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If you’re as into hip hop jewelry as we are, here at Frost NYC, we know you’re always looking for the next dope chain to purchase and expand your gold chain collection. The dog tag necklace is not as flashy as some of our favorite pieces, but it’s the perfect option for a more subtle, everyday kind of look. If you’re searching for your next perfect look, learn more about why we love the dog tag chain.

What Is a Dog Tag Chain?

Even if you’re never owned one, you know what a dog chain looks like. It’s a classic military identification necklace that features a thin chain of small, metal balls with a flat, rounded oval-shaped pendant. The pendant is usually sold blank because people like to add their own custom message, name, or nickname to it to make it entirely their own. This is the perfect style for the dude who likes to fly under the radar while still looking fly as hell.

The dog tag chain is also great for anyone who likes to wear multiple layered chains because the chain is thin and the pendant is on the smaller side, so you could easier pair it with a few bigger, flashier styles.

The History of Dog Tag Chains

Dog tags have been used since the early 1900s as an attempt by the government to keep better records of military members. After the Civil War, it was very difficult to determine how many soldier casualties took place because records on personnel were not well-documented. The entire purpose behind creating the dog tag chain was to have an easier time tracking military members and being able to account for them if anything happened during battle.

Over time, many people began wearing these chains as a piece of jewelry either to honor their time in the military or to honor a family member who had passed away. Now, the dog tag chain is a popular style of jewelry for everyone because it gives off a tough, rugged vibe. Many people still wear the original dog tags from their relatives that have passed while others choose to get a new one engraved to commemorate a family member but feel free to make this style your own and keep the pendant plain or design your own engraved message.

How to Customize Your Pendant

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Create Your Own Message

The blank pendant that matches the dog tag necklace is one of the most appealing things about this style because there’s so much potential to make it completely customized for you. As we said, many people use this style to honor someone in their life that has been in the military, but others like to add their own name and information in the same style as a traditional dog tag (minus the social security number—you can keep that info to yourself).

You can really get creative with yours. Instead of the usual name, birth date, and other information, customize the pendant with your nickname (or someone else’s name if you’re giving it as a gift). You could also engrave a saying or phrase that is particularly meaningful to you. Although the dog tag chain can be worn without the pendant, it usually isn’t because the chain itself is so thin and not as noticeable without the matching pendant.

Add Some Bling

Maybe you’re the kind of dude who likes to go all-out with every outfit you put on. You find yourself gravitating toward louder styles like thick Cuban link chains or completely blinged-out gold chains with pendants, so you think the dog tag chain doesn’t really fit your style. But, you can make this look entirely your own when you opt for an iced-out pendant.

Frost NYC offers styles that feature diamonds around the edge of the pendant and even unique designs engraved with an image. Even if the style of the chain itself isn’t quite what you’re into, you can order a dog tag pendant that you love and swap it out onto a different chain that fits better with your style.

Shop All Of Our Dog Tags

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Get You a Chain That Can Do Both

Looking manly but stylish is the main draw of the dog tag chain, along with its associations with the military, which a lot of dudes vibe with whether they know people in the military or have served in it themselves. This style of chain is pretty unique among other gold chains and offers the perfect opportunity for customization.

At Frost NYC, we’ve got a dope collection of dog tag chains for you to shop. Each piece has been handcrafted and topped with a high-quality finish to make sure that your chains will look fresh to death for years to come.

    May 23, 2020

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