Bundling Up with Bling: Styling Your Winter Looks w/ Gold Chains, Bracelets & More

In order to live up to your true baller potential, you need to have your outfits on point all year long, even when the chilly weather starts rolling in. Just because you have to bundle up doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Check out some of the hottest fashion trends going on this winter, and learn how you can properly style your gold chains and bracelets to keep you looking fresh to death. Sometimes when we’re layering up, it makes it more difficult to notice the bling, but, with our help, you’ll be floss on everybody on the block.

This Year’s Winter Styles

Winter is back, which means it’s time to break out those heavy coats, warm sweaters, and long-sleeved flannels. Although we want to make sure that we’re comfortable and warm in the winter, especially if we live in a city where we walk from place to place often, we also want to be looking fly. There are so many ways to stick to today’s trends while still bundling up. Check out some of the top styles we’re rocking this year.

Beanies Are Still In 

Who doesn’t love a good beanie? This style of hat is both flattering and practical and can work for both men and women. The beanie tends to give you a laid-back, go-with-the-flow kind of look, particularly if you opt for a beanie with some type of design or message that speaks to your personality. 

A classic black beanie is always a staple piece of your winter wardrobe, as it matches with everything, but try spicing up your hat selection with unique colors, patterns, or even your favorite sports teams. If you’re going to rock a brightly colored beanie, just be conscious of how it will match with the rest of the outfit. And, just know, if you are prone to hat hair, the beanie will become part of your outfit for the rest of the day.

Boots with the Fur

Winter is bootie season—no, not that kind of bootie. Boots!  They keep our feet warm and can be specially designed to protect us from the elements, so this isn’t a new winter style trend. But, each year, the style of boots that are popular tend to shift. 

stylish silver boots with fur

If you live in a place where it snows often, boots are an essential part of your wardrobe as you can’t be walking around in your sneakers. Snow will soak through most other types of shoes, leaving your feet wet, cold, and uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Although boots are a necessity in many cases, we always want a pair that is going to match our baller style. 

The Timbaland-style boots are a classic hip hop apparel look, and they continue to reign supreme over other brands, but there are other popular styles that can take your wardrobe to the next level. The Chelsea-style slip-on boots are very popular in men’s fashion right now. They can easily slip on and off, and they are available in a variety of materials, including leather and suede, but be sure to add winter weather protectant to either of these materials. This style boot is more appropriate if you need to venture out into the winter weather for a fancy event.

Also Coats with the Fur

You couldn’t survive the winter with a great coat. Even for our homies living in warmer areas like Cali or the southeast, winter gets chilly and you need the right outerwear to feel comfortable and look stylin’. 

If you live in a very cold region, look for a thick, puffy jacket complete with a fur-trimmed hood for a true baller aesthetic. This style of winter coat commands attention and, while we always recommend black for the sake of versatility, you could show off your bold personality with a bright color. Think: Drake’s bright-orange hooded coat that he wears in “Hotline Bling.”

Layer It Up

Layers, layers, layers. We can’t emphasize it enough. This is the way you’re going to look the most stylish all winter long. If you’re walking around your city in the freezing cold, you’re going to want those extra layers to keep you warm, but once you arrive to the party, you can shed some layers as needed. 

man wearing sunglasses and gold chain

We like to wear a white tee with a flannel or open button-down shirt of some kind and then another warm jacket over that—could be a jean or sweatshirt fabric kind of jacket. Add your puffy winter coat to the top, and you’re good to go. These types of layers allow you to adjust your style based on the temperature and setting. Go all the way with the layered look by also adding layered gold chains.

Stick with Dark-Wash Jeans

These days, dark-wash jeans tend to be favored by the masses, but especially during the winter, this kind of look tends to be sleeker and more appropriate. The super-light-wash jeans have a more spring or summer feel, and the darker jeans have a sense of class. We suggest switching up your pant selection by also investing in a few pairs of black jeans or even chinos in unique colors like maroon. If you’re going to rock the bold-colored pants, be sure that the rest of your outfit is toned down.

How to Accessorize Your Winter Wardrobe

Wear a Big Gold Chain Outside Your Jacket

Although we love our warm, puffy winter jackets, they can cramp your style because they cover up the rest of your outfit and much of your accessories. If you’re headed to an outdoor event this winter, like a sports game where you know you’ll be keeping the jacket on, but you still want to floss on everybody, wear your gold chain outside of your jacket. 

Wear a Big Gold Chain Outside Your Jacket

This means that you’ll need to opt for a chain that is longer in length to make sure it fits over the jacket without looking too tight. To make sure that your chain stands out against your coat, you can also select a style with thicker links like the Miami Cuban link look.

