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Gifts can be a great way to show somebody how much they mean to you. Cultures around the world engage in gift giving as a traditional custom for many different reasons. Holidays and birthdays are two of the most important times for exchanging gifts in American culture, but we also tend to think of presents as a physical way to express our feelings and show our level of affection or care for someone else. 

Although it may sound materialistic, it’s really not. Giving your girl a present isn’t just about the gift itself; it hints at the fact that you had to plan this purchase, put a lot of thought into what she would like, and then have the desire to spend your own hard-earned money on making someone else happy. 

Everything from a heartfelt handwritten note to a handmade present can be very meaningful. But, if you’re looking to drop some moolah on a really nice gift, why not consider buying her a Rolex for women or a well-made gold chain? Here are some tips on gift giving to get your ideas flowing. 

Tips for Buying Your Girl Jewelry

Consider Her Style

You gotta know your girl to get her the kind of bling that she’s going to love putting on every day. To help you narrow down your options, think about her sense of fashion. Is she a laid-back type of girl who’s always rocking leggings or sweatpants and a crop top? If so, she may want something a little more subtle, like a gold bracelet or a unique ring, or practical like the Rolex Datejust. 

For anybody who’s dating a girl that likes to wear a lot of flashy clothing—think cheetah print, bright colors, big earrings—you might want to go big with a super showy piece like an iced-out gold chain or a chain and pendant combo. If you haven’t decided what piece you’re going to get her, start paying attention to her outfits and see what would go with the vibe she’s got going on. 

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Decide Which Colors and Metals She Likes

This is an extremely important part of buying a gift for the lady. Some people have strong preferences of what types of metal they like to wear—yellow or white gold, silver, platinum, etc. If she hasn't expressed a liking for any particular metal, you can figure out her preference on your own by simply noticing what jewelry she already owns and wears often. If she’s always rocking the gold look, stick with gold. If you notice she has a combination of metals, try surprising her with a piece of jewelry in a metal that she doesn’t have a lot of. 

For the times when you’re feeling really lost, you can always just ask her. Or, better yet, ask her friends. That way, you won’t tip her off that something big is coming, but you’ll still have insight into what she would like. 

The same goes for colors and gemstones. Does she tend to gravitate toward the same kind of colors or styles? Maybe she’s the kind of girl who goes rose gold all day, every day. Buy her a Rolex for women in rose gold with a matching color watch face. She’ll be forever grateful for your attention to detail and the dope present. 

Look for Something She Doesn’t Have

Don’t make the classic boyfriend mistake of buying her a necklace that she already has. This happens to dudes a lot. And we get it. You probably saw that necklace in her room or around her neck and, when you saw it in the store, you thought, “Damn, that’s exactly what my girl would like.”

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That’s your subconscious talking. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you knew she had that piece and that she likes it enough to wear it or hold on it, and you thought it would be perfect for her. But, when you present your girl with a gift she already has, it can sometimes seem ... well, indifferent. Like you didn’t even know she already had that necklace, and she even wore it to your grandma’s birthday party last year. 

We can help you avoid accidentally turning that sweet gift-giving gesture into a potential mishap. Try sneakily browsing through her jewelry collection when she’s not looking, to make a mental note of the type of jewelry she has, so you can find something completely unique. 

Listen to Her Hints

Girls are really good at dropping hints about all kinds of things. Any time something jewelry-related comes up, maybe a commercial on TV or when she compliments a friend on her new wrist candy, pay close attention to what she says. She may drop a helpful hint about her own jewelry preference. Or she might just straight up say that she wants a specific kind of accessory like a dope Rolex watch for women. She’ll be pleasantly surprised when you show up at her door with that necklace, bracelet, or watch that she’s been talking about for weeks.

thinner long chain

Necklaces Should Be the Right Length

Not only is the design of the necklace important, but so is the length. People have specific preferences about the type of jewelry they wear, much like the way we have our own individual taste in clothing. If she loves long necklaces, opt for a thinner, long chain, maybe with a smaller pendant. For the girl who loves chunky bracelets and jewelry, we suggest getting a matching gold chain and bracelet that she can rock with her sweatpants or her professional attire. 

Size Matters

When it comes to jewelry, size always matters. If you’re getting her a ring, a bracelet, or a watch, you need to know her ring size or the general circumference of her wrist. Nothing sucks more than giving someone a beautiful, expensive gift, only to realize that it doesn’t fit and needs to be altered or returned before she can even show off her new gift. 

