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If you’re a real baller, you know that a collection of gold chains is necessary if you want everybody to know just how dope your sense of style is. And, you can never have enough gold chains. Every style, size, and length can add something different to your appearance.

But, when it comes to switching out your seasonal wardrobe, you may also have to switch up how you wear your chains. In the summer and spring, it’s easy to match your jewelry with your outfit because you don’t have to throw on those extra layers. However, when the season starts to shift and the temperature drops, you need to plan your accessories more carefully to make sure you can still floss on everybody that you meet. Here are some of our top tips on how to style your gold chains with your winter wardrobe this year.

Wear a Chain Outside Your Jacket

One of the trickiest parts of flaunting your most baller pieces in the winter is figuring out how to make your jewelry visible even with your bulky winter coat. The best way to overcome this is by picking one of your larger and longer gold chains that you can wear on the outside of your jacket. If you have a long chain with a large pendant, this is another great accessory to wear over your outerwear. When flossing a chain outside your coat, thicker links tend to look better, so try wearing something like the Miami Cuban Link style or the Rope Chain.

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Sport Some Dope Rings

In the winter, we usually wear more layers and heavier clothing to keep us warm, which can get in the way of showing off our flashiest pieces of bling. During the winter, try switching up the type of accessories that you wear to make them more visible even with your bulkiest winter outfit. Flashy rings with large gems are a great way to grab attention, as your hands are typically exposed even in the winter—unless, of course, you’re wearing gloves, in which case you should get a pair that has some extra room for your baller rings.

Invest in a Flashy Watch

A dope watch is another great accessory to sport in the winter because even if you’re wearing a sweater or a long-sleeved shirt, you can roll the sleeves up slightly to floss on everybody with your iced-out Rolex or even an iced-out gold bracelet. You can still throw on your favorite gold chain with your winter apparel, but be sure to match it with a baller bracelet or watch. That way, when you take off your bulky winter coat, your neck and your wrist will be flossing.

Use Fashion Tape

You’ve probably seen your girl using something similar to this. Fashion tape is double-sided tape specially designed to stick to your skin, clothing, or jewelry to help keep parts of your outfit in place. Ladies tend to use it when wearing a fancy dress with an open back or low neckline, but it’s also often used to keep jewelry in place. If you live in a place where snowstorms and lots of wind are common, you might want to try using some fashion tape to keep your gold chain in place when stepping out in inclement weather. Just because the weather looks bad doesn’t mean you should, too.

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Choose a Long Chain and Large Pendant

Our winter wardrobe usually consists of bigger, heavier clothing and additional layers. To keep your jewelry looking fresh to death with your cold weather attire, try to go bigger and heavier with your chains too.

If you’re wearing a white tee, a button-up shirt, and a jacket, your smaller chains probably aren’t going to pop as well. Instead, opt for those thicker chains or gold chains with big, flashy pendants to get the same type of attention you’re used to. As we mentioned, always try to don a longer chain in the winter if you’re planning to wear it outside your jacket. This will make it more noticeable and give the chain plenty of room to fit over a bulky jacket.

Get Yourself Winter-Ready with a Chain from Frost NYC

Frost NYC has the dopest selection of men’s gold chains to keep you looking fresh every season. Shop our collection to find the perfect rope chain for your favorite Jesus piece that you can wear all winter long. Just keep our tips in mind for styling your jewels, and your threads and you’ll be flossing on everyone this winter.

December 13, 2019

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