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Let your girl know how special she is with the perfect gift for her birthday, graduation, or just as a little surprise ‘cause that’s the kind of baller you are. When you’re searching for the right gift, you’re probably trying to find something that fits her style, makes her feel special, and shows that you care.

Material possessions are not the only way to express your love, but it’s definitely a nice gesture to spend the money on an extravagant gift like a Rolex watch. Maybe your girl has been dropping hints that she wants a Rolex to match yours, or she’s got super fly style and a Rolex would take her accessory game to the next level. Here are some of our dopest styles to grab for your girl.

Why We Love Rolex Watches

Since 1905, Rolex has been creating handcrafted watches that push the limits of what timepieces are capable of doing and changing the way that men and women wear their watches. In fact, just five years after creating the company, Rolex was the first watch to be granted the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, which basically means that these timepieces are extremely precision and unique in their design, guaranteeing a high level of quality.

Over the years, Rolex has become probably the most popular and recognizable luxury brand for watches. These gorgeous, well-made timepieces are the ultimate status symbol. These watches tell everybody that you’re successful, you’re important, and you have a next-level sense of class and style.

Top Rolex Watches for Women

womens rolex datejust watch

Women’s Rolex Datejust Watch

  • Rolex Datejust

The Datejust style is one of the most popular and widely purchased types of Rolex. Since 1945, the Rolex Datejust has been a favorite timepiece because of its sleek appearance and desirable capabilities. This style was released as a tribute to the 40-year anniversary of Rolex, and it was revolutionary at the time because it was the first watch to have a self-winding chronometer that also displayed the date on the dial itself. Basically, this meant that for the first time, people no longer had to regularly wind their watch to keep time, making the Datejust incredibly precise.

For a classic look your girl will love, shop for one of the many Rolex Datejust with faces like pink or light blue or opt for an elegant mother of pearl face.

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust

This version of the Rolex has many of the same features as the original Rolex Datejust—self-winding capabilities, visual daily calendar, waterproof, and the ability to withstand a great deal of pressure. The name “Oyster” came from the watch’s flawless sealed case that protected the mechanical parts from water and pressure.

Although the watch was always waterproof in theory, this was proven in 1927 when a swimmer crossed the English Channel wearing a Rolex in the Oyster collection, and it survived the 10-hour venture with no damage. Made entirely out of stainless steel, this style is very sleek and luxurious—perfect for everyday wear. The bezel on the Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch has a glossy finish, especially when paired with the unique watch faces in white and rose gold.

  • Rolex Pearlmaster

Available in 18K yellow, white, and rose gold, the Rolex Pearlmaster is a truly beautiful work of craftsmanship. This style is renowned for its extravagant elegance and over-the-top attention to detail. Each of the three styles has diamonds encrusted on the bezel and stunning watch faces. The traditional yellow gold features either a solid mother of pearl face or a golddust mother of pearl. If your girl loves rose gold, she’ll appreciate the matching rose gold face. For a unique look, you can buy the white gold Pearlmaster with a iridescent mother of pearl face.

  • Iced-Out Rolex Styles

Many of the Rolex styles available through Frost NYC have the ability to be iced out. It all depends on how much bling your girl likes to rock. For just a touch of diamonds, opt for one of the Rolex watches with an iced-out bezel. If she’s a girl with expensive taste and a flashy sense of style, you may want to spend the extra cash and get the completely iced-out version with diamonds on everything from the band to the watch face.

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Get Your Girl What She Really Wants

Everybody wants to own a Rolex because they’re classy and very well-made. If you’re still searching for the perfect gift to give your lil mama, we got you covered with our selection of Rolex watches for women. You can choose from dozens of different watch faces in a variety of colors and styles. Make your girl feel extra special when you spring for the iced-out Rolexes featuring diamonds on the bezel, the watch face, and/or the entire band. Rock your own Rolex watch at the same time to be looking like the fliest couple on the block.

    April 10, 2020

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