Any street dude with swag knows that his gold chain game has to always be on point. After all, walking around with a wack chain just isn’t the move to make when you’re dressing to impress. Fortunately for you, Frost NYC’s bling squad is here to school you on shopping for gold chains that complement your swag. Whether you’re looking for one to match your suit and tie style or just want to upgrade your casual look, you’ll learn how to choose wisely when it comes to investing in a hot chain. Keep reading for some good guidelines on picking the right chain for you.

 Gold Chain

“When it comes to shopping for a chain necklace, you should always take heed of the karat that it is,” states top jeweler at Frost NYC, Gabz. “The first thing that you should look for is the stamp on your piece so that you can see what type of gold that it is made of. Once you spot it on your chain, you should consider the possibility of whether you want an 18kt piece that is more likelier to get scratched or a 10kt chain that has more durability.” We think that our solid ruby and CZ Miami cuban link chain in 10kt yellow gold is a great choice because it stands up to wear and tear without losing its iced-out appeal.

 “Another thing that you need to consider before getting a chain is how long you’d like it to be,” chimes in Frost NYC jewelry style expert, Gabz. “The main idea is that it sits just right, whether you’re wearing it with a white tee and a blazer or a 3-piece suit.” We suggest buying a 16” L gold chain for the little man in your life that has swagger to spare while snatching up an 18” L chain if you’re looking for a choker fit along your neckline. Though dudes with average neck lengths can work with a 20” L chain necklace, the sky’s the limit to flossin’ your blinged-out style once you pick one that measures anywhere from 22” to 30” in length. “Also consider thickness when you’re shopping for a chain,” Gabz advises. “There’s a world of difference between an understated chain that is less than 3mm and a 7.5mm chain that can carry the weight of one of our heavy Jesus piece pendants.”

 Rope Chain

Now that you’ve decided on the karat, thickness, and length of your chain, it’s time for you to choose the kind of clasp that you want for your piece. While a spring clasp closure is designed with a low-key style in mind, you should also bear in mind that it isn’t soldered on a chain--bad news if you end up trying to pry it open and having your ballin’ chain fall right off of you. Gabz recommends the sturdy lobster clasp for your bling as a better, easy-to-operate alternative that ensures that your urban style stays fly at all times. “What’s great about a chain like our genuine diamond rope chain is that it holds up very well so that you’ll never have to worry about losing it.”


Since we’ve covered the basics in shopping for a gold chain, the one thing that you’ve got left to do is pick the style that will complement your swag. It’s a good thing you’ve chosen Frost NYC for all your jewelry needs because we’ve got an impressive Figaro, Cuban, and curb chain collection for you to check up on. Treat yourself to a chain that you can definitely see yourself rocking every chance you get. To check out all of our chains visit us at

February 10, 2016

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