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Fly dudes know that the right accessories can bring your outfit to the next level, and while we love a dope gold chain as much as the next guy, big, flashy pieces aren’t always right for every occasion.

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to wear your dopest hip hop jewelry, try adding a simple gold bracelet to your outfit. Maybe you work in an office with a relatively strict dress code. Well, by building up a collection of cool but understated bracelets, you’ll be able to still show off some of your personal style without drawing too much attention to your accessories. These are some of our favorite styles for gold bracelets for men that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Our Favorite Types of Gold Bracelets for Men

  • Cuban Link

The Cuban link style chain is always a classic for bracelets and chains. If you already own a Cuban link chain necklace, investing in a matching bracelet is worth it. On days when you’re trying to fly under the radar, you can throw on your favorite Cuban link bracelet and add just a touch of gold to your look. But, if you’re getting ready to step out with the homies for a night at the club, you can pair your Cuban link bracelet with your chain and rope in some extra attention from the ladies.

For any dude that wants to be a little bit more of a baller, opt for an iced-out Cuban link bracelet. This look isn’t as subtle as the standard bracelet, but it definitely adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to your outfit with the encrusted diamonds on your wrist.

  • Curb

The curb link bracelet is not as common as the Cuban link, but they have similar features. The links on the curb are typically looser and have more space between each one than the Cuban link, which is made up of tight, oval links. Because of the additional space, the curb link version of a gold bracelet tends to weigh less, so this is a great piece if you’re looking for something lightweight that won’t weigh down on your arm as you’re trying to work on your computer.

This is also a great style to use when stacking multiple bracelets because it is thinner than other styles, so it’s easy to mix and match with other metal or even leather bracelets to switch up your look.

  • Gold Rope

A style is known for its old-school hip hop vibe, the gold rope bracelet for men is easy to wear on the daily. This chain is made up of several thin chains that have been woven around each other to create a rope-like look. You can definitely get away with wearing this style every day, as it’s subtle enough not to draw tons of attention to the eye, yet it has a particular swag that still gives off that boss dude look. Pair this with your thickest rope chain and pendant for a night at the club.

  • Figaro

Another classic style, the Figaro chain is simple, making it another great option to pair with a work outfit or laid-back ensemble. Similar in style to the curb, the Figaro has a combination of circular links and oval links to create a unique pattern. If you want to add multiple bracelets to your wrist, this is the perfect style to pair with another simple bracelet like the curb or the Franco.

gold link chain id bracelet

  • Gold ID

As bracelets have become more popular for men over the last decade or so, gold ID bracelets have come to symbolize masculine energy, which is why so many dudes gravitate toward this style. The chain on this bracelet is a simple style—choose from the Figaro or curb—with a smooth, rectangular plate meant to be engraved. This style is so popular because you have the ability to customize it yourself by getting your name, nickname, or any other unique information engraved right on the gold plate. 

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Everyday Bling for a True Baller

Knowing how to style your favorite accessories is an important part of livin’ life like a boss. Every hip hop jewelry fan knows that gold chains are the ultimate way to floss on everybody, but a simple gold bracelet can turn heads just as easily when you wear it the right way. Check out some of these dope styles we offer at Frost NYC and start experimenting with your own accessorization. Each and every one of our pieces is made with care and covered in a high-quality finish to help it maintain its luster for years.

June 25, 2020

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