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Hip hop jewelry collectors know exactly how fun it is to mix up their accessories and break out their favorite chain or Rolex with a new piece of jewelry. If you’re trying to step up your accessorizing game, you should be thinking of new ways to take that dope Rolex watch out of its box and help it really shine by matching it with the right gold chains, bracelets, rings, and other accessories. Don’t worry! We gotcha covered. These are some of our favorite Rolex and chain combo looks.

Mixed Metal Rolex Watches with Mix Metal Chains

If you’re a fan of Frost NYC, you know that we spend a lot of time talking about mixing different metal colors in one outfit. Usually, this is a no-go when it comes to fashion, but we like to be open-minded. There are plenty of good ways to mix your metals without looking like you just threw on every piece of jewelry you had. This can look tacky rather than baller. And we always wanna look baller. If you’re going to experiment with mixing metals, you need to do it purposefully.

Wearing a Rolex watch with two different metal tones on it is a good way to pull together your other mixed metals. Our favorite mixed Rolexes usually use white gold or silver as the base, and then add a yellow gold accent in sections on the band. If this is the kind of style you’re going to rock, you’ll want the rest of your jewelry to be mostly white gold with a splash of yellow gold. This sticks with the theme of the watch being mostly silver-colored while adding that pop of yellow gold.

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All Gold Everythang

Gold is the color (and metal) of the rich. Anything gold is meant to bring up thoughts of luxury, riches, and ultimate success, which is why we love breaking out our best gold pieces to floss on our homies.

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at some of your favorite hip hop artists’s Rolex styles. With this combo, you should keep your metals consistent to demonstrate your absolute baller status—gold Rolex, gold bracelet, gold chain, and maybe even a gold ring for good measure. This is a flashy look if you’re going to go all-out with your gold accessories, so we save this kind of combo for a big night out. But, you do you. This is a look that never fails.

Blinged-Out Is Better

Some of you dudes are all about the bling. And, we can’t blame you. Nothing says flashy like a totally iced-out Rolex. Class, class, class, baby. But when you pair an iced-out Rolex with an iced-out chain (especially one with an iced-out pendant), you’ll be looking like a straight up disco ball when you step into the club. In a good way. The disco ball is the life of the party, after all. Keeping your blinged-out accessories together is the best way to flaunt your style and let everybody know what a boss you truly are.

Rolex Watches and Bracelets

While we love to match our Rolex watches with our favorite gold chains, a great bracelet can be the perfect accessory too. Skipping the necklace and adding the bracelet can be a more subtle, everyday look—not as much bling on your neck to focus on. We recommend wearing your bracelet on the opposite wrist to avoid your two pieces clanking together and potentially getting scratched or damaged. Unless you have a bracelet that fits tightly, it’s best to put it on the other arm.

If you’re going to go for the Rolex watch and bracelet combo, definitely make sure the metals match. If you’re rocking a mixed metal Rolex, congrats—you can go either way on the metal color for your matching bracelet.

Start Rockin’ A Rolex

The Message Behind the Rolex

Rolexes have long represented a level of luxury and style that not just anybody can have. As the very first watch to be classified as a “Class A” chronometer and the first brand to invent a self-winding device, Rolex has been viewed as the superior watchmaking brand pretty much since its inception.

The chronometer means that it is extremely precise and accurate—something that not all watches can claim. Aside from its quality functions and beautifully crafted appearance, the Rolex also connotes something more. It gives people a sense of power and a feeling of success. Even people who know nothing about the watches themselves are impressed when they see a Rolex simply because of its reputation as an expensive, quality product.

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Rolexes and Chains: What It Do, Boo?

Let the world know how baller you really are when you pair your dopest Rolex watch with your favorite matching chain or bracelet. Creating the ultimate urban street style look, this combo shows off your style and your success. Browse our Frost NYC collection of watches and gold chains to find the perfect accessory to add to your collection.

    May 14, 2020

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