You may have noticed that the Miami Cuban link chain is having its moment in the sun right now. From trendy street style stars who love the way that it looks with their weed leaf pendants to lifelong hip-hop fans who want to capture that urban essence, it is versatile enough to complement everyone’s tastes. We at Frost NYC definitely had this in mind when we decided to make the Cuban chain an important part of our necklace collection, since we wanted to make sure that we offered our fly customers plenty of style options that they’d be able to work with. Not sure which kind of chain necklace you should invest in? Keep it locked right here for our tips on how to pick the best one for you.

 Cuban Link Chain


Does the idea of wearing a Cuban link chain to work sound somewhat overwhelming to you? This is the perfect chance to use the “less-is-more” approach to finding the best necklace for you. A chain like our white gold hollow Miami Cuban chain is a great complement to your suit and tie look. It also works with Casual Friday threads like a pair of slacks and a polo shirt, making it just right for you to wear every day of your work week. Add your own stamp to your workplace style without violating your office dress code with one of our 20” gold chains.

 Pave Cuban Link Chain


On the other hand, rocking an iced-out Cuban link chain with your fancy tuxedo can be very tricky. While you want to look the part of the debonair dude that the ladies will have their eyes on all night, you’re also all about making sure that your swagger is representing very well. It’s a good thing that our jewelry collections has plenty of chains that offer the best of both worlds for the renaissance man who prides himself on having that fresh to death style. An iced-out chain like our white pave 10-karat yellow gold Miami Cuban necklace is exactly what you need to stand out from the rest of the best-dressed ballers out there without looking too harsh. A blingin’ complement to your gold Rolex and cufflinks combo, it send the message to everyone at your fancy event that you’re never one to half-step when it comes to your special occasion style.


The best thing about our Miami Cuban link chain necklaces is that it is versatile enough for both the street shotcaller and the fly girl to rock with whatever they have in their closet. Whether you’re in the market for gleaming yellow gold or icey white gold, our chain link necklaces epitomize that luxurious swagger that is synonymous with urban style. Available in a variety of lengths and sizes that you can customize to fit the look that you’re searching for, they’re everything that you’ve always wanted in your gold chains. Make that unforgettable impression that is truly hot like fire by snatching up one of these from our Frost NYC hip-hop jewelry collection today!

February 12, 2016

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