Neck chains are a staple of any on-trend wardrobe. While Cuban and curb gold chains are often featured heavily in many people’s jewelry collections, tennis chains are set to be the hottest trend to take your look to the next level. Discover the origins and history of the tennis chain and how you can work this luxe accessory into your everyday outfits.

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What Is a Tennis Chain?

A tennis necklace is set with individually linked diamonds to form a continuous chain. These chains are typically crafted from 14K or 18K yellow or white gold. The diamonds have a uniform cut, often cushion, princess, radiant, or round due to their symmetrical shape and numerous facets. This gives the tennis chain a glittering appeal, making it a popular choice as an evening or cocktail accessory for women or as a blinged-out chain for rappers and ballplayers.   

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A Short History of the Tennis Chain

Before the 1980s, the tennis chain used to be referred to as an eternity chain due to its continuous loop of diamonds. Throughout the 1970s, eternity bracelets were the accessory of choice for country club ladies on the tennis court and party-goers heading to the disco. 

The moniker tennis chain didn’t become widely used until the late ‘80s. During the 1987 U.S. Open, Chris Evert, winner of 18 Grand Slam titles, stopped in the middle of a hotly contested match to call a timeout. The force of the tennis star’s swing had loosened the clasp on her eternity bracelet and sent it flying across the court. Evert asked officials to pause the game while she looked for it. 

From that day on, the eternity chain was referred to as a tennis chain and became a hugely popular accessory, worn as a bracelet or a necklace. 

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How to Style a Tennis Chain

Your 18K or 14k gold chain is a versatile piece that complements any outfit if you know how to style it correctly. Keep up with the latest trends by trying these looks for your dazzling tennis necklace. 

Keep it simple for streetwear.

Streetwear is about making a bold statement with dynamic prints and colors, combined architectural and relaxed cuts, and avant-garde designs. A tennis chain is an ideal accessory to complement your streetwear ensemble. 

However, this timeless piece of bling makes enough of a statement to wear on its own. Keep your streetwear look sleek and sophisticated by wearing a mid-length 20-22" tennis chain over a crew neck tee. Pair the tee with a bold silk bomber jacket or luxe hoodie and jogger set for a refined streetwear aesthetic.

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Get the layered pendant look. 

Layering is one of the biggest trends in jewelry right now, so dress up your tennis necklace by wearing a few other pieces simultaneously. Since your tennis necklace is relatively short, worn close to your neck, think about adding necklaces in different lengths so each piece can shine. A long yellow gold rope chain with a gold pendant becomes a talking point of the outfit without covering or overshadowing your diamond tennis necklace.

Pair it with a stylish accessory. 

Accentuate your diamond-encrusted tennis necklace by pairing it with a stylish bracelet. A 10K white gold Figaro bracelet is the perfect choice for tying your look together. Select a chunkier 10.5mm wide Figaro chain for a bold, confident aesthetic, or keep it classy with a more subtle 3.5mm thickness. 

If bracelets aren’t your thing, add a new element to your outfit with a men’s gold pinky ring or a bold double finger ring.

Wear a high neckline. 

A great way to make your tennis necklace pop is to choose a high-cut collared shirt, like a casual black t-shirt. With the neckline protruding above the tennis chain, your white or yellow gold necklace stands out boldly. 

The dark shirt creates a stunning contrast against the light shimmering off the diamonds, ensuring this simple but sophisticated look makes your men’s diamond tennis chain the focus

With this style choice, you can keep it minimalistic, wearing only your tennis chain or bling out the look by layering other necklaces on top. 

Add matching earrings. 

Enhance the blinged-out style a tennis necklace provides by drawing attention upward to your neck, jawline, and smile with a matching pair of earrings. Diamond earrings in white or yellow gold studs in a simple circular or square design add sparkle.

Adding a pair of matching earrings is ideal if you’re trying to dress up a look with a basic outfit. They’ll draw the focus upward from your necklace rather than down toward your clothes. 

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Add a Tennis Chain to Your Collection 

A tennis necklace is a versatile piece for your jewelry collection that looks great on men and women. Whether you’re heading out for a night at the club or going downtown with your friends for a casual lunch, there are plenty of ways to wear your tennis chain while keeping up with the latest trends. 

At Frost NYC, we’ve been serving jewelry lovers high-quality statement pieces for more than three decades. If you want to add instant swagger to your wardrobe, browse our complete selection of diamond tennis chains to find the one that’s right for you. 

January 28, 2022

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