5 Spring & Summer Gold Chain Looks All the Celebs Will Be Wearing

Posted on May 17 2020

stylish man wearing gold necklaces

Spring is already upon us, with summer right around the corner, which means it’s time to get your warm-weather looks in order. Although many gold chains possess a timeless style, or even an old-school throwback look like the Cuban link chain, there are some new trends and styles that you should be aware of before stepping out in your fresh new spring and summer wardrobe. Here are some of our own personal tips about rocking your gold chains this season.

Pair with Light- and Solid-Color Shirts

We’ve long recommended wearing solid-color shirts with your best gold chains because patterns and bright-colored shirts can diminish the effect of your baller-ass accessories. We love a good black tee as much as the next dude but, when summer rolls around, we tend to vibe more with a classic white tee or light but solid-colored shirts. You want to pick a shirt color that will really help your chain to pop, so avoid yellow if you’re wearing traditional gold jewelry.

If you’re dead set on wearing a yellow shirt, pair it with a white gold chain to help it stand out. It’s all about contrast here. Check your outfit before you walk out the door and make sure the chain is the focal point of your outfit.

Gold Chains and the Beach

Okay, this is something every fly dude who loves his jewelry needs to know. Some people have an everyday gold chain that they wear everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you need to bring it to the beach. In recent years, beach jewelry has become a thing (usually more for women with body chains and other designs specifically intended to be worn at the beach), but a lot of homies like wearing their bling to the beach or the pool, too.

Unfortunately, the combination of wind, sand, and saltwater can do a lot of damage to your piece. If you’re rocking plated gold jewelry, definitely—100 percent—leave it at home. The elements are much harsher at the beach on the streets, so your gold-plated jewelry can become damaged.

Solid gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum will be able to withstand the environment, but wear these pieces with caution as the potential to lose them can be higher. If you really want to wear your jewelry at the beach, be aware of the potential impact it could have, and also try to stick with something small to avoid weird, awkward tan lines.

portrait of man with gold chains

Layer It Up

We love a well-executed layered gold chain look. It takes a bit more effort (and a few good chains) to perfect, but this style isn’t going anywhere this season. Pick a few of your favorite chains in different thicknesses and lengths. Add a statement piece as a focal point for your accessories, which means choose a larger, more flashy necklace that will catch people’s eye. The rest of your chains should be more subtle to avoid looking tacky or unfashionable.

Chunky Chains

High fashion runways have set the bar from the rest of the world on what we can expect to be popular this spring and summer. And, a lot of looks have incorporated big chunky chains. Hip hop jewelry fans have long appreciated a dope, chunky chain like a thick Cuban Miami link look, but this year, especially, you can expect this style to become even more popular. Keep your look consistent by matching your favorite chunky chain necklace with a similar style bracelet. Or, double up on your chunky necklaces and rock two of them with slightly different thicknesses.

Real Men Wear Rose Gold

Rose gold has become a popular type of metal for women’s jewelry in the last few years, but men are seeing the appeal too. Rose gold is created by adding a few metal alloys into the gold, particularly a small dose of copper and silver to create a light pink look. Spring and summer are all about light colors and pastels, so rose gold is a perfect choice. Don’t be afraid to rock a little pink—that’s what sets the trendsetters apart from the trend followers.

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Nail Down Your Spring and Summer Look

Now that it’s time to break out those warm-weather clothes, it’s also time to switch up our accessory game, and we took some tips from celebs and fashion gurus to see what’s good. Be wary of rocking your chains to the beach, but definitely keep up that layered look and maybe even add some rose gold to your collection. Whatever style you choose to go with this season, Frost NYC has got you covered with a huge selection of gold-plated and solid gold chains to keep you looking like a baller all year long.


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