How Sneakerheads & Gold Chain Collectors Find the Hottest Products on the Market

Having a dope sense of style doesn’t just come naturally—it takes a lot of time, dedication, and—okay, yeah, maybe a little bit of a—natural fashion sense. But the people with the coolest, most unusual style also tend to push the boundaries of fashion. They’re not just wearing what everyone else is wearing: They’re telling everyone else what’s hot. 

Sneakerheads and gold chain collectors fall under the category of trendsetters most of the time because they have a serious dedication to finding the best of the best styles—not just rocking whatever Drake was photographed in this week. If you’re looking to elevate your style with some unique gold chains and collectible sneakers, we’ve got the down-low on everything you need to know. 

Sneakerheads and Gold Chains

What’s the connection here? A lot, actually. Although sneaker collectors and gold chain fanatics have a passion for different accessories, they share the same mindset—find something original. And valuable. It takes a calculated collector with experience to identify the real value of these accessories and know whether or not these items will retain that worth. 

find something original

When it comes to gold chains, it’s much easier to estimate because jewelry and precious gemstones hold their value over time much better than almost any other item out there, as long as you’ve purchased a legit piece. 

Sneakers, on the other hand, are more tricky. A hot new style might drop and seem like it’s going to be all the rage, but a few months laters the hype dies down and the price drops drastically. For most sneakerheads, looking for rare old-school styles is the way to go not only because they have a more unique appearance but also because their value is more established. 

How to Find the Hottest Products

  • Do Your Research
  • Research, research, research. This should always be your first step if you’re looking to invest in any item of significant value. The scope of your research should vary widely, too. You need to be able to identify small markers on sneakers or jewelry that will speak to their authenticity and value. For example, knowing exactly what the stitching looks like on a pair of sneakers or the standard font that appears on the box of fresh kicks can tip you off as to whether or not you’re buying the real deal or a cheap look-alike.

    The same goes for purchasing gold chains. You want to know how to identify legit products and the standard price for each. When it comes to jewelry, there are many different ways to incorporate metals and gemstones that can impact the price. You need to be aware of the karat and the carat system—karats measure the purity of gold while carats measure the weight of diamonds. 

    Gold jewelry can also be gold plated, gold filled, or solid gold. This merely refers to how much of the piece is actually gold, so if you buy a gold plated necklace, that means that a thin layer of gold has been wrapped around a metal alloy. A solid gold piece will be more expensive because the entire necklace is made from that grade of gold. Knowing this terminology will help you make smart purchases. 

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  • Stake Out a Sneaker Drop
  • Though sneaker drops are becoming few and far between lately, there are still some opportunities to grab the hottest new pair of kicks the good old fashioned way—camping out in front of a shoe store. If you want to find the newest, most unique sneaks, you’re gonna have work for it—unless you’re some Instagram sneaker influencer who’s just going to snag a pair for free. 

    you’re gonna have to work for it

    There’s nothing like getting the homies together to camp out for a sneaker release. We’ll say it again: Do your research before you go anywhere. Identify the stores that might be selling the shoe you’re looking for, then call and ask if they’ll have it on the release day and how you can get your hands on a pair. 

    Get there early or they may run out of your size before you reach the front of the line. Remember that episode of Entourage when Turtle camps out for hours to get those dope Nike Air Force 1’s only to have the last pair in his size sold right in front of him? Yeah, well if you’re not a fictional character on a TV show who happens to have a famous best friend to get you a custom one-of-one pair instead, you’ll need to make the sacrifice and stand in line. 

  • Follow the Right Accounts on Instagram
  • Instagram can provide a world of great information on, honestly, almost everything. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed sneakerhead or a serious collector of all things gold, there are dozens of legit Instagram accounts that will keep you up-to-date on the latest releases and give you tips on how to identify reals from the fakes. 

    man on instagram

    For instance, @sneakernews is a major account with more than 9.5 million followers that regularly posts dope collectible kicks and valuable details on the next big drop. Although shopping for gold chains is a bit different from collectible sneakers, there are still big-name jewelers out there that you can follow for inspiration on your next gold pendant.

  • Ask for Word-of-Mouth Recommendations
  • The best way to find hot styles before anyone else can grab them is by shopping with legit brands. If you don’t know the jeweler you’re buying from, there’s a good chance it may not be real. Even if you’re shopping online and you find a pair of sneakers or a gold chain like you’ve never seen before, be wary. 

    It’s always best to talk to your friends or other people involved in the sneaker or chain community to get tips on the best places to buy, especially if you’re buying online. It’s much easier to tell whether something is fake or poor quality in person. Online, it’s easy for companies to make things appear legit, only to send you a completely different product with no way of returning the item. 

