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Men’s jewelry has been popular for centuries but, with modern styles, the devil is in the details. Small differences such as the length, width, or type of chain can take a piece from being a stylish statement to a fashion faux pas. If you’re going to invest your hard-earned money in a 14k gold chain, take the time to consider the details. The following tips can help you decide what length neck chain suits you and your look.

Your Neck Size

The first thing you need to establish before you select a neck chain is the size of your neck. Your neck size is the same as your shirt collar; however, that doesn’t mean that you should get a chain the same length as your neck unless you’re looking for a choker. How a certain length chain will hang on you depends on your neck size; on a larger guy, a 20” chain could sit almost like a choker. On a more slender man, it will look significantly longer. Besides the size of your neck, take your height and overall size into consideration when purchasing a neck chain. For instance, if you have a shorter torso, necklaces look longer on you. Your size may also affect the width of the chain you go for; a thinner, more delicate 14k gold chain may get lost on a larger guy.

Wearing a Pendant

Whether you wear a pendant could affect the length of chain you should get. If you wear a dog tag, pendant, or medallion with your gold chain for men, whatever the style, go a size up. If you favor heavy pendants, you should also opt for a stronger chain. The wider the chain, the stronger they tend to be; however, certain chain types, such as the Franco chain, can hold more weight than others.

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Combining Neck Chains with Clothes

The type of clothes you wear with your chain, and whether you plan to wear it in or outside of your top, also affect the length you should pick. Longer chains look better over round-neck sweaters and t-shirts, whereas shorter chains often slip about under and over these necklines. Short chains look great with collared shirts.

Your Personal Style

The most significant influence over your choice of chain length is your style and the look you want to portray. Most standard men’s neck chains fall at the collarbone, which is 20” on average. This is the ideal length for a subtle chain that is as appropriate for formal outfits as it is for casual wear. If you’re going for a more dramatic style, embracing hip-hop style, and perhaps using your chain to show off a bit of bling, longer chains can help you achieve the look.

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Layering Your Chains 

Layering neck chains is a fantastic way to create a dynamic look and show off your personal style. To successfully pull off the layered look, choose a selection of chains with different lengths, widths, and even styles. Mixing a 20” Figaro chain with a slim 22” Franco chain and a 24” Curb chain, for example, will give a textured, stylish vibe. Add more detail with a pendant or two.

Try Before You Buy

Before you invest in a gold chain, do a little research. Check out Instagram and press photos of people whose style you admire and take notice of the chains they wear, particularly focusing on the length. Once you know the kind of chain you’re looking for, it’s time to try some on to see how they look on you. On the day you go to try them on, put on a similar style outfit to what you plan to wear with your new chain, especially if you want to wear it for special occasions. If you’re shopping for an everyday piece, this isn’t necessary. Have a mental list of the kinds of models you’d like to try on, but be prepared to find inspiration in the store.

There’s no substitute for seeing a chain on yourself. You can measure your neck at home but, until you see how the chain falls, you won’t be 100% sure. When you visit Frost NYC’s showroom, you also get the benefit of the staff’s extensive jewelry knowledge. They can give you tips such as the best chain type for particular pendants and how to tell if a gold chain is real.

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The Takeaway

When purchasing a neck chain, there are lots of things you should consider, including your neck size, but, ultimately, it’s about your style and what you think looks and feels good on you. Buying a piece of jewelry can be about fun, commemorating a memory, or even making a financial investment. Whatever the reason you’re buying yourself a neck chain, it’s always personal, so trust your gut.

At Frost NYC, we pride ourselves on only selling high-quality, real gold jewelry. Visit our showroom to find the perfect gold chain for your next night out, or contact us for customization requests at 1-888-485-1061.

January 22, 2021

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