The Rules of a Rolex How to Extend the Life of Your Rolex Watch

Owning a Rolex watch is the epitome of class and high fashion. This brand of watches has been around since the Swiss-made device hit the market in 1920, bringing a new wave of suave accessories for men and women. 

Whether you’re an avid Rolex collector or you’re looking to invest in your first piece, Frost NYC has a huge selection of authentic Rolex watches in a variety of the most popular styles. You can rock these looks from the streets to the club, no matter which version suits your style best. Find out everything you need to know about caring for your watch and selecting the best fit for you.

Caring for Your Rolex Watch

Weekly Cleaning

The best way to keep your Rolex in pristine condition is by caring for it regularly. You don’t want to wait until your watch is very dirty or has a broken part to start tending to it. Preventive care is the number one way to keep your Rolex looking as dope as the day you bought it. 

That being said, a weekly cleaning is highly recommended. All types of jewelry start to attract a build up of sweat and dirt after being worn on your body and exposed to the elements, but a watch feels these effects even more so. Watches are typically an accessory that men like to wear every day, which means it’s exposed to dirt and grease even more so. Your hands are one part of your body that touches objects and surfaces all day long, so, naturally, your wrists will also accumulate some of this as well. 

For your weekly cleaning, you should simply use warm water and a mild soap to lather and rinse your timepiece. Wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and allow it to air dry before wearing.

woman hand cleaning modern watch with microfiber cloth

Monthly Cleaning

Each month, you should also schedule time to conduct a more in-depth cleaning of your Rolex watches. This monthly cleaning will be similar to your weekly cleaning, except you can wash the watch for a slightly longer time and use a soft brush to scrub small in-between places that may be harboring dirt and grease. 

If you have a leather strap on your watch, the cleaning process should be a bit more delicate so as not to damage the material. To clean a leather strap, you should have some leather conditioner on hand. First, remove the band, then use a damp microfiber cloth with soap to gently scrub the leather. Rinse the cloth of all soap, then re-wet it and rinse the leather. Once all of the soap has been removed, you should let the band air dry and add some leather conditioning to take care of the material.

Proper Storage

When you’re not wearing your Rolex, you definitely need to find a safe place to keep it. A jewelry box will work just fine, as it can protect the watch from accumulating dust. Make sure that your jewelry is properly organized within the box so that other pieces are not scratching up against the watch, creating dents and unwanted marks. You can also use a dry microfiber cloth to regularly wipe down pieces that you do not wear on a regular basis. 

For watches that you wear daily, you will not need to wind them, as most Rolex models can hold their charge for at least two days, but, if you remove your watch for more than two days, you will need to manually wind it.

Take It to Be Serviced

Take It to Be Serviced Regularly

You don’t need to service your watch as often as you might think, but the company recommends taking it to a certified service location at least once every seven to 10 years. This procedure will ensure that there isn’t any gunk stuck in unreachable places, lubricate the moving parts, and make any fixes or adjustments that may be necessary. Rolex watches are the type of watch you keep for a lifetime, so try to make note when you take it for servicing, so you can stay on top of it for the future.

Fix Parts as Needed

For some avid Rolex collectors, it’s imperative to have all the original parts, but since certain models are now vintage and the company does not produce the same time-period parts, these collectors may shy away from getting their timepiece fixed. However, it will be difficult to care for and wear your watch if it’s not in proper working condition, so if you have a vintage watch, you have to weigh the pros and cons of getting parts replaced. 

For new Rolex watches, it’s easy to get them fixed as quickly as possible, but it’s beneficial to take your watch to the jeweler as soon as the damage happens, to avoid further complications both cosmetic and mechanical.

Consider Getting Additional Insurance

Because Rolex watches are such an expensive investment that you probably want to keep for life or even pass down to others in your family, you may consider taking out insurance on your purchase. 

In order to do this, you must first get your watch appraised by a certified professional to validate its actual worth. Then, you can submit your appraisal and a few other documents, sometimes including a certificate of authenticity, to your insurance company. Depending on the company and the policies that you’re looking at, some insurers will protect your watch against not only damage but also theft and loss.

Consider Getting Additional Insurance

How to Select the Right Rolex Watch for You

Consider Your Sense of Style

Choosing the perfect everyday Rolex watch will depend largely on the type of fashion sense that you exude. If you’re the kind of dude who likes a more subtle clean-cut look, then you’ll probably want a simple Rolex like the classic Datejust with a steel band. The metal band is great for everyday use because it matches all colors. 

A leather band is another classy look, but if you often switch between brown and black shoes, you may have to swap out your band to match the rest of your outfit. If you are the flashy kind of baller who loves to show off your favorite jewels, you may prefer an iced-out Rolex. 