Go for Larger Pendants

The coats and layers that we wear in the winter are distractions from what we really want everybody to see—our bling. If you’re going to wear your gold chain outside of your jacket or with a bunch of layers, you can also try donning a gold chain that has a large pendant. The bigger the pendant, the more attention you’re sure to get. Pick out your favorite Jesus piece with the bling and all, and add it to your outfit. You can also really get your accessories on by layering your large pendant piece with a few other chains of varying lengths.

Wear a Matching Bracelet or Watch for a Subtle Look

If you’re not interested in sporting your gold chains on the outside of your outerwear, there are other ways to help your jewelry stand out against your bundle of winter clothing. Wearing a gold bracelet or an iced-out watch is a great way to grab people’s attention in a more subtle fashion. 

Wear a Matching Bracelet or Watch for a Subtle Look

While the sleeves of your jacket do cover up your wrists, it’s easy to push your bracelet or watch past the cuff of the sleeve, leaving your jewelry exposed on your wrist. You can wear a matching gold chain to keep the whole outfit coordinated once you get to your destination and take your coat off.

Invest in Flashy Cufflinks

Cufflinks are the perfect accessory to add a little bling to your winter outfit. Of course, cufflinks are typically only worn on nicer button-up shirts or suit jackets, so this is a great winter accessory when heading somewhere special. Find a diamond-studded set of cufflinks or look for a unique design that speaks to you, from religious imagery to your favorite sports team. To help your cufflinks stand out, you can wear a flashy bracelet or watch that draws people’s attention to your wrist.

Break Out Your Best Set of Grillz 

Grillz are one piece of hip hop jewelry that can’t be covered up by our winter wardrobes. Turn your teeth into your dopest piece of jewelry when you order your own grillz. Keep it simple with the smooth all-gold style or go all-out and add some iced-out grillz to your accessory collection. Grillz are great in the winter because, like we said, no matter what you wear, you can flash that baller jewelry at everybody who walks by.

gold b pendant on chain

Our Favorite Gold Chains for Winter

A true baller knows how to style any kind of chain with any kind of wardrobe, but we have preferences on the styles we like to rock in the winter, so we thought we’d give you the inside scoop. We’re usually looking for something with thicker links or the type of gold chains that are good for layering—because, as you know, we’re all about the layers this winter.

The Cuban Link Style

The Cuban link style chain will forever be a staple in anyone’s hip hop jewelry collection. It’s a testament to old-school rappers while still being part of modern trends. You can find Cuban link gold chains in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, but we appreciate a chain that has thicker links, especially in the winter. 

The Cuban Link Style

This style is easy to wear over your big winter jacket without it looking weird. Anyone who prefers to wear chains without pendants will gravitate toward the Cuban link look. Of course, you can add pendants to some if you’d like, but typically this style is worn solo.

The Franco Style 

The Franco style is a more subtle type of chain when compared to the Cuban link, but it still can be a great winter look. The links on this type of chain are interwoven more tightly, giving the chain a more seamless look. Although Franco chains are definitely worn solo, we prefer to add a pendant to this look, especially in the winter if you’re trying to add a statement accessory to your outfit. The Franco chain style is also a great option when layering different chains together. 

The Rope Chain

When wearing the rope chain, you can really style it any way that you’d like. This style differs from many of the other common gold chain looks because it is made up of many linked strands that are twisted around each other to create a rope-like appearance. If you’re looking for a subtle accessory, you can wear the rope chain solo and opt for a thinner chain. If you really want to show people who’s boss, purchase a thick rope chain and throw a large pendant onto it. Because the rope chain tends to be thicker than other styles, it can handle a heavy iced-out pendant.

The Iced-Out Look

The Iced-Out Look

Make your accessories as cold as the weather this winter when you invest in some iced-out chains. Iced-out jewelry is made of pieces that have been embedded with many diamonds to make them sparkle and shine even more than before. Sporting an iced-out gold chain, bracelet, or watch is the ultimate baller move because it shows that you’ve got class, style, and money. A white gold iced-out chain over a black winter jacket is a look because the jewelry will really pop against the color of the coat, catching the attention of everyone you see. 

Let Frost NYC Take Your Winter Wardrobe to the Next Level

If you’re looking for some new accessories to spice up your clothing this winter, Frost NYC has got your back. We’ve got all the hottest styles in a variety of colors, sizes, and lengths. Each one of our pieces have been handcrafted with care by our professional jeweler using the best materials and a top-notch finish that keeps your chains looking shiny and beautiful for years. Shop our collection now to find the perfect gold chain for you and add in a matching bracelet to really flex on your homies.

January 31, 2020

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