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Hip hop stars have long found ways to make their gold chains their own, whether that meant getting their name engraved into a pendant, designing a completely original type of pendant, or having a piece made with their nickname.

And, if you’re true baller, you probably want your shorty to be rocking jewelry that’s just as dope as yours, which is why Frost NYC offers the ability to customize your own name plate, so you can surprise your girl with the perfect gold chain to match your own. If you’re thinking about ordering a custom name plate necklace for your gold chain, but you’re not sure where to look, check out our tips on placing your first order.

Consider the Type of Gold

We usually recommend sticking with the same color metal when you’re trying to mix and match your gold chains, but, when it comes to creating your own custom name plate necklace, it can actually look pretty dope to have certain parts of the gold chain made from a different type of gold or silver than the rest. This can help specific elements of the necklace stand out from the rest. Some players decide to have the chain and their name all traditional gold while the first letter of their name is white gold for a bit of contrast.

Some name plates also feature different design elements that you can highlight with a different colored metal. If you are buying your girl a dope name plate necklace, you may want to pick one of our options with a swirled line underlining the name and a heart in the middle. To give this design a unique look, you can opt to have the line and heart design created in one type of metal while the name and the chain made in another. There are so many options when you’re looking at name plate necklaces, you’re sure to create something uniquely your own.

Keep in Mind Name Length

Before ordering a custom name plate for your gold chain, you should carefully consider how big you’re envisioning the name plate to be and how long the name is that you plan to use. For longer names, the font may end up being smaller to ensure that the name plate fits on the chain.

If you want the letters to be on the larger side, you may want to consider using a nickname or shorter word. Although most ballers ordering a name plate want to put their own name or nickname (or their girl’s) on the pendant, some people opt to get a word or a short phrase that they relate to. For example, we’ve made customized plates for people that say “#1 Dad” or used phrases like the wearer’s zodiac sign, “Aquarius.” Get creative with your design, but be sure you’re not requesting a word or phrase that might be a bit too long, making the font smaller than you want.

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Iced-Out or Not?

Like with every dope gold chain, our custom name plate necklaces are available in an iced-out version, covered in small diamonds to create an extreme sparkle effect. You may even have to whip out your stunna shades to look at these flashy iced-out pieces. The iced-out option does make your gold chain a bit pricer, but it also gives your necklace a doper look and elevates your baller status.

Learn more about the diamond carat weighing system, and then go for the chain that has exactly the diamonds you’re looking for. The best part about ordering a custom name plate is that you don’t have to get the entire necklace iced-out. As with the different colored golds, you can get just a section of your custom gold chain iced to emphasize the name, a letter in the name, or another element of the design.

Select the Right Font

When you shop Frost NYC’s collection of custom name plate necklaces, you’ll notice a variety of fonts to match everyone’s style. Consider how long your name or phrase is and be sure to pick a font that will clearly display the word. If you’re using a long name and a thinner, cursive font, you’ll have a more difficult time making out the word. Look for thicker chunkier fonts. You can also choose from some font designs that are displayed vertically or in a different shape than the traditional horizontal design.

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Let Frost NYC Design the Perfect Personalized Name Plate for You

If you’re looking for the dopest gold chains in the game, Frost NYC has got you covered. Our extensive collection includes the most popular styles of chains plus the ability to create your own name plate for you and your shorty. Plus, each of our pieces has been coated with a high-quality finish to ensure that your chains hold their luster for years to come.

February 19, 2020

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