Luckily, there are several different iced-out styles to choose from. You can ball out with a Rolex entirely covered in diamonds from the face watch to the bezel and the strap, or opt for a slightly more subtle iced-out look with diamonds only on the face or the bezel. This adds a nice amount of bling to floss on all your homies wherever you go.

man wearing rolex

How Often Will You Be Wearing Your Watch?

An important factor when choosing your Rolex, frequency of wear is something you should consider. If you’re shopping for a watch you can wear everywhere, even the office, you’ll probably want a more subtle look or a watch with an iced-out bezel. If you’re looking for a statement to wear on a special occasion, you can ball out with the most blinged-out, dope piece you can find. However, if you’re not planning to wear the watch often, be sure to keep up with your regular cleaning and winding regimen. 

What Other Watches Do You Have?

Many dudes that are interested in Rolexes have an entire collection of watches, so they can sport a new look with every outfit they wear. If this sounds like you, then you want to look for a watch that stands out from your others. Find a style with a uniquely colored face or a different band style. For those of you who are ready to purchase your first Rolex, you may want to consider a style that can easily be worn often, so you get the most use out of your new watch as possible. 

Our Favorite Rolex Watches

Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust

A classic Rolex style, the Datejust features a little window right on the dial face to display the date. These watches are all waterproof and self-winding. Originally, this model was released in 1945 as a way to celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary, and it was widely received as a classy new addition to the Rolex line. 

This is a great model to invest in for anyone looking to purchase their first Rolex or as an everyday watch that can be worn in nearly any scenario. If you want a flashier piece, many of our Rolex Datejust models feature a variety of different blinged-out styles. You can also choose from a number of different types with traditional, Roman, or Arabic numerals.

Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona models tend to be a bit pricier than some of the other models in the collection primarily because of the reputation surrounding this style. The Rolex Daytona works as a chronograph watch, which means that it has the capability to work as a stopwatch. The design of this watch is sleek and sophisticated, available with bands in steel, yellow gold, and a mixture of both, as well as in black and brown leather. The Daytona is a classy look that also works well for the more subtle baller.

Rolex Day Date

Rolex Presidential

The Rolex Presidential is rightly named because it will definitely have you feeling like a boss. This beautifully crafted watch comes in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even platinum. Each piece has been made with 18K gold and features a unique set of face options in colors like red, navy blue, gold, rose gold, and more. This model also has a day-date aspect, which clearly displays the day at the top of the face and the date in the place of the numeral three. Browse our selection of Rolex Presidential watches to view the different face designs and options. 

Rolex Submariner

When it comes to purchasing a new watch, the Rolex Submariner is a top-quality choice. It features many different customizable options, including a two-tone steel and yellow gold band option as well as a solid steel or yellow gold. This model is unique in that you can opt to order the bezel and the watch face in different colors, such as a black face and green bezel or gold face and blue bezel. You can also add a little bling to your look with the iced-out bezel option. The watch itself has a chronograph and a displayed date on the face. 

Rolex Yachtmaster

Rolex Yachtmaster

For a baller like you, nothing is too good or too expensive, which is why you should look into one of the dopest Rolex models of all—the Yachtmaster. Yeah, it looks just as fancy as it sounds, but this model is designed with the more athletic wearer in mind. It still maintains all the well-loved features of other models like being waterproof and self-winding, but with a sporty look and design. 

The Rolex Yachtmaster watch was designed with sailing in mind, making it the perfect watch to wear for basically any occasion or activity. If you’re looking for a Rolex with more variety, this is the timepiece for you. You can select from either a solid or two-tone metal band or a rubber band for anyone planning to wear this piece on the go. 

The Yachtmaster II is advertised as the only chronograph watch in existence with a mechanical memory, which was designed to help track the timing of a yacht race, but it also makes for a pretty dope-looking watch face. Shop a selection of different iced-out and regular styles—even one with custom sapphires and diamonds encrusted on the bezel.

Rolex Skydweller

The complexity of the  Rolex Sykdweller watch matches its level of extravagance with a completely unique caliber. You have the option to keep time in two different time zones, for the world travelers out there. At Frost NYC, we offer this model in a variety of styles, including an all-yellow or white gold band, as well as a black leather strap. You can choose to invest in a completely iced-out watch, the gold option with an iced-out bezel, or a standard diamond-less everyday look.

Rock the Right Rolex on Your Wrist

You’ve saved up your money. You’ve browsed all the styles. And, now, you’re ready to make your purchase of a brand new Rolex watch. What a baller move. Frost NYC understands what it means to find the perfect accessory for your wardrobe, which is why we have an extensive collection of dope Rolexes for every kind of dude. 

Browse our selection to find exactly what you’re looking for, and rest assured because all Rolexes include a five-year guarantee. You know you’ll be looking fire when you step out flexing with one of the most reputable watch brands on your wrist. 

March 31, 2020

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