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It happens to everybody—you were wearing your favorite piece of jewelry and it got caught on your shirt or you accidentally pulled on it, and it broke. Although we try to care for our jewelry as best as possible, especially the particularly expensive pieces, things can happen. Maybe the clasp needs to be fixed or your pendant fell off the jump ring. Sometimes, with plated jewelry, you just need it to be cleaned to keep it looking good. Well, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to keep all of your gold chains looking fresh to death.

Common Ways to Fix Your Gold Chain

1. How to Replace a Clasp

The clasp is a very important part of any piece of jewelry, as it is the device that holds the two sides of the necklace together. It’s very easy and common to accidentally break your clasp, but without this vital piece, you can’t wear the jewelry. 

It’s always a good idea to bring your jewelry into a jeweler if it has been broken, as professionals tend to have better tools and materials along with the skill set to bring the piece back to its original condition. However, if you don’t have time to bring it to jeweler right now, but you want to wear your favorite piece to a big event, you can replace the clasp and jump ring on your own. You’ll also need a few types of jewelry pliers like the flat nose pliers and the needle nose pliers.

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Use two of the pliers to pull apart the jump ring that was attached to one side of your gold chain. Then, open the ring at the base of the clasp on the other side. Remove both of these pieces, and then use the pliers to open your new jump ring and clasp. Slip them on the link of your gold chain and use the pliers to close the ring back up. Be sure to close it tightly to avoid another clasp breaking. 

Although you can do this yourself, these types of repairs don’t always last for the long term, especially if you have a large, heavy chain, so we do recommend bringing it to a jeweler when you have the chance.

2. Fixing the Jump Ring on a Pendant

The jump ring is an important element in jewelry making, as it helps to hold together many different parts of the jewelry. Sometimes the jump ring that is attached to your pendant may come loose, causing the pendant to fall from your chain. This is a pretty easy fix, but you want to make sure that you notice if this happens; otherwise, you risk losing your favorite gold pendant. 

As with the broken clasp solution, you’ll need two pairs of jewelry pliers and a new jump ring. If the old jump ring is still attached to the pendant but not the chain, remove it. If the jump ring is gone completely, then all you need to do is use the pliers to open the new jump ring, slide it through the spot designated for attaching the pendant to the chain, and then use pliers to push the jump ring closed again. 

Once this piece has broken one time, it may continue to happen. If you’re wearing a very heavy pendant, it will be more prone to breaking, so you may want to invest in a thicker or heavier-duty jump ring.

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3. Polish Gold Plated 

If you’re purchasing pieces that have been plated with gold and are not made from solid gold alloy, you’re going to need to polish these pieces. You’ll notice over time that a very slight tarnish begins to develop. Although it may not be very apparent at first, the longer you let it sit, the more grime and dirt will build up, and the dirtier it will be. 

Instead, be proactive and plan to polish your jewelry every so often. Even some solid gold pieces will tarnish slightly if they’re not made of higher purity levels. Gold must be mixed with metal alloys in order to maintain its shape. 

You can prevent dirt from building up by wiping down your jewelry after each use. But, if you’ve already begun to notice some discoloration, you can polish your own jewelry by using a jewelry cloth. If it’s still not looking cleaner, create a mixture of water and non-antibacterial soap and let your jewelry sit in the solution for a few minutes before using a brush to remove the grime.

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January 21, 2020

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