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Guessing the proper ring size for the woman you want to propose to is not advisable. One question that comes to the thought of most men is, what is the average ring size for women? 

Knowing your lady's ring size before you give her a gift, regardless of the occasion, can save time and money. For women or men looking for fine jewelry pieces, including women's cocktail rings, check out Frost NYC luxury collections. Give precious items that can last a lifetime and hold quality gold value. But first, ensure that you are purchasing a ring in the proper size. 

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The Average Size for Women

Ring sizes, especially for women, can vary because their weight often fluctuates and differs. In the United States, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) estimates the average ring size for women as follows:

  • Size six for women weighing 140 pounds and a height of five feet and four inches.
  • Sizes from four and one-half to five and one-half for petite and slender women.
  • Size six and one-half to seven and one-half for taller and heavier women.

GIA recommends purchasing a larger size than the actual ring size. If the ring fitting is too large, it is easier for a jeweler to reduce it. Increasing the size of the ring is more complicated if it does not fit. Factors to consider are, of course, height and weight.

While you may not be able to go by the woman's weight, it is a good idea to notice the size of the ring finger. Some full-figured and heavier women have smaller fingers. Even a petite woman can have a thicker ringer finger. Most women wear their engagement rings on their left fingers. Remember that the right-hand finger size may be bigger or smaller than the left. 

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How to Discretely Get Your Woman’s Ring Size

It is not easy trying to get your future wife an engagement ring without her knowing. If you want it to be a secret, there are ways to get the information unknowingly. You and your fiance-to-be should visit the mall. Go to a jeweler for ring sizing out of curiosity and try on rings.

Or you can ask her ring size for the right and left hand. Select a women's cocktail or birthstone ring to let her try on. Have the jeweler measure the ring fingers of both hands. Of course, she may ask questions, but keep the visit as window shopping. 

Ring Sizing for Men

Women may find it more difficult to guess the ring sizes of their men. But the average size for a man is 10. Their sizes vary depending on their height and weight. Usually, rings for males are thick and large. You may need to get a larger size to ensure it fits comfortably and is easy to remove. Trendy for men today is wearing diamond pinkie gold rings for men. Metal options for men's rings include rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

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Knowing the Percentage of Gold in Jewelry

If your ring is 24K in white or yellow gold, it is 100% genuine gold precious metal. An 18K ring is 75% authentic gold, whereas a 14K ring is 58.33% gold. The lower the karats, the less gold content. A 10K ring has only 41.66% of gold.

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Where You Can Get Your Ring Sized

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October 13, 2022

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