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When it comes to wearing jewelry, mixing metals has long been considered a serious faux pas—as in, don’t do it ever. But real ballers know that sometimes you just gotta switch up your look and add a little bit of everything to your bling. That doesn’t mean you should be just blindly throwing your pieces together to make a complete outfit. There’s still etiquette you should follow if you want to look like the dopest dude on the block. Check out our tips on mixing your men’s gold chain necklace with some other metals.

Types of Jewelry Metals

Before we dive into how you should be wearing your different metals, let’s spend a little time talking about the options. Traditional yellow gold is always a go-to for hip hop jewelry lovers because it looks good and has a reputation of being high class or expensive. Donning a big yellow gold chain shows off your style and your success. But, some people prefer to go for white gold over traditional yellow. It’s just as classy and valuable but gives off a different vibe and may match better with your other pieces.

Rose gold is another popular coloring option for men’s gold chains. This type of gold has become popular in the last few years because it gives up a unique pinkish color that can really make your piece stand out from the rest.

Mix Metal Jewelry Like a Boss

Have a Statement Piece

If you’re going to start mixing up your different types of gold chains and bracelets, it’s best to work around a statement piece, which is one large, flashy piece of jewelry that is the focus of your accessories. Everything else that you add to your outfit should work on this anchor piece, which could be a thick iced-out chain worn solo or your favorite chain with a dope pendant.

From here, you can mix and match, but don’t add too many different metals. Stick to two if possible. Match your statement piece with your gold bracelet, and then layer a few other chains around your neck and add in a few white gold, silver, or platinum.

Keep a Consistent Color Scheme

The biggest thing you need to keep in mind when mixing different-colored metals is how to pull them all together. There needs to be some kind of color, pattern, or style that is consistent with all of your jewelry to make it work with one, single outfit.

If you’re the kind of dude who likes to wear chains with different gemstones, keep your gems consistent and add a few pieces with the same stone. Now, your mismatched metals look purposeful and help highlight the stone itself. You can also combine necklaces of the same style like the Franco chain in a variety of different thicknesses and metal colors.

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Wear at Least One Mixed Piece

One of the best ways to pull together your different metals is by incorporating at least one piece that is already mixed. Many of our favorite Rolex watches use both yellow and white gold to make a unique pattern. Invest in a piece like this to make it easier to rock two different metals tones on your other pieces like necklaces and bracelets. Plus, every true baller needs a real Rolex to floss on his homies.

Mix Metals with Multi-Layered Chains

Every hip hop star or professional athlete with a dope style knows how to show off the multi-layered chain look. Men’s gold chain necklaces are about status and style. The more chains you have on, the more successful you are. But, if you don’t know how to style it right, your clout goes right out the window. When layering chains, you need that statement piece once again. Your flashiest, biggest chain is the centerpiece, and then add an equal combination of yellow and white gold chains in varying lengths and thicknesses to complete your look.

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Wedding Bands Don’t Count

Most people in the fashion world agree on one thing when it comes to mixing metals—wedding bands don’t count. Don’t worry about having to constantly match your band with the rest of your hip hop accessories. Wedding bands tend to be more subtle than our urban street style jewelry, so it’s easy for this kind of ring to blend in and not look strange alongside other metals.

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Get Ya Mix On

We’re always looking for new ways to switch up our look and keep our style fresh af. So, go for it—try mixing up the kind of jewelry you wear with your next outfit. Just keep these types in mind to have every dude on the block wondering where you got your dope style and your even doper men’s gold chain necklaces.

May 20, 2020

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