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Men’s jewelry has become increasingly popular over the last decade, but hip hop stars have long recognized the swag that comes along with rockin’ a dope chain. Maybe you already have a collection of different swaggy chains to sport from the office to the street to the club, but if you don’t have the accessories to go along with it, you’re missing out on looking like a true baller. 

You can easily accessorize your chains with anything from gold bracelets for men to iced-out gold watches. At Frost NYC, we’ve got the biggest collection of everything a player needs to floss on the crowd. Check out some of our favorite men’s gold bracelets and catch some tips on how to properly style these bad boys.

Men’s Tips for Wearing Jewelry

Keep It Basic for a Subtle Look

We know that any dude who has a thing for hip hop style jewelry loves the flashy bling of an iced-out piece, but there’s a time and a place to don these kinds of pieces. There are plenty of other times when you’re looking to pull your outfit together with a dope piece of jewelry in a subtle way—maybe you’re going to work in an office or you have a big work meeting. 

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Not only are some of our bigger, iced out pieces more flashy, but they tend to send signals about your status and level of wealth, which may not always be the impression you’re going for, depending on the location and the person you are meeting. In these scenarios, it’s always best to stay a bit cautious and wear a simple chain necklace or a thing gold bracelet. Watches are a very common accessory for men, so you can definitely get away with wearing this piece of wrist candy if you stray away from a timepiece that’s completely covered in diamonds.

Iced-Out Pieces Add Extra Swag

For those times when you’re looking to go in the complete opposite direction and you’re trying to flaunt that dope urban street style we know you’re capable of, definitely go for an iced-out piece. Whether you’re wearing a necklace, bracelet, or watch, rockin’ a piece of hip hop style jewelry that has been decked out in real diamonds is the best way to get people turning their heads when you walk up.

Each of our iced-out pieces is made with high-quality, genuine diamonds in a variety of different carat options, depending on the size and weight you’re looking for. This additional bling really stands apart from more traditional gold chains because the diamonds catch the light, reflecting back a changing collection of rainbow colors.

Match Your Metals

We’ve said it before: You need to be matching your metals if you’re wearing several accessories; otherwise, you’ll have yourself looking like a straight fool. It’s true that this rule has become a bit more lax in the last few years, but, for the most part, try not to wear a yellow gold chain with a white gold bracelet. 

If you’re layering your gold chain necklaces and you want to strategically add one or two white gold chains to a series of yellow gold ones, this may be okay if it’s done properly. However, any dude who is mixing a white gold necklace with a yellow gold bracelet is trippin’. This does not look good on anyone because it gives an almost tacky look to your outfit. Instead, you should invest in gold bracelets for men that match the type of gold chains you have, to create a more comprehensive appearance.

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Layer Your Gold Chains Properly

Layering is a very popular way to wear your gold chains for men. Since ancient times, jewelry has been a way to display your status and wealth to others within your community, and this has yet to change in modern times. When you layer your chains, you’re usually flossing on everybody else because you’re showing off just how many chains you own, which implies that you must have a lot of money and be an important figure. 

If you’re looking to layer your chains and have people wondering who you are and how you got so fly, be sure to combine a number of chains with varying lengths and girths. This will help set each necklace apart, drawing attention to the individual pieces rather than just making it look like you have a mess of tangled necklaces on. Try to only wear one or two chains with pendants if you’re testing out the layered look.

Wear Clothing to Match Your Jewelry Style

What you choose to wear with your jewelry is nearly as important as the jewelry itself. You want to select outfits that still match your urban streetwear look without distracting from the necklace or bracelet. The best way to do this is by keeping your clothing basic. 

If you have a special event to attend, a solid-color suit with a solid-colored shirt underneath will help any piece pop. The same rule applies to more casual outfits; you want to try to avoid loud-patterned shirts that will distract from your necklace. These types of shirts may also cause your gold chain to blend in with the shirt, reducing its impact on others. Try to keep it basic with black and white shirts or dark-colored jackets. You can experiment with solid bright-colored shirts, but be sure that the gold of your chain doesn’t clash with the color of the tee.

How to Wear Wrist Bling

Complement Your Other Jewelry

Men are starting to really get into rockin’ the wrist bling, but you need to go about it the right way to really pull it off. Your jewelry should always match in some aspect to make sure it doesn’t look like you got ready in the dark. We’ve already discussed the importance of matching your metals, especially between different types of jewelry that you’re wearing at the same time, but you should consider how the shape and style of the jewelry goes together. 

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You don’t necessarily need to purchase gold chains and bracelets for men that are the exact same style links, but they should kind of go together in some respect. Try out a few different combinations of necklaces with bracelets to get a sense of how they will work together.

