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Gold chains are the perfect accessory to wear year-round, but, as the weather changes and you break out the Timberlands and jeans, you’ll want to make sure your gold chains match your fall wardrobe. From the classic, old-school Cuban link chain to the flashier, thick rope chain styles, our selection at Frost NYC will provide you with everything you need to floss on everyone on the block. To help you perfect your urban street look, we’ve pulled together some tips on matching your favorite gold chains with your fall attire.

Yellow Gold vs. White Gold

One of the most important choices you have to make when selecting your gold chains is deciding between yellow and white gold. Most people have a combination of both to match any occasion but others have a preference for one or the other. Yellow gold is a bit more of a traditional look, but the white gold can add an extra bling to your look, especially if you go for iced out necklaces.

In the fall, the yellow gold may give your an urban street style a more cohesive look. White gold can be a good option when getting suited up for a classy event or night out. Whichever type of gold you choose, consider how it complements your outfit.

Wearing Gold Chains with a White Tee

The white tee is a staple look for any urban street style fan. And, when fall rolls around, this is a look you can still rock paired with jeans and hot kicks or your fall boots. Yellow gold chains tend to work better with a white tee, as the two colors make a stark contrast, allowing you to flex on everyone you meet.

In the fall, adding a pendant to your gold chain and white tee combo is the perfect way to help your jewelry stand out. You can elevate your swag, even more, when you pair your gold chain necklace with the same style brace or toss on a dope gold ring to match.

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Matching with Your Jacket

Fall is all about jackets. As the temps start to drop, you’re probably going to need to throw something on over your tee in the afternoons and evenings. While we love a loud patterned jacket as much as the next dude, if you want your jewelry to shine, you should try to focus on wearing neutral colors. A brown-, black-, jean-, or gray-colored jacket is the perfect contrast to a gold chain. If you’re pairing a black tee with your jacket, choose one of your favorite white gold chains to help your bling shine.

Jeans and Chains

No urban street style fall wardrobe is complete with several pairs of jeans. Ditch the summer shorts for this more laidback cool-weather look. You can never go wrong with the classic jeans and tee combo, but you can also switch up your everyday look by pairing your jeans with a hoodie. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, hoodies are a versatile addition to your fall closet.

You can wear one under a bomber jacket or solo—but carefully consider how you’re going to pair your gold chains with the hoodie for a hot street apparel look. Choose a chain with a simple design if you’re wearing a loud hoodie like a Cuban link chain or dog tag necklace. If you’re tossing on a plain hoodie, you can amp up your look with an iced out pendant.

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Getting Suited Up

Whether you’ve got a big event to attend or you just want to hit the club looking fresh to death, you’re probably going to suit up this fall. When it comes to rocking gold chains with a suit, there’s a certain style etiquette that should be followed for maximum swag.

The classic Italian-inspired style Franco chain is a good choice to pair within a suit in either yellow or white gold. Depending on how swagged out you want to look, you can keep this chain simple by rocking it solo or add on your favorite pendant. Other great options include the figaro or mariner chain, as both of these feature thinner links for a more understated look, complementing the outfit and allowing your suit to be the attention grabber.

Frost NYC Has All Your Hip Hop Jewelry Needs

This fall, stock up on some bomb gold chains to go with everything in your cool weather wardrobe. Here at Frost NYC, our jewelers handcraft every piece with precision and care to ensure that your chains will last. The high-quality finish on every chain ensures that they’ll stay glossy and retain their shine for years. Treat yourself to some of the highest quality hip hop pieces on the market.

    September 19, 2019

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