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The holiday season is here, and that means it’s time to start looking for the perfect gifts for all of your closest friends and family members. But, buying presents can be difficult. You want to find something special and meaningful without being cliché. If you’re buying someone who is a lover of all things hip hop, then a dope new chain is a great idea. You can even create a custom piece to make the gift truly one-of-a-kind. Frost NYC has the hook-up with the highest quality gold chains for men, each created with its own unique design and topped off with a beautiful finish to keep it looking shiny and new for years to come. Check out these gift ideas for the urban streetwear lover in your life.

How to Choose the Right Gift

When it comes to hip hop jewelry, there are dozens of options for what to buy—gold chains, gold bracelets, iced-out pendants, rings, and more. How do you know which will best suit your man or your homie? Consider his personal style. If he tends to have a flashy sense of style, then an iced-out piece may be the way to go. For ballers with more subtle taste, you can purchase a simple gold chain in a style that can be worn solo or with a pendant like the Franco chain.

You should also consider which type of gold this person prefers. Try to notice the kind of jewelry he already wears. Does he tend to gravitate toward traditional gold or white gold? You can even try dropping some hints by asking questions about his gold preference. Maybe he wears a lot of yellow gold but would love to mix it up with a white gold piece. Although it’s always great to add a fun new piece to a collection, you may want to purchase two matching items like a bracelet and a chain.

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Men’s Gold Chains

Hip hop jewelry lovers know that you can never have too many gold chains. With so many different styles, lengths, and pendant options, you can rock a different look every single day. Most urban-street-style ballers like to wear multiple chains at the same time for an extra flossy look. Keep this in mind if you’re buying for someone who already owns a few gold chains and buy him a new style or different length to complement the rest of his collection. Also consider which gold karat is right for him—most of our jewelry is available in either 10K and 14K. Men’s gold chains are a staple accessory, so they always make for a great gift.

Men’s Gold Bracelets

If you’re looking to give someone a gift who already has every chain style you can imagine, buy something to match their existing pieceslike a men’s gold bracelet. Gold chains may be a flashy way to show everybody on the block what a boss you are, but adding pieces like bracelets and rings elevates your style even further. Let your man know just how dope his style is when you give him a gold bracelet in the same style as his favorite chain.

Iced-Out Pieces

Few accessories are as flossy as iced-out pieces—from iced-out chains to iced-out bracelets. Available in white and yellow gold, all of our iced-out jewelry is encrusted with real diamonds to give your jewels that extra bling that is sure to capture the eye of everybody on the block. Iced-out pieces are the perfect gift for that dude with a flashy sense of style who wants to turn heads everywhere, from the office to the street to the club.

Flossy Pendants for Men

While many of our dopest gold chains can be worn solo, a lot of wearers prefer to add a pendant to their favorite chain. Purchase a chain and pendant as a gift or order a new, unique pendant that he can add to the chains he already owns. When selecting a pendant, think about the person’s interests. You can opt for a religious piece like a Jesus piece or an iced-out cross. If you think he would prefer something more fun and laid-back, buy a weed leaf pendant or an iced-out money roll.

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Find the Best Gifts at Frost NYC

Whether you’re a dope friend looking for a gift for your homie or a boss shorty searching for the perfect present for your man, Frost NYC has everything you need. We have men’s gold chains and bracelets in every style imaginable, from the classic Cuban Link to the unusual Herringbone chain. If the person you’re shopping for has an extensive collection of chains, shop our selection of gold bracelets, rings, and iced-out pieces to give him some bling to switch up his wardrobe.

    December 02, 2019

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