True hip hop jewelry fans know that you can’t own just one chain. Different styles of gold chain necklaces and pendants can reflect your personality and overall vibe, which means you’re going to want to switch out your style based on the situation. If you’re usually flossing your gold chains with a casual outfit like a white tee and jeans, you might prefer a more subtle-looking chain. When it’s time to get suited up, iced chains and pendants may be the attention-grabbing accessory you need. Whatever your style and personality is, Frost NYC has one of the largest collections of men’s chains on the web. Learn more about some of our favorite classic designs to rock like a boss.

Cuban Link Chain

Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban Link chain is a staple of hip hop jewelry. This style has existed since the hip hop genre itself came to fruition. The thicker, interlocked loops featured on the Miami Cuban Link chain will add an old-school vibe to any ensemble.

Though you could sport this look at the club or a big event, we recommend making the Cuban Link chain your go-to daytime piece. This type of gold chain necklace is typically worn without a pendant, as the thickness of the links is intended to be the attention-grabbing part of the piece. Our selection of Cuban Link chains include traditional yellow gold, white gold, and iced out options.

Franco Chain

The Franco Chain is another popular choice in men’s chains. It resembles the Cuban Link slightly, in that it’s also made up of multiple interlocking links. However, this style features many more links intertwining very close together to create almost a seamless appearance. The Franco Chain can be worn solo or with a pendant, and it also makes for a perfect casual gold chain necklace. However, you could easily rock this look for a big night out, too. Depending on the kind of jewelry you’re shopping for, you can buy our Franco Chains in yellow or white gold and select solid or hollow.

Rope Chain

While every style of men’s chains have been influenced by the hip hop industry in one way or another, the rope chain has really gained a lot of attention from these artists. You should rock this style when you’re really trying to floss on everybody else in the room. Typically worn with or without a pendant, the rope chain is made up of many long links that are wrapped around each other to create a rope-like appearance.

If you’re really looking to steal the attention of every chick you see, opt for an iced out rope chain and pair it with a gold cross necklace pendant. Don your rope chain solo during the day and toss a dope pendant on at night to have everybody turning their heads when you walk into the club.

Dog Tag Chain

Dog Tag Chain

A simple style, the Dog Tag chain is intended to be worn with a dog tag pendant, but some people decide to sport this look solo. Because the gold chain itself is so understated, we recommend added an iced out pendant or dog tag to give the chain a focal point. When adding your pendant to the Dog Tag chain, consider the size. A pendant that is too large or heavy may not be supported by the thin chain, causing it to break. It may also just look funny to have a huge pendant on small chain. Save your big Jesus piece for a thicker gold chain like the rope chain.

Selecting a Pendant

Once you’ve invested in a few good gold chains to add to your collection, it’s time to think about your pendants. Many of our men’s chains work perfectly on their own—but when it’s time to show everybody who’s boss, you want to break out your best iced-out pendants.

A gold cross necklace is always a popular choice in hip hop jewelry, but the Jesus piece, originally popularized by Biggie Smalls, is another hot look. Whatever style pendant you choose, be sure that the color and size are compatible with your chain so you can show everyone just how dope your street style is.

Soulja Boy

Frost NYC Is the Place to Go for Men’s Chains

Any dude looking for the dopest chains on the web should know about Frost NYC. Our extensive collection of gold chains is made from the highest quality materials and topped off with a top-notch finish to ensure that your chains will last for years to come. Our iced-out line features genuine diamonds, and our jewelers have thoughtfully designed each piece to give every hip hop jewelry fan something they’ll love to floss, from the street to the club.

    September 23, 2019

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