Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date watch

Nothing completes a dope outfit like an expensive men’s watch, and we all know that the crème de la crème of timepieces is the Rolex watch. While sometimes there is a time and a place for that big, blinged-out necklace, watches can be worn anywhere, anytime.

For a lot of people, purchasing a Rolex is the ultimate sign of success and wealth because the brand name is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and is often associated with legendary personalities from the James Bond character to Elvis Presley. Get yourself a timepiece as flashy and fine as your personality when you shop our selection of men’s Rolex watches.

What Kind of Watch Are You Looking For?

Before you can determine exactly which Rolex is the one for you, it’s important to think about exactly what kind of watch you’re looking for. The Datejust model is a classic watch style everyone should recognize. If you’re in the market for a subtle look that you can rock every day, you’ll probably want to skip the fully blinged-out styles, or opt for a watch with a simple diamond bezel. This look adds a little flair to your timepiece without taking the iced-out look too far.

If you already have a large collection of watches, and you’re wanting to invest in an unusual Rolex watch to save for special occasions, then you might want to seek out pieces with full bling or a unique face color. Some of our favorite Rolex watches are made with a mother of pearl dial. Once you have a solid idea of the look that you’re going for, you’ll have a better sense of which Rolex is the one for you.

What Is Your Price Range?

Rolex is known for being an expensive brand, which is part of the reason they are so desirable. The higher the price tag, the bigger the baller. But, if this is your first experience buying a Rolex, you may want to start with a more affordable option.

Maybe you’ve been saving up for a really dope watch. If your attitude is to go big or go home, then do it up, dude. Find the most blinged-out, killer timepiece to show off from the moment you step out your door in the morning. Price is an important factor because you don’t want to spend too much money on something you can’t afford, but if you want to pay off your new piece in payments, Frost NYC does offer the option to finance your purchase.

Our Favorite Selection of Rolex Watches

  • Rolex Datejust with Jubilee Band

The Rolex Datejust model is one of the most common types of watch from this brand. It has all of the features that you love like the self-winding chronometer, waterproof capabilities, and the date display on the face of the watch itself. A timeless-looking timepiece, the Rolex Datejust on the Jubilee band is a nice subtle look for daytime. The Jubilee band is a classic Rolex look, as this type of bracelet was introduced for the brand’s 40th anniversary. It’s available in steel, gold, and a mix of both tones.

  • Rolex Watches with Different Numerals

If you want a traditional looking watch with a variation on the numbers, you can opt for one of the Rolex styles that feature Roman numerals or Arabic numerals instead. This gives your watch some extra flair while still allowing you to rock the style you know and love.

Rolex oyster perpetual Date just with diamond watch

  • Iced-Out Bezel or Watch Face or Fully Iced Out

For anyone looking to seriously floss on their homies, the iced-out Rolex is always an option. But, with Rolexes, you have many different ways you can add diamonds. If you want to add some bling to your timepiece without making it overwhelming to look at, you can have just the bezel covered in diamonds. Take it a little bit further by icing out the face of the watch, or really do it up big when you select a totally iced-out Rolex watch from the watch face to the bezel to the band.

Man with Rolex Datejust with blue dial and brown raincoat

Find the Rolex Watch for a Baller Like You

A Rolex watch gives off an air of sophistication, success, and good style. Whether you’ve long been a Rolex collector or you’re looking to add your first one to your timepiece collection, Frost NYC has a style to fit your vibe. From totally blinged-out looks to subtle, everyday options, our selection of Rolex watches is sure to get any timepiece enthusiast excited. Check out our collection and invest in your next favorite hip hop accessory.

    March 24, 2020

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