If you’re new to the world of hip hop jewelry, you’re probably just getting accustomed to all the different types of gold chains. Most ballers have an affinity for rockin’ their gold chains everywhere they go—from the streets to the club, which is why it’s important to have a variety of chain styles for every occasion.

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The tennis chain is not quite as popular as some of the more traditional styles like the Cuban link, a more old-school hip-hop-star kind of look, or the Franco chain style, which is often seen around the necks of professional athletes. If you’re looking to expand your hip hop jewelry collection, learn more that the tennis chain style to decide if this is a look that works with your vibe.

What Is a Tennis Chain?

The tennis chain style necklace differs from other styles because the links are not as open and circular as many of the other traditional gold chain styles. Tennis chains tend to be thinner and are connected by a series of diamonds, giving them a seamless blinged-out look. You can easily throw on this swaggy style chain and rock the look completely solo or add the perfect pendant for an extra blinged-out look.

Because the tennis chain is a thinner style, you need to choose a pendant carefully, as you want to make sure the chain can reasonably support its weight. In our Frost NYC jewelry selection, the tennis chain is available in white gold, yellow gold, and white gold with blue diamonds. The diamond carats on this necklace are 5ct, and you can select a variety of different necklace lengths and widths if you’re looking for a larger chain.

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White Gold vs. Traditional Yellow Gold

When you’re trying to decide which color is going to suit you best between yellow and white gold, consider what other types of jewelry you already own. If you have a number of yellow gold pendants that would match well with another iced-out gold chain, you may want to opt for a yellow gold tennis pendant.

However, if you’re looking to switch up your jewelry collection a bit and add something completely new, white gold may be your best bet. Our traditional gold tennis chain with blue diamonds is a very unique choice because the gold and blue contrast stands out especially against a white t-shirt to give the necklace a real pop.

How to Style Your Tennis Chain with Your Wardrobe

  • Pick a Pendant Proportional to the Chain

Once you’ve selected the tennis chain that makes your personality and your urban street style, you might consider adding a dope pendant. However, you have to carefully consider exactly what kind of pendant you’re going to add based on the width and length of your chain. Longer, thicker chains are most suited to larger pendants, while short, thinner chains are best paired with a smaller pendant. We recommend matching the gold color of your chain with the same gold color of your pendant. No matter what kind of player you are, we’ve got exactly the kind of pendant you need, from Jesus pieces to marijuana leaves.

  • Opt for Solid Colors

The best way to help your chains pop out against your outfit is to focus on wearing a solid-colored shirt, preferably white or black for an extra stark contrast. Any dude with such a dope fashion style as you, knows that loud-patterned shirts can easily distract people from noticing the bling around your neck. Keep your outfits simple when you’re rocking these chains, and you’ll have everybody on the block checking out your chains.

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  • Consider Other Jewelry Accessories

Donning the right hip hip jewelry has a lot to do with the accessories that you pair it with. If you’re planning on doing it up big and layering multiple gold chains around your necklace at once, think about the different lengths and designs. Try to vary your gold chain lengths, so people can see each one, and try to only wear one or two chains with pendants. If you want your new tennis chain to be the star of your accessories, then you can spice up the rest of your outfit with a bracelet or ring in the same color gold and a little extra bling to pull the whole outfit together.

Get Your Tennis Chain from Frost NYC

Frost NYC knows exactly what kind of dude you are because we’re the same way. We want some dope hip hop jewelry to express our true baller self while also vibing with our entire wardrobe. Check out our extensive collection of gold chains to find the perfect tennis chain for you. Made from top-notch materials, our jewelry has also been coated with a high-quality finish to ensure that your pieces will remain in the best condition possible for years to come.

    February 24, 2020

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