The best way to figure out her ring size is by checking one of her other rings. When it comes to her knowing her wrist size, you may have to take a guess and pick a bracelet or watch that is close enough, and then try removing watch links before giving the gift to make sure it’s tailored perfectly for her. 

Plan How You Will Give It To Her

When, where and how you give your girlfriend her gift is almost as important as the gift itself. If you’re buying something really special like a Rolex watch for women, you want the presentation to be dope. Wrap the present in special paper or a beautiful bag, and then start planning where you’ll give it to her. 

You can offer up the present during a birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant or at a specific location that is special to you both—maybe the place you first met or where you had your first kiss. Taking this extra step makes the gift even more meaningful and shows the amount of thought and effort you put into making her happy. 

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When to Give Your Lady a Gift


Her birthday is the one of the best times to surprise her with a big gift like a genuine gold chain with a matching bracelet. If you want the gift to be somewhat of a surprise, you’re going to have to get creative because she’s probably expecting at least some kind of gift on her special day. You can disguise the box to make it look like something boring, shocking her when she finds a beautiful Rolex box or a gorgeous new ring inside. 

If you really want to spoil your girl, you can make your gift even more special by pairing it with a homemade birthday present that she’ll cherish for the rest of her life. 


This may be the best opportunity for a big gift because your anniversary is a time to reflect on your relationship and acknowledge all of the support and sacrifices you both have made to create a strong relationship. Spring for that expensive gift and present her with something special to show her how much you care. Give a handwritten note with the gift itself to add an endearing element to a very sweet gesture.

Graduation or Special Accomplishment

Show your shorty how proud you are by granting her a super dope gift like expensive jewelry. Graduations, career advancements, and other big life accomplishments are usually acknowledged with a party or a special gift, making it the perfect time to give her something special. A graduation or accomplishment gift not only shows your appreciation of her, but it can also be a kind of way to see that her hard work paid off. She achieved her goals and got a beautiful, thoughtful present at the same time. 


Nothing is as special as receiving a gift unexpectedly. Although showing your love doesn’t have to be about material things, sometimes the act of picking out a special gift that you saved up for has a lot of symbolic meaning. It shows her that you’ve been thinking about her, you planned for a big purchase, and you think she’s so important, she deserves a present just for being who she is. 

Our Favorite Gifts to Give That Special Someone

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Rolex Watches for Women 

Rolexes are like the Maserati of watches—super fancy, expensive, and well-made. For more than one hundred years, people have worked hard to purchase these timeless timepieces that look sleek and classy and which are some of the best-made models in the entire world. Nothing will make your girl feel quite as special as receiving her very own Rolex that matches her style. 

Gold Chains

Gold chains are always in style, and 2020 is already showing us that big, chunky chains are really trendy right now. Help your girl to be one of the first to hop on the chunky chain train and invest in one of our many gold chains for women styles, from the classic Miami Cuban link to a diamond-cut name-plate necklace. If you want to really step up your jewelry flexing game as a couple, you can buy her a chain that matches yours, so you’ll both be turning heads everywhere you go. 

Matching Bracelet 

If your girl already has a gold chain that she wears on the reg, surprise her with a matching bracelet to help step up her accessory game. If you’re really looking to drop some money on a great present, you can buy her the chain and the bracelet to have her looking like one of the fliest chicks on the block. 

Unique Gemstone Rings

Rings are always a special gift because they can feature gemstones that have some special importance to people, and they can even represent a lifetime commitment. Find the perfect gold ring with her favorite stone or browse our engagement ring selections if you think it’s time to wife her up and let everybody know there’s only one woman for you. We have the most desirable diamond cuts, including oval, square, princess cut, and the ever-popular round cut. 

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Let Your Lady Know She Deserves It All

Everybody loves receiving gifts especially when it's a surprise. Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend can demonstrate your love and devotion—and make her feel special. Do your research first and figure out what kind of jewelry she likes and her preferences on features like types of metal, colors, and lengths. Then, ball out and get her that nice present she’s been hoping for—like a Rolex watch for women or a new iced-out chain. 

Our Frost NYC selection of women’s hip hop jewelry has been handcrafted and coated with a high-quality finish to protect the piece and keep it looking fresh. Browse our collection of women’s accessories and get your girl something she can rock everywhere she goes.

April 29, 2020

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