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Hip hop and jewelry have almost always gone hand-in-hand since the day of hip hop’s inception at a party in the Bronx. Over the decades, we’ve seen our favorite artists challenge the world of fashion and redefine what it means to be a man or woman in this genre’s sphere. For aspiring young artists, there are dozens of great role models that you can look to for style inspiration and work ethic motivation, as so many of these stars had to bust their ass to get to where they are today.

Maybe you’ve got the bars and the beats, but you need to finesse your style so you look and sound the part of the next big hip hop star. No worries, we’ve gotchu. Follow these tips on how to style your jewelry, pick the best chain for pendants, and mix and match your accessories.

1. Rock a Gold Chain Solo

When it comes to gold chains, there are so many different ways to style your accessory, which is great because you can show off the same chain without anyone noticing that it’s no different than the one you wore a few days before.

Solo gold chains are a real attention grabber if you’re going for the thicker styles or iced-out chains. Since the 1970s when hip hop was born, gold jewelry and the genre have had a special relationship. As time passed, hip hop artists fully embraced the trend and tried to outdo each other with the biggest, baddest chain (until they made it big time, at least). You don’t have to turn your accessories into a competition, but you can switch up your style by rockin’ your favorite gold chain without a pendant, and then adding pendants or other styles in layers to keep your look fresh.

2. Adding Pendants

You don’t need a huge collection of different gold chains to switch up your look. If you invest in a few dope pieces and add a variety of pendants to your chains, you’ll be looking like you have a different chain for every day of the week. You can rock your chains solo or class them up with a Jesus piece pendant or another design like iced-out emojis and unique Eygptian symbols. The best chain for pendants has a thicker style with plenty of support for a heavy pendant like the rope chain, Cuban link, or Franco.

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3. Stack Your Gold Bracelets

Gold bracelets can be a great way to amp up your jewelry game or the perfect accessories for a more subtle look. Match your bracelet with your chain necklace to floss on all your homies, or try something different with the stacked bracelet look. This can incorporate several different styles of gold bracelets, but you can also get creative and add bracelets made from other materials like leather or beads.

If you’re looking for a way to really show that you’re fresh to death, style your Rolex watch for men with one of your best gold bracelets. Wearing a bracelet and watch together can really add some personality and flair to your everyday outfit.

4. Layer Your Gold Necklaces

When trying to find jewelry inspiration, think of your favorite hip hop artists. He or she probably at some point has rocked this layered look because it’s the perfect way to show off your style and success. Pick out a few chains of varying lengths and thicknesses to mix and match. We usually try to wear the same metal colors, but you can try mixing yellow and white gold chains if it’s done purposefully. You want to have one statement piece that is the focus of your accessories. This chain should be a bit bigger and thicker than the rest, and it’s the perfect chain to add a pendant to.

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5. Blinged-Out Baller

Okay, if you really want to look like your favorite artist, iced-out pieces are an absolute necessity. No hip hop artist’s wardrobe is complete without this accessory because it’s flashy, it’s stylish, and it’s expensive. The more expensive your chains look, the more successful you must. Jewelry has long represented people’s status and place in society, and hip hop jewelry is no different. Any dude with flashy style should invest in an iced-out chain necklace or bracelet.

6. Build Up Your Bling Collection

Frost NYC has everything you need to capture the look and feel of your favorite hip hop stars’ fashion sense. Every baller needs a dope gold chain and some matching bracelets to really turn up their look. We have an extensive collection of jewelry and Rolex watches to keep you looking fly as you work on your music and your career.

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June 22, 2020

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