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A true baller knows that he’s got to look his best everywhere he goes, which is why he has such an extensive collection of gold chains. There’s a chain for every occasion, but one type of chain in particular is the flossiest of them all—the iced-out gold pendant. Rocking all that ice around your neck let’s everybody know that you’ve got style and class. 

Whether you tend to prefer the traditional yellow gold or more subtle white gold look, our Frost NYC iced-out pendants will keep you looking fly all day long. Check out some of our favorite pendant styles and get some tips on pairing your chains with other accessories. 

Why Rock the Iced-Out Look?

If you have to ask this question, you probably don’t deserve an iced-out chain. Nah, we’re just playing. But, seriously, the appeal of an iced-out pendant should be obvious—it’s covered in diamonds. Jewelry has long symbolized a person’s status within their culture and community, and it continues to do so today. 

Because diamonds are some of the most expensive gemstones, rockin’ a large pendant and gold chain covered in diamonds sends the message that you are kind of a big deal. It’s always a flashy way to grab people’s attention if you’re looking to turn some heads.

Our Favorite Iced Pendants

  • Jesus Piece
  • The Jesus piece is potentially the most classic and recognizable type of gold pendant because of the man who popularized it—the Notorious B.I.G. When you add the blinged-out look by covering this symbol in diamonds, you’re truly taking this look to the next level. Even the swaggiest dudes on the block are going to be asking where you got your dope gold pendant

    The Jesus piece can be worn in a number of ways. Some players choose to rock it as a testament to their faith while others are paying homage to our homie Biggie Smalls. Some people just like the look of the Jesus piece. Whatever your reasoning, this style is an essential look for anyone adding on to their iced-out pendant collection.

    necklace with diamond cross

  • Religious Symbols
  • Besides the Jesus piece, there’s a variety of other religious symbols that are popularly turned into sick pendants. If you feel a strong connection with your religion, and you want a way to express that while also looking fly AF, check out our selection of religious pendants. We have everything from an angel covered in diamonds to a range of different cross styles. The cross is a very traditional pendant style for any type of jewelry, which is why it’s so popular. 

    Choose a standard-looking cross encrusted in diamonds for a more subtle look or shop our selection of unique cross designs with spirals, additional diamonds, and other variations to help it stand out from the rest.

  • Flossy Pendants
  • Maybe religious jewelry isn’t your thing. Or maybe you’ve already got more Jesus pieces than God himself. Either way, don’t feel limited to this selection of pendants. We have a style for everyone. If you’re looking to show off what a baller you are, check out our money roll pendant. Nothing says rich like a wad of cash covered in diamonds. You can also show a deeper side of yourself by donning the ankh, which is an Egyptian symbol that represents the idea of eternal life. You’ll have everybody wondering, “You cold with all that ice around your neck?”

    mens wrist watch

    Snag a Matching Iced-Out Bracelet or Watch

    Of course, the iced-out pendant and chain are the focal points of any hip hop apparel outfit, but you can add some dope accessories to tie the entire outfit together. The more ice you’ve got, the more you’re gonna rock. Select a gold bracelet in the same or similar style to your pendant and be sure to get the iced-out version. If you’re looking to show off with a different kind of accessory, check out iced-out watches for a more subtle yet sophisticated way to dress up your blinged-out pendants.

    Let Frost NYC Handle All of Your Icey Needs

    Frost NYC knows how to keep you looking fly as hell, and we’ve got the iced-out pendants that you’ve been looking for. Shop our selection to find one that works for you, and then purchase some new chains to mix and match with your pendant. You can choose to add your iced-out pendants to a traditional gold chain or go all out and add ice to an iced-out chain for an extra flossy look. 

    January 14, 2020

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