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One of the biggest challenges when shopping online is deciding what size to order. That’s true for clothing, shoes and even jewelry. Determining whether something will fit how you want it to is tricky when all you have to go on are a few photos and a written description. And since things like men’s gold plated chains come in so many lengths, it’s not easy finding the one that fits just right. 

Fortunately, whether you are shopping for gold bracelets for men or women, deciding what length to order doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, bracelet size is one of the easiest things to measure. And unlike measuring your ring size, figuring out your bracelet size doesn’t require any special measuring tools. Keep reading to learn how to measure bracelet size. 

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How to Measure Your Wrist for a Bracelet That Doesn’t Need to Go Over Your Hand

When shopping for men’s and women’s gold bracelets that don’t need to fit over your hand, all you need to know is the circumference of your wrist. This applies to basically all bracelets except bangles, including chain link bracelets, cuffs, etc. 

To measure, hold the arm you plan to wear the bracelet on in front of you with your hand relaxed and fingers slightly stretched. Then, wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist using the other hand. Be sure to place the tape measure where you want the bracelet to sit. This is usually just slightly above the wrist bone toward your elbow. Don’t pull tight. Instead, keep the tape measure at a comfortable tension. The number you come up with is your wrist circumference. For a snug fit, add ¼” to ½” to your measurement. Add ¾” to 1” for a comfort fit and add 1” to 1¼” for a loose fit. The resulting measurement is the size to buy. 

Generally speaking, it’s better to have a bracelet that’s a bit too big than one that’s too small. If your measurement falls between common bracelet lengths, we recommend going up to the next size. Sizing down — even just a little bit — could leave you with a bracelet you’re unable to fasten.

Don’t despair if you don’t have a soft measuring tape. Just use a piece of string or non-stretchy ribbon instead. Wrap it around your wrist and then make a mark to indicate your wrist’s circumference. Lay the string or ribbon out flat and measure it using a ruler or a regular measuring tape. 

How to Measure for a Bangle Bracelet

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Figuring out what size you need for a bangle or an expandable bracelet that slips over your hand and doesn’t fully open is a bit trickier. Hold the arm you’ll wear the bracelet on out in front of you. Cup and slightly stretch your fingers like you would if you were about to put on a bangle or another claspless bracelet. Your thumb should be tucked in toward your palm and the rest of your fingers. 

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Next, wrap your soft measuring tape around your knuckles at their widest point. Don’t wrap the measuring tape tightly. You want it to be comfortably loose so you don’t end up trying to force a too-small bracelet over your knuckles. Since bracelets with clasps need to slip over your entire hand, this is the crucial measurement. There may still be an extra step before you can click “add to cart,” though. Some bangles are sold according to their circumference, but most are sized based on their diameter. To figure out the diameter, divide the circumference by π (pi). 

Some bracelets, like jade bangles, are meant to be worn tightly. They are difficult to put on and remove, so we recommend consulting with a jeweler if you are interested in this specific type of jewelry. Or, make things easy and use an online circumference calculator. Bangles often come in small, medium and large sizes. Typically, a small is around 2.37” in diameter, a medium is about 2.62” and a large is 2.75” or greater. 


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Buying bracelets online is a breeze once you know the right way to measure your wrist. Be sure to take your time or ask for help if you need it while measuring. Precision is important when you want to ensure a flawless fit. 

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June 07, 2022

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