Pick a Metal or Color That You’ll Wear Often

The color of your bracelet is so important because you may be wearing it for years to come. Yellow gold is always a favorite for hip hop jewelry wearers because gold has long been a symbol of wealth, fame, and even royalty, providing a certain level of clout when you wear something made from real gold. 

But, white gold has become quite popular, too, as it has the appearance of silver but the value of traditional gold. Between white gold and traditional yellow gold, determine which color you prefer (and which you think will match your personality and wardrobe), and then invest in those types of bracelets. If you select a metal that you’re unsure about, you’ll likely end up leaving the bracelet sitting in your jewelry box.

Rotate Your Watches Based on the Occasion

Watches are one of the most popular types of jewelry for men, and many dudes have an extensive watch collection. If you’re this kind of player, you are probably always looking for a dope new timepiece to add to your selection, and you probably realize the importance of sporting the perfect watch for a certain occasion. 

Our collection of Rolex watches for men has a variety of styles that you’ll love to browse through, from diamond-accented faces to solid gold watches. If you’re hitting the club or a fancy event, you can definitely floss on the crowd with a completely iced-out timepiece, but, if you’re just headed to the office for the day, try to go for a more subtle look with a simple gold band and a face with the color of your choosing.

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Wear Multiple Bracelets at Once

Much like the layered gold chain look, wearing multiple chains at the same time can give the same flossy impression. However, you need to be sure to vary the thickness of these bracelets, as well to make sure they don’t clash. When you select a thick bracelet like a Miami Cuban link style with the thinner Franco style, your accessory choice looks purposeful. If you’re sporting multiple Cuban link bracelets from your wrist to your elbow, you’re going to look less like a baller and more like a back alley jewelry dealer.

Mix and Match Your Watch and Bracelet

If you’re not interested in rockin’ the multiple bracelet look, you can try complementing your bracelet with a watch. If you have a thin bracelet of the same kind of metal as your bracelet, you can rock them on the same wrist. But, with a thicker style bracelet, we suggest putting the watch on your usual wrist and the bracelet on the other for a completely accessorized look. Depending on the occasion, the types of bracelet and gold watch that you choose can either dress up the outfit or subtly blend in.

Our Favorite Gold Bracelets for Men

Miami Cuban Link Style

The Miami Cuban link style is a favorite among gold chain lovers for both bracelets and necklaces. Almost every hip hop jewelry collector out there has at least one Cuban link necklace, which is why it’s a great idea to add a matching bracelet to your collection. When you browse our collection at Frost NYC, you’ll find both traditional Cuban link bracelets and the ID Cuban link bracelet for a personalized touch if you’re looking to get a piece engraved with your name.

Figaro Style

Another classic link style, the Figaro bracelet is a subtle choice if you’re looking for a gold bracelet you can sport every day, from the hanging at the homies’ crib to stepping into the office on Monday morning. This style can be identified by the pattern of links—one circular followed by multiple oval links. Typically, you’ll see professional baseball players rockin’ this look, but hip hop jewelry fans of any style can get on board with this.

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Franco Style

The Franco bracelet style is perfect for anyone interested in adding multiple bracelets to their wrist because it is available in thinner sizes, making it easy to pair it with a thicker-link bracelet. You can also add this style of wrist candy to any outfit that needs a little extra sumin’ sumin’ without anything too over the top like an iced-out Cuban link bracelet. 

Solid Rope Chain Style

Although the rope chain style of necklaces tends to be thicker and more flashy, the bracelet version is often thinner and more subtle. You can easily pair a gold rope chain bracelet with nearly any style necklace without it looking mismatched or tacky. Of course, the dopest look is always created when you match your necklace to your other accessories, and the rope chain style necklace is perfect to hold a heavy pendant. This is the look you should rock if you want to give off an old-school hip hop feel (think: Run DMC). 

Other Bracelet Styles

These four link styles are the most common looks rocked by any baller around, but, at Frost NYC, we like to give you the variety you deserve. If you’re looking for a more unusual style, check out our collection with other styles like the bizantine, hollow puff, and gold nuggets styles. If you’re a big fan of the dog tag look, and you’re in the market for a bracelet to make your necklace, we’ve got a variety of dog tag bracelets that will add to your collection.

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Frost NYC Has the Dopest Gold Bracelets for Men

Get yourself some fuego-lookin’ accessories that you’ll actually wear when you shop Frost NYC’s collection of wrist bling, with everything from gold bracelets to Rolexes for men. Whether you tend to have a flashy, blinged-out style or a subtle, basic gold accessory look, we’ve got you covered. Add a new watch to your collection and start experimenting with mixing and matching your gold chains with your bracelets. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. 

February 28, 2020

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