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Celebrating your anniversary with your sweetheart is a great time to reflect on your relationship and all the great memories you’ve shared together. Usually, couples like to give each other something extra meaningful on their anniversary as a way to commemorate their love, show their affection, and deepen their commitment to each other.

Giving jewelry is particularly special because jewelry tends to be a more expensive gift and, while money doesn’t equate to love, a unique gift with a big price tag can say something about how much you value your relationship and what you’re willing to sacrifice. Of course, your gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but a dope gold chain for men or a rose gold Rolex for ladies has probably never been ill-received.

The Art of Gift Giving

Gift giving is a unique tradition that has been a part of human culture for centuries. The act of presenting someone with an item that you have picked specifically with that person in mind is a sign of respect, admiration, and friendship or love. Scientists have observed our primate ancestors like chimpanzees and apes giving each other gifts just like humans. This has led many to believe that humans have probably been performing the ritual of gift giving since the inception of our species.

And, that makes sense. Gift giving is a way of forming a stronger bond with those around you and creating a sense of community. Even as different cultures have evolved around the world, every country has some form of a gift-giving ritual, making you wonder if the desire to give is an inherent part of being human.

So, while you may be thinking of that a Rolex watch for men as the perfect, pricey present for your man, you're actually giving so much more than just a really dope gift.

Anniversary Gifts for Him

  • Rolex Watch

Nothing is as flossy as a Rolex watch. Everyone wants one. And, everyone recognizes that undeniably sleek crown that is visible on every timepiece. If your dude is the kind of guy who has a different watch for every outfit he wears (or he wants to be that dude), then browse our selection of Rolex watches for men. You’ll find some of the freshest styles with different colored metals—white, yellow, and rose gold—as well as boss watch face designs and iced-out options.

man with expensive necklace

  • Gold Chain for Men

For the player who has everything, a new gold chain is the perfect anniversary gift. Hip hop jewelry collectors know that you can never have too many chains. With so many different chain link styles, lengths, and metal options, you can always find a dope new piece that your man will love.

If he’s been talking about one style in particular that he wants, then you already know what to do. But, if you’re not sure exactly the kind of gold chain he would want, take a look through his collection and figure out which styles he has a lot of, then go for something a little different. Maybe purchase a chain made from a different metal than he usually wears, or go all-out and opt for a completely iced-out piece.

  • New Interchangeable Pendants

Buying a piece of jewelry for an avid jewelry collector can be hard because he probably already has every style and color on the market. For this dude, pendants are the way to go because you can find them in so many unique designs. It’s basically guaranteed that he’s not going to own the same pendant you pick out for him. Select a classic style like the Jesus piece or go for something totally out of the ordinary like Frost NYC’s iced-out emoji pendants.

Anniversary Gifts for Her

  • Customized Necklace

Nothing says, “I love you” like a piece of jewelry made specifically for your girl. Customized jewelry comes in all varieties, from personalized pendants with her name or a special nickname to unique chain links. Think of what your sweetheart would find romantic and look for something she’ll wear on the daily before investing in a one-of-a-kind anniversary gift. 

  • Rolex for Women

Ladies is pimps too—and they also appreciate a gorgeous Rolex watch. Frost NYC offers women’s Rolexes in traditional metals like white gold, yellow gold, a mix of both, and rose gold. If your shorty likes to dress on the feminine side, pick a pastel-colored or mother of pearl watch face. You can also choose from bright and neutral watch faces, as well, to find the perfect gift for this anniversary. Don’t forget to check out the iced-out options if you want to shower your girl in diamonds—a gift we promise she’ll never forget.

gold necklaces on necklace display stand

Check Frost NYC for All Your Gift-Giving Needs

Our collection of jewelry is the perfect selection for any looking to buy an anniversary gift. From gold bracelets for men to Rolexes for the ladies, all of our pieces had been crafted with the highest quality of materials and topped with a finish to help them stay looking flawless for years to come.

September 07, 2020

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