  • Don’t Buy In to the Hype
  • When it comes to shopping for sneaks, the hype is overrated. These days, everything is about hype. Just because Kanye drops a new pair of Yeezys doesn’t mean they’re going to be cool. Every new pair of Yeezys that drops sounds like it’s going to be the hottest shoe ever—until a couple months go by and everyone cares about a new Nike release. 

    vintage sneakers

    Today, a lot of brands rely on that hype to sell products, but for collectors it’s frustrating. You might rush out to buy those new Yeezys as soon as they’re released, but when demand drops in two months, the price also drops, greatly reducing their value. Most sneakerheads will tell you that vintage sneakers are the most collectible because no new version will be made and demand usually only continues to rise.

  • Buy from a Credible Source
  • With so many online stores nowadays, it’s very easy to accidentally buy from a shady brand. We love shopping online as much as the next person (who doesn’t wanna buy gold chains from the comfort of your own couch?), but you need to be wary and know how to identify the reals from the fakes. Ask your friends for suggestions on where to buy gold chains for men or legit collectible sneakers, and do your research online. Find third-party review sites to get the real dirt. Websites can throw any BS reviews up on their site and pretend that they’re real. 

    Other ways to identify whether or not an online store is legit is by looking for contact information and return policies. If a website does not have an exchange/return policy listed anywhere on their site, don’t buy from them. This is a sneaky way of selling low-quality products without having to return customers’ money when they realize the product they actually received. 

  • Don’t Buy Off of eBay
  • Although you may be tempted to buy some collectible sneakers or iced-out chains from eBay, we highly recommend steering clear. Some people do find success with buying from eBay, but it’s very easy for people to scam on this site. Many users have been caught uploading photos of legit sneakers only to send a crappy, knock-off version to the buyer. 

    If you are going to take the risk and buy from eBay, you need to be very diligent about reading the seller’s reviews and checking their rating. If they have a high volume of positive reviews, then it may be safe to move forward with your purchase. 

    man selling jewelry inside of a jacket

    How to Tell if Products Are Legit

  • Identifying the Real Deal: Sneakers
  • There are a lot of small details that can tip you off to a pair of fake kicks, but sometimes it takes a practiced eye to notice all of them. You should make it a point to study the stitching and other small details on sneakers that you know are legit, so you can easily identify when something is off. The stitching is one of the biggest things to look for—cheap knock-offs will have messed up stitching. 

    But, sticker tags and even the font on the box are also clues. Know what the real product should look like, and you’ll have an easier time telling the reals from the fakes. Follow the Instagram account @fake_edu101 for a crash course in identifying bogus sneakers.

  • Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia?
  • Buying jewelry means also having an eye for what’s real and what’s not. Gold is pretty easy to identify—you can try everything from the magnet test (gold is not magnetic) to the scratch test. But, when it comes to diamonds, it’s a bit trickier. Some shady businesses will try to pass cubic zirconia off as diamonds while keeping the diamond-like sticker price. 

    To tell the difference, put the gemstone under a bright light. If you see a rainbow, it’s cubic zirconia. Diamonds always give off a shining, white light because of the way the fracture light compared to the cubic zirconia.

    Caring for Your Dopest Accessories

    • Store Properly: Both gold chains and sneakers need to be taken care of if you want them to look fresh. When it comes to sneakers, keep them out of the light, as this can cause the shoe to yellow, reducing its value over time. Some people keep their most expensive kicks in a Mylar bag to prevent damage. Jewelry should also be stored away in a jewelry box to prevent dust, dirt, and grime from building up and impacting the quality.

    Protect jewelry and shoes

    • Clean regularly: Both sneakers and gold chains need to be cleaned to keep them in the best shape possible. Many people don’t even think to wash the insoles of their shoes, but this is what retains a lot of nasty smells. Remove the insoles and throw them in the wash with a bit of bleach for a refresher. Jewelry should be cleaned on a weekly and/or monthly basis with warm water and dish soap to prevent build-up.
    • Newspaper in your sneakers: If you haven’t heard this tip before, it’s pretty life-changing for sneakerheads. Stuffing newspaper into your shoes can soak up moisture from getting caught in the rain (or if you just have sweaty feet) and remove some of the smell. Newspapers will also help to prevent toe creases in your shoes.
    • Consider jewelry insurance: If you’re dishing out a lot of dough for a collection of men’s gold chain styles, you’ll want to make sure that your investment is protected. Take your pieces to an appraiser to get an accurate estimate of their value, and then check out some insurance companies about coverage and prices. Many will offer coverage on theft, damage, and even lost items.

    Take Some Tips from the Best

    If you’re looking to switch up your style and add some collectible pieces to your already dope wardrobe, you have to learn from the pros. Know how to identify fake sneakers and jewelry before you dump loads of cash into a counterfeit product. Shop from brands that you know and trust—like Frost NYC. 

    We have one of the best collections of gold chains that have been crafted from high-quality materials by talented jewelers. You can rest assured when you shop with us that you’re shopping with the best. And, we’ve got all the styles to go perfectly with the new pair of rare Nikes you’ve had your eye on for a while.

    August 28, 2020

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