, place the largest pendant on the longest chain, and keep your look sleek by only wearing one iced-out or elaborate pendant and keeping others simple and minimal.

Match the Gold to Your Skin

You should always invest in high-quality chains made from solid gold. Not only do these pieces retain their value better than costume jewelry, but they are also more durable and won’t cause discoloration or allergic reactions. There are three distinct types of gold – white, yellow, and rose. Some hues look better on certain skin tones than others. It’s worth it to hold a few different chains of each type of gold up to your reflection in the mirror and see what suits you best.

Generally, all the jewelry you wear should be of the same material. So if your cufflinks are yellow gold, your chains should be too. But rules like these were meant to be broken. In the 21st century, you don’t need antiquated fashion expectations to dictate what kind of chains you have. If you feel like stacking your white gold Miami with a slim, flat yellow gold Herringbone, you can create a visually interesting effect that can elevate your street style look.

Stack Up With Our Gold Chains

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Amp Up Your Ensemble with Stackable Chains from Frost NYC

Stacking your chains is an exciting way to amp up your outfit. With a lot of bling, you should opt for muted colors in the rest of your outfit that won’t compete with the show that’s going on around your neck.

It’s not so much the style of shirt you wear but the amount of pattern or typography you have on your shirt that can make it look busy if you wear it with stacked chains. No matter what, only invest in the best, such as the chains from Frost NYC. When you’re stacking chains, opt for different lengths, varying styles like the Figaro stacked with the solid rope chain, and add a pendant for an interesting detail.

March 18, 2021

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