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Any kind of accessory that you rock on a daily basis is going to suffer from some degree of wear and tear, but, if you are diligent about caring for your hip hop jewelry, it will look as fresh as the day you purchased it. We always find a reason to buy another dope gold chain with a different style, but it’s definitely important to have a couple of staple chains that are super durable, so you can wear them every day and they can support the weight of heavy pendants. Here’s our guide on selecting the most reliable gold chain you can rock from the homies’ cribs to the club.

How Durable Is Gold?

Pure gold itself is not very durable at all. In fact, it’s so malleable that gold jewelry has to be mixed with metal alloys to give it more structure and prevent it from becoming scratched and deformed. Gold in its purest form is referred to as 24 karats because it is 24 parts gold. Jewelry with a lower karat is actually much sturdier.

Pieces that are 14K or 18K gold are 14 parts or 18 parts gold, respectively, and the rest is made from a combination of stronger metals including silver, copper, platinum, or zinc. These added elements are necessary to keep your necklaces looking dope as ever.

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Selecting the Right Karat

Most gold chains are available in 14K or 18K, which is great because it means that you’re getting real gold in your jewelry, but it’s protected by that additional durability from the metal alloy. Karat is a measure that is used to determine the percentage of actual gold in your jewelry.

The term “carat” is pronounced the same, but this measurement refers to the weight of a gemstone, typically a diamond. Selecting between 14K and 18K really just comes down to preference and budget as they both look baller and maintain a nice luster. The main difference between the two is simply that 18K jewelry has a higher gold content and few alloys mixed in.

The Most Durable Gold Chains

  • Miami Cuban Link

Every true baller should add a Miami Cuban link chain in their collection because it can be worn solo anytime, and it’s strong enough to be able to support a variety of heavy pendants. This style is known for its durability because the links are usually thicker and close together, which makes the piece more sturdy overall. The thicker the chain, the harder it is to break or become damaged.

The Miami Cuban link is available in different lengths and thicknesses as well as a variety of chain patterns—some links are very close together while others have slightly more space between each piece.

  • Solid Rope Chain

This style of gold chain doesn’t have “solid” in the name for no reason. These pieces are solid af, because they’re made from several different strands of gold links that have been intertwined to create a rope-like appearance. A lot of people like to rock the rope look solo but tend to prefer a real thick chain. These kinds of pieces have the same kind of capability as the thicker Miami Cuban links: They can carry the weight of heavy, iced-out pendants. Thinner solid rope chains are still very durable, but, of course, a thicker chain will always be a bit stronger.

  • Franco Chain

Although the Franco chain is usually on the thinner side when compared to the solid rope chain and the Miami Cuban link, the very tightly interlocked links keep this piece strong. The Franco chain is one of our favorite styles to wear with another chain, either with a thicker style or with an added pendant.

The Franco chain always looks dope when worn solo, but this design can definitely hold up a pendant that is on the larger side. The solid Franco style has a bit more durability because it has double the amount of links of the traditional style, so this option is a bit more reliable when adding a heavy pendant.

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Pick a Chain That’s Built to Last

When shopping for your next addition to your already dope hip hop jewelry collection, make sure you have a sturdy chain that you can rely on for everyday wear. Adding pendants to your gold chain means you need a durable piece that can handle the weight. At Frost NYC, we have a large collection of different chain styles for every kind of baller. When you shop with us, you can be sure that our pieces have been crafted to perfection and topped with a high-quality finish to give that jewelry the attention-grabbing shine that you’re looking for.

May 02, 2020

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