When it comes to flossin’ that Cuban link chain swagger, New York dudes have it on lock. After all, they’ve always been the ones to set the streetstyle trends that everybody around the world has to follow. What’s their secret to pulling off that stunna style for every occasion? Our top-notch jewelry store, Frost NYC, no doubt. Blessed with one of the baddest collections of gold chains in the jewelry game, our Cuban chains are the crown jewel of that bling dynasty. It’s no wonder the ballers and shotcallers of New York always make their way over to the Diamond District to snatch up the latest styles in our selection--they know that we are the best source for urban jewelry that will always catch everyone’s attention.

 Cuban Link Chain

From the moment that we launched Frost NYC, we knew that we had to have a jewelry collection that capture the effortless swag of the New York City streets. It wasn’t even a question whether a Cuban chain would be part of that equation because we either had to go hard or go home when it came to staking our claim in the bling game. We tapped some of the most skilled jewelers in the business to design every chain necklace in the iconic twisted rope link style so that both old-school New York cats who’ve been rocking them since the 80s will love them as much as the new-school NYC dudes who want to wear them with their Jesus piece. The result is a blazin’ jewelry collection in a variety of 10-karat gold styles that include our yellow gold solid Miami Cuban link chain.

 Cuban Link Bracelet

New York hot boys have so much love for our Cuban link chain style that they’ve been putting in requests for our bracelets as well. They know that their hood style isn’t complete without the kind of bling that will stop traffic and a gold bracelet like our 10kt solid Miami Cuban Link bracelet will definitely do that. Our head designer, Nick Kaykov, can attest to that, as he’s seen how one of these pieces can instantly upgrade a guy’s street style. “It’s incredible how a thick Cuban chain bracelet can make a classic white tee and denim combo look so put together, which is why I always advise our customers to pick one that will complement that confident attitude that they’ve got going on.” We couldn’t agree more with Nick than we already do, so we’ll just let our iced-out pieces speak for themselves.


One last thing you need to know about picking out a Cuban Link Chain is that New Yorkers never play it safe when it comes to buying their bling. Since the classic design will never go out of style, they know that it has to look hot like fire at all times. That means choosing the thickest link motif around with icey genuine diamond detailing that will blind everyone within your line of vision. Since you’ve got the  New York style confidence to pull off a Cuban link chain of ours, make it official by copping it at Frost NYC right now! 



February 11, 2016

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