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The box chain is among the most popular chain styles for men and women but receives less attention than the ornate Franco chains or Miami Cubans loved by celebs, hip hop artists, and ball players. This chain is a versatile piece that can add subtle bling to your outfit or make a big impression when paired with a statement pendant. Learn about the construction, history, and types of box chains to find out why you need to have one in your collection. 

What Is a Box Chain?

A box chain uses 4-sided links with equal length and width, forming an open square. They are typically highly polished and, when attached to an identical adjoining link, form a sleek geometrical style chain. 

Box chains are slightly more rigid than many other popular chain types, such as a Franco or Figaro chain; however, the tight pattern makes them a rugged piece that can withstand daily wear and accommodate pendants of all sizes easily without worrying about the bail wearing down or scratching the chain. Even ultrathin box chains of 1 mm or less can support heavy gold pendants, including our iced-out Big Jesus pendant, which weighs a hefty 111 grams.

The flat surface of each link also provides the perfect canvas for an iced-out piece, depending on the chain thickness. The polished finish, in addition to the pavé diamonds, makes for a bold statement necklace, ideal for wearing on its own.

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A History of Box Chains

The box chain is also known as the Venetian chain, owing its origins to artisan Venetian jewelry makers, crafting fine necklaces for the Italian elite as early as the 6th century. 

Early box chains were formed using a technique in which jewelry makers would wind 22k gold wire into tiny rings and weld several of them together, one on top of the other, to form a single link. These prototype box links would then be joined to create necklaces and bracelets frequently worn by Dogaressas and other Venetian noblewomen. These pieces were considered so valuable that they were often split between the daughters of prominent families and given as part of their dowry. 

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The Evolution of the Box Chain

The Rounded Box Chain

Rounded box chains have a slightly domed surface, which gives the chain a similar look to a classic cable chain. Blending the rounded and straight link edges gives the piece added durability and a higher weight capacity to support statement pendants. 

The Mirror Box Chain

Depending on the length of the links, some box chains may have slight gaps between each link. This space provides them with better flexibility and flow but can dull their appearance. A mirror box chain features links with the same width, length, and depth, ensuring a tight connection between each link. The highly polished surface gives the chain a reflective surface like a mirror, making an impactful statement piece. 

The Double or Triple Box Chain

Although the distinctive flat surfaces are no longer visible in the design, the double or triple box offers a classic aesthetic closer to the traditional Venetian chain designs. Two or three adjoining links are stacked on top of each other. This gives the piece increased strength and a characteristic woven texture. 

The Greek Box Chain

Less an evolution and more a variation on the standard box chain, the Greek box chain offers a unique twist, with each link pair forming the ancient Greek key icon. Ideal for pairing with religious pendants or to wear layered with a curb or Cuban chain, the Greek box chain is a must-have for your collection. 

Why Choose a Box Chain?  

Box chains are admired for their versatility and are popular with men and women because of the interlinking wires that make them so durable. They’re also easy to fix if a link is damaged or breaks off.  

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How to Wear a Box Chain

The box chain is designed for strength, making it ideal for pendants and charms. Pair with one of our stunning religious, sports, animal, or money-themed pendants, or work with our design team to create your custom pendant.

Alternatively, jump on the layering trend and wear a 26”-28” box chain, around 2-4 mm thick, with a short, chunky Cuban or Franco chain. The neck mess look works well over a plain tee or even with a button-down shirt. 

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Box chains offer a bold, masculine accessory that pairs well with any outfit. If you love expressing your personality with statement pendants, a box chain should be a staple of your jewelry collection.  

Each gold chain for men from Frost NYC is finely crafted from either 10k or 14k solid gold and available in various chain lengths and widths, allowing you to choose the perfect style for your outfit. Explore our range online or visit our New York showroom.

July 26, 2021

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