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Imagine you are out shopping for a new piece and find a watch you absolutely love. It suits your style and is perfect in every way. The only problem: You’re a man and the piece that caught your eye is a women’s Rolex. Or you aren’t sure whether it was made to be worn by males or females.

What do you do? 

Sure, you could move on and look for a different piece. But when you really love a particular style, doing that isn’t always easy. You might ask yourself if you could pull it off or if all your buds would know you’re wearing a timepiece made for women. If you have ever been in this situation, you know it’s a frustrating one. Fortunately, the answer is pretty simple. 

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So, can men wear women’s watches? Absolutely! In fact, many of the timepieces marketed as women’s or unisex watches feature rugged, masculine designs that are perfect for guys. Leave the overly feminine, dainty watches for the ladies, but feel free to strap any of the more manly ones around your wrist. Want to learn more? Keep reading! 

How to Determine If a Watch Was Made for Men or Women

Sometimes, it’s easy to determine what gender a piece of jewelry is intended for simply by checking its tags or marketing materials. In other cases, though, it is much more difficult. With gender roles fading, many watch manufacturers are eliminating that by marketing all (or at least most) of their products as unisex. Still, there are a few details that can help you determine whether it’s a watch you should wear. 

Many fragrances are unisex, too. However, just like most women aren’t drawn to deep, musky aromas and men tend to steer clear of floral scents, certain features are more appealing to one gender than the other. These features are what you can use to gauge whether the watch you love is masculine enough for guys to wear. 

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Size is the biggest difference between men’s watches and women’s. Ones made for men are usually bigger than women’s styles. Keep in mind, though, that style also dictates size. A dress watch sized perfectly for professional settings is almost always bigger than something like a dive watch. 

Beyond size, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish between many men’s, women’s and unisex watches. This is especially true for high-end products, like Rolex watches. If you can’t tell what gender one of these wrist accessories was made for, it’s likely that no one else can, either. If you love it, wear it with pride! 

Why Some Women’s Watches Look Like Men’s

Both fashion and society are constantly evolving. As we have moved further away from the rigid gender roles of our parents and grandparents, the line between men’s and women’s fashion has blurred. There are plenty of distinctive men’s accessories at one end of the spectrum and plenty for women at the other end. But there is also a gray area in which many modern garments and accessories land. 

Today’s women are wearing larger watches than those from earlier generations. They’re also steering away from overtly feminine designs in favor of more gender-neutral styles. Combine that with the fact that any watch with a face smaller than 38mm in diameter can be marketed as a women’s watch regardless of its overall design, and it’s easy to understand why many so-called women’s watches are just as appealing to men. 

Another factor to consider: Many vintage men’s watches actually have smaller faces than most of today’s women’s watches. And smaller faces are becoming trendy again. Trends have changed with the passing of time, but there’s no reason not to embrace the smaller, simpler elegance of decades past. 

Should Men Wear Women’s Watches? 

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Many modern watches are relatively genderless, even if they are marketed as men’s or women’s styles. Much like women’s gold chains working just as well for guys, there’s no reason a man can’t wear a women’s watch. Plus, many styles are closer to the “unisex” category despite being labeled as one gender or the other. They’re made to look feminine on ladies and masculine on men, and no one other than a watch expert will ever know the difference. 

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If you are a man and have found a women’s watch that looks great on you, buy it and wear it with confidence. Don’t be afraid to invest in what you like just because of perceived notions about gender roles. Be yourself, and choose what’s right for you.

May 31, 